Call Center and BPO interview for freshers or experienced

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Call center and BPO interview for freshers or experienced

BPO i.e Business process outsourcing also known as call centers has become a key business domain for India and is one of the largest employers in India. Being governed by NASSCOM rules and regulations , BPO industry or call center has been growing with time , although rising china has forced Indian companies to improve their quality of service. Here in this article we have tried enhance experience of an individual for Call center and BPO interview for freshers or experienced.

BPO Jobs are considered to be as easy target , as basic skill set required for BPO Jobs or to clear interview in BPO is your communication skill. India has large number of English speakers so call centers have flourished.

Call center & BPO interview for freshers or experienced

How to crack Call center & BPO interview for freshers or experienced

General Guidelines for Call center and BPO interview for freshers or experienced

1. Introduce yourself or tell me something about yourself.

2. Are you a fresher or experienced. If experienced then explain your job profile.

3.To speak on any topic for about one minute: Generally topic is given by interviewer

Questions are like

Speak on :

1. water

2. Air

3. Tell about last movie you have watched

Few BPO’s will give you a sentence and you have to make story with continuation like

I was going to Delhi by train where i met…………………………………………………..(continue with your story)

Attributes and skills being checked in above two types of test :


1. Fluency

2. Pronunciation

3.Thought Process

4. English Grammar

5. Choice of words which you select while you speak

In Wipro BPO Interview : you will be given a Paragraph to read through which your pronunciation and use of punctuation with proper full stop and pause.

In IBM BPO Interview : There will be typing test.

In EXL BPO Interview : You will be asked to write an essay.

NOTE: Never use negative terms in interview

For Technical Process there will be an online test

For Back office Typing test would be conducted where minimum speed should be 20 words per minute.

NOTE: If your pronunciation is very good that is extra ordinary then we would suggest you to go for AMEX BPO interview as AMEX is best Pay Master for people with very good communication skills

Barclay BPO Interview : Barclays BPO also pays good , so people with good communication skill will be suggested Barclays if they are not good enough for AMEX BPO and could not clear AMEX BPO Interview.

Companies in order of communication skill ( you should select ) As they pay accordingly


2. Barclays BPO

3. Genpact BPO ( While going for interview at Genpact BPO , never forget to wear formals )


5. WIPRO BPO : high work pressure , less salary , not great working environment.


6. EXL : One of best BPO to work with , once you entered then you can work till any time , work pressure is less , with better facilities than any other BPO’s and staff consider it like a government job , due to less pressure during work.

Check for Home Pick in all BPO , as EXL gives pick up from Pick up point if not in odd hours but EXL provides better facilities than any other BPO except AMEX.

Note: Voice process pays you more than any other processes out of Voice process , collection is best process to earn high , as collection process has many incentive. This all is about in bound call center interview , as in Outbound pay is most but to sustain in outbound process its difficult.

For Back office , fluency will not be of much importance for interviewer

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Berlitz Questions for Call center & BPO interview for freshers or experienced

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    B.A. Complete & Diploma in assistant & comptur opreter

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    This article explains that how much depth knowledge the BPO service has in it. This will help the freshers who are opting for the BPOs.

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    BPO or call center employs a great population of the indian youth. The reason being India is the only foreign country that has so many people speaking english in it. You go from north to south English will be the cammon language that you will find everywhere. BPO attracts a huge number of indian youth and the information provided on this page wil certainly be a great help to all interested candidates!

  11. Rachita Mishra says:

    Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider.and A call centre or call center is a centralised office used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. An inbound call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. by these easily we can earn money.

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