Career counselling

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Career Counselling 

Now , a days new business horizon has started, and that is called career counselling, at every nook and corner we see a 200 sq mt area office, with 3 to four people sitting, speaking in Hinglish with thick gold chain in there neck.

career counselling

career counselling

Have you ever wondered what is the qualification of a person from whom you are taking a career advice?

You are going to take decision about career of your ward if you are parent, or you are going to take decision about your self or your life ? whom are you asking?

We at Oureducation has brought panel of counselors with a strong academic background and a sound career track record. If you want to make your career in engineering then we will get a counselor from IIT’S or best of engineering colleges , who have devoted there career in teaching/ Engineering Industry. They will directly give you counselling.

Our counselors are IIT ans , Toppers of IIM’s, UPSC Guides. Our Panel constitutes of wide variety of eminent teachers from top Universities who will answer your career queries and will suggest you best possible methodology.

Our Modern counselling techniques will guide strength of our students which will help students in choosing there career. Researches have proved that  counselor will suggest according to there own thoughts , So please take care while choosing counselor or teacher for your students.

Few of our eminent career counselors are with credentials as follows

NameStudies whereWorking asWorking with
Gyanendra SighIIM-KManager OperationsPepsi co
Mukhlal SinghIIT-BFacultyVidyaMandir Classes
Abhiskek AnandAIIMSPhysicianAIIMS
Shantanu ThakurBIMTECHManager RetailLG
Anisha SrivastavaNIFTManager DesignREEBOK

Our counselors suggests because they have proved in Past and they deserve to suggest . They are not just any one who is suggesting some one to make is his career.

Our career counselor will also guide you about Distance learning courses and to know about courses and fees you can contact us.

We will use best means to discuss your kids issue, once you write mail to us at and after discussing payment details for the guidance which you would like to take, we would forward query to bench of experts and meeting or session will be organised.

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27 Responses to Career counselling

  1. Rohit says:

    Choosing the right career is the one of the most important decision of your life. For most, this choice is made without exploring either the environment or within oneself. Build on the largest career database and utilizing the latest in decision theory, psychometric assessments and analytics, Tucareers brings to you some unique predictive tools and frameworks to facilitate your search for a right career and education . Tucareers is also looking for counselors who can adopt their framework .

  2. Amir Kumar Das says:

    Counsellors are persons who are trained to give guidance. Similarly career counsellors are experts who can guide us regarding our career. In today’s competitive world selection of a correct career is the most important followed by working towards that. Now days availability of various options for career is making selection quite difficult. That is where the role of the career councellor comes into the picture. This blog is providing valuable informations regarding some eminent councellors and their credentials.

  3. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    One of the most confusing stages of a student’s life is when he is at the verge of choosing the right career for herself. Even parents and acquaintances aren’t of much help then. It depends on the student as to what he or she wants to do all his/her professional life. So if you are under any such confusion then this article might come in quite handy to you. Good luck!

  4. Rishu Goel says:

    Now a days every parent is more concerned about their child future…and no doubt they went to different career counselling centers and more they goes to different centers more they are confused…so this is a platform where they can have the best guidance…

  5. Atif Pall says:

    We often get confused regarding our career. In the critical time of career path, career counselors helps you with all your queries and give relevant advices respectively. This article is all about the counselling options available to the students. Go through the article and choose the most prominent counselor to discuss your queries in detail .

  6. Sneha says:

    Career counselling is gaining grounds day by day because of growing educational awareness among people and the need to choose the best career option that suits ones requirement the most.This articles gives a brief description about some career counsellors….

  7. Akash Tripathi says:

    CAREER counselling is the deciding moment for the rest of the life of a student and the society . In today’s world with so vast options are available as a career , one must take utmost care in deciding the career. The article above is very much beneficial for the freshers to decide their career.

  8. Kriti Das says:

    With so many career options springing up every now and then,career counselling is the need of the hour.This article is all about the counselling options available to the students.Nice thought

  9. Pallavi sinha says:

    Many of us are getting confused when we come to select a suitable carrier for us and on that time a carrier counselling is necessary. A counselor help an individual by knowing their interest and capability in a particular field and helpful to find out best suited field for them.
    Oureducation moves their step regarding this and this will surely going to be helpful for number of aspirants in coming future.

