Solved Bihar Board Class XI Chemistry Sample Papers

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The purpose of preparing this Class XI Chemistry Sample Paper for Bihar Board students is to give an idea about the type of questions asked during the exams in order to secure good marks. Sometime students gets confused to decide which type of questions are to prepare during exams as every preparation needs planning. Chemistry is the science of substances. As an engineer I have tried to set Class XI Chemistry Sample Papers in order to provide some assistance to the students. Chemistry is essential in all spheres of education. So in this case following Class XI Chemistry Sample Paper, will help you select the type of questions asked in the exam. For more practice, take help from Physics Sample Paper for class XI of Bihar Board.

Class 11 Chemistry Sample Papers

Solved Class XI Chemistry Sample Paper

About BSEB: The establishment of the Bihar Educational Board was done by the government of Bihar with the objective of enlistment of social and economic development of the state. Bihar Educational Board is also abbreviated as BSEB, which is set up with the strong support of the Ministry of Human Resource development. It has introduced numbers of National Institutes of Open Schooling for the betterment of education status in the state.

Class XI Chemistry Sample Papers

General Instruction:
a) This paper has four Sections. All are compulsory.
b) Section-A has 1-10 Questions are
c) Section-B has 11-15 Questions of one mark each.
d) Section-C has 16-18 Questions of one mark each.
e) Section-D has 19-22 Questions of one mark each.


In the following questions there are only one correct answer.You have to choose that correct answer.

1. 27g of Al will react completely with how many grams of oxygen—
(a) 8 g (b) 16 g
(c) 32 g (d) 24 g

Ans- d

2. When 3d orbitals are completely filled, the next new electron will enter in—
(a) 4s – orbitals                          (b) 4p – orbitals
(c) 4d – orbitals                          (d) none of these

Ans- b

3. The elements of the same group of the periodic table have.
(a) Same number of protons     (b) Same valance shell
(c) Same valence electrons      (d) Same electron affinity

Ans- c

4.The strength of bonds by 2S-2S, 2P-2P and 2P-2S overlap has the order.
(a) S-S > P-P > P-S                  (b) S-S > P-S > P-P
(c) P-P > P-S > S-S                  (d) P-P > S-S > P-S

Ans- b

5.The value of R in calorie is
(a) 2 Cals k-1 mol-1                 (b) 4 Cals k-1 mol-1
(c) 8 Cals k-1 mol-1                 (d) None of these

Ans- a

6.Which of the following act both as an oxidizing as well as reducing agent?
(a) H2O2                                 (b) H2S
(c) SO2                                   (d) HNO2

Ans- a

7. In which of the following reaction Kp and kc are equal.
(a) N2(g) + 3 H2(g) = 2NH3(g) (b) 2SO2(g) + O2(g) = 2SO3(g)
(c) N2(g) + O2(g) = 2NO(g)     (d) 2NO(g) + O2(g) = 2NO2(g)

Ans- c

8. which pair will show common ion-effect?
(a) BaCl2 + Ba(NO3)2            (b) NaCl2 + HCL
(c) NH4OH + NH4Cl                (d) AgCN + KCN

Ans- c

9.Which of the following statements is true?
(a) G may be lesser or greater or equal to H. (b) G is always proportional to H.
(c) G is always greater than H.                       (d) G is always less than H.


10. Hydrogen readily combines with metals and thus shows its.
(a) electromotive character `                          (b) electronegative character
(c) both (a) and (b)                                        (d) None of these.

Ans- b


Instructions : Q. No. 11 to 15 In the following questions there are two statements. Statement- I follows Statements-II. You have to go through these statements and mark your answer from the given questions.

(a) if both the statements are true and statement–II is the correct explanation of statement–I.
(b) if both the statements are true, statement–II is not the correct explanation of statement–I.
(c) if statement–I is true but statement–II is false.
(d) if statement–I is false but statement–II is true.

11. Statement–I : The position of electron can he determined with the help of electronic
Statement–II : The product of uncertainly in momentum and uncertainty in the position of an electron can not be less than a finite limit.
Ans- b

12.Statement–I :Removal of S-electron is difficult than removal of p-electron of the same main shell.
Statement–II :s-electron of the same shell is more close to the nucleus than p-electron and hence are more strongly attracted by the medium.
Ans- a

13. Statement–I : ó is strong while ð is weak bond.
Statement–II : Atoms rotate freely about ð bond.
Ans- c

14. Statement–I : Mass and volume are extensive properties.
Statement–II : Mass/Volume is also an extensive property.
Ans- c

15. Statement–I : Hydrogen combines with other elements by losing, gaining or sharing of electrons.
Statement–II : Hydrogen forms electrovalent and covalent bonds with other elements.
Ans- b


Instructions : Question No. 16 to 18 In the following question there may be more than one correct answer. You have to mark all the correct options.

16. which of the following will not affect the value of equilibrium constant of the reaction. 22 H (g) + l (g) = 2Hl(g)
(a) Change in initial concentration of reactions (b)Change in temperature
(c) Addition of catalyst                                       (d)Change in pressure.

Ans-a, c, d

17. Alkali metals are characterize by
(a) Good conductor of heat and electricity        (b)High Oxidation potential
(c) High melting point                                        (d)solubility in liquid ammonia.

Ans- a, b, d

18.The statements are not correct about lithium are?
(a) Lithium is least reactive of all alkali metals.
(b) It is the weakest reducing agent among all alkali metals.
(c) It forms no acetylides with acetylene.
(d) LiHCO3 is a white crystalline solid

Ans- c, d


Instructions : Question No. 19 to 22 In the following questions there are two columns the columns – I contains 4 questions, you have to watch the correct options.

(Column)–I                                                                             (Column)–II

19. The name ‘Blue gas’ given to                                           (a)Monobasic acid
20.Crytalline from of carbon having two
dimensional sheet like structure                                             (b)Non-biodegradable pollutant
21. (Boric Acid is)                                                                   (c)  (Water Gas )
22. (DDT is)                                                                            (d)  (Graphite)

Ans: 19- c
20- d
21- a
22- b

Instructions : Question No.23 to 25 In the following questions followed by a paragraph ,you have to go through the paragraphs & them answer the given questions from given choices.

Hydrocarbons are the compounds of carbon and hydrogen. When there is only single bond between the carbons, it forms alkane, when there is a double bond between the two carbon atoms it is known as alkaline while triple bond between the carbon atoms make alkyne. The general formulas of alkaline is CnH2n+2, alkene is CnH2n and alyine CnH2n–2. All the organic compound are supposed to be either hydrocarbon or their derivatives. Higher alkalies show property of isomerism in this the compounds have same molecular formulas but different structures.

23. The general formula of alkane is CnH2n+2 which among the following is an alkane
(a) Ethane                                            (b) Propane
(c) Methane                                         (d) Butene

Ans- c

24.Which among the following is alkene.
(a) C4H6                                               (b) C3H8
(c) C3H6                                               (d) C3H4

Ans- c

25. Which among the following is an isomeric pair
(a) Propane and Propene
(b) Butane and 2-methyl propane
(c) Pentane and propane
(d) Butane and Isopropane

Ans- b

For Non-objective questions and more model paper, follow:
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We hope this Class XI Chemistry Sample Papers will clear some of your doubts and if you feel, you can suggest me any thing about the content of the given ample paper in the following commenting section. Best of Luck for your Exam Preparation..!! 

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