  10. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Carrier counselling has become business these days.What i feel is now a days we students given this more importance But one should be very careful while consulting about carrier. They must go to a good consultancy because this is really very important to go for a good carrier ahead..!!!

  11. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    CAREER the important part of life. It decides our future. After ending of the student life everyone takes tension about their career. Some think we should choose that field it has a scope but they don’t are they really interested for that or it is a right field for them. So if we should go to counselors ask for their suggestions. They are the experience person. They have knowledge more than us. So one should have to go for career counselling.

  12. Manisha Chawla says:

    “CAREER” it is a very important word in every student’s life. Every student gets so confused for his/her career because the student is not enough mature to choose right field for his/her career. So the need for career counselors is so very important. This is the best article giving the list of such counselors. Do go through it students.

  13. patlakshi Jha says:

    Career counselling has now a days has emerged out to be the best method to inculcate the habits of knowlege among the students . And it also help the students to know what is good for them and what not.

  14. Deepshikha Bisaria says:

    “Career Counselling” Isn’t this a very important term? Can you even imagine-One wrong advice from one wrong person can ruin your ward’s career.
    You must think upon this. Above written article is worth reading. Every parent should read this and understand this. Career Counselling is very important but from an educated person who actually knows about the things on which he/she is speaking upon. I suggest you all to read this. A very very good article.

  15. Shilpi Saksena says:

    Worth reading for students accessinng for career counselling..
    Good article.

  16. Sagar Tripathy says:

    gr8 work nd d informations r really gaona help d students for deir future

  17. shreya sarkar says:

    Career counselling is something which most of the students go for nowadays. What will be more useful than knowing about the list of some of the most qualified counselors today? So if you are looking out for a career counselor and want some sound advice then do go through this page.

  18. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    To choose a right career is not a easy task. Career counselling is a vital section for career. To collect the proper information and guidance is a very hard task.

  19. Amit Kumar says:

    Meet the new counselling panel in the education market- OUREDUCATION.IN
    Sometimes its tough to decide about our future plannings. We know our choices and somewhere we are inclined towards our likes. Its just that we need a “PUSH” that will enhance our inclinations towards our already accepted decisions. Now show up your queries to one of the best panels available in market. From IITians to IIM scholars, everybody is available here for your help now.

  20. Arpit Taran says:

    Career counselling is a good way for the students who are confused regarding career choices. In the critical time of career path these career counselors helps you & advice you in the specified subject depending on your queries. These counselors aware student regarding employment in the specified industry & about future prospects. Based on the need of the student career counselors helps them to get the rid of the queries. Knowledge is most important in every aspect & these counselors will information regarding your course. Now in every city career counselling are available & counselling can also be done online.

  21. debanki mukherjee says:

    Every student should approach a career counselors because a proper guidance is necessary in taking decisions regarding one’s career.This article is appropriate for those who want to approach career counselors.

  22. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Career Counselling is really necessary for any student for which they aware which aspect of knowledge is really very useful for them and it provide knowledge for what we want and then they explain entire aspect of that term. And In This Article Their is some people regarding career counselling which will really effective by their knowledge.

  23. Vipin Sahu says:

    This post gives information regarding career counselling.A proper Counselling is always needed for children so here is a list of few eminent career counsellors with detailed information.Please go through this post.

  24. Rashmi Rani says:

    go through this article to have an idea about the difference between the common career counsellers and th counsellers of oureducation and contact as soon as possible for maximum benefit

  25. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    Every one wants the best!!!! From childhood to marriage…. So why not in case of COUNSELORS!!!!! Education is the most important part of our life… So don’t lag behind…. Go for the best and consult the eminent ones. Check this article out!!!!

  26. SANJANA KUMARI says:

    The above article is going to be very useful to all the candidates who need proper Career Counselling to get aware of their right potentials and values. I would suggest interested candidates to this article.

  27. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    This is an awesome article and explains the best points about career counselling one must go through it!

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