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Online Teachers
Online education is growing rapidly and Home tuition are loosing sign at least in cities where Internet connectivity is good but at end of day what matters is , what enhances knowledge of a student , may it be online teacher or home teacher we provide best quality faculty for every students according to area of interest. Our teachers are first tested and then sent to students.

So No need to worry about quality of teacher , you just need to tell us about your area of education and leave rest to us.

For Home tuition teacher, seeking student or parents
Teachers are career builder for future of student and after Parents, teachers impart maximum contribution in future growth of your child. Now a days it has become difficult to get quality teachers at reasonable cost, because better teachers charges more.

Private Home tuition teachers

Private Home tuition tutor teachers

We at oureducation.in have been working on this feature regularly and have come up with new ideas and methods, where we will test student capability through our set of tests and then recommend a teacher with expertise in that domain.

We have Panel of quality faculty with specialization in different domain.

Online tuition is another way to cut down cost of quality education where teacher need not to travel at home but online education takes place and faculty gives online tuition to its students and thus at one go large number of students get taught it brings down cost of quality teacher.

We test our every teacher at different Parameters before clearing them for our students. Our teachers not only pass through knowledge domain test of the respective subject but pass our human value parameters, which is of utmost importance for any student.

With increasing crime in different cities Home tutors and online classes are getting popular with time. It also save time of students and kids remain free from different problems which can be faced in group coaching or classes

Our charges for Home tuition tutor or teachers starts with  Rs 300/hr and goes according to quality or demand of that faculty in that particular time constraints. To know more about our teachers write us at mail@oureducation.in

For Teachers
Ruva customer services Pvt Ltd a branding and development company  with its brand oureducation.in has launched tuition services online and offline and in the process , oureducation.in team would be teaching students different courses from class 1-12th English , hindi , physics , chem. , Maths , Biology , Accounting , Economics , Business Economics , Social Science , History , civics , Geography

Class 1 , class 2 , class 3 , class 4 , class 5 , class 6 , class 7 , class 8 , class 9 , class 10 , class 11 , class 12 Home tuition teacher

We also need higher education teachers for Management , Engineering , Political science , economics , History for online classes to students from Europe and USA. Few of our clients or students are from Australia and NZ as well

Salary structure


Home Tuition : 1-10th –Up to Rs 400/hour

11-12th – Up to Rs 600/hr

Online: Indian students

Class 1-10th : Up to 10$/hour ( maximum number of students in one class will be 30)

Class 11-12th : Up to 15$/hour ( maximum number of students in one class will be 30)

Online students outside India

Class 1-10th : 15$/hour ( maximum number of students in one class will be 30)

Class 11-12th 20$/hour ( maximum number of students in one class will be 30)

Graduation students and PG students

Arts subjects : 30$/hour

Science subjects: 25$-30$/hour

Economics Subjects: 25$-30$/hour

Minimum obligation of 30 hrs /month

We would be conducting test according to European and American standards , which will include two written test

1. Subject related test
2. Teaching methodology to students

Online tuition is one of our key area , It gives ease of learning to students and teachers. Time and money both gets saved and quality teacher is available at cheaper price for every body. Learning from home has become safe and easy due to advancement in technology.

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34 Responses to Home Tutor & Online Tutors

  1. Kajal Fatehchandani says:

    I want to apply as a teacher.if required then let me know!

  2. Suhani says:

    Online tuition are increasing its presence day by day. But for those who want to sort out their queries at once and need someones help in live sessions then coaching classes or private tuition’s are the best option. At Edventure Coaching Classes in Kandivali, Borivali & Povai Mumbai provide students one-o-one attention to sort any type of problem related to their studies.

  3. Home Tutors says:

    You are giving such a great service on very nominal charges which can be effort easily by most of the students in today’s life. Beside that i am strongly agreed for “”Online Coaching Classes”” or “”Online Tutors”” because this is the finest way to earn while you are learn.

  4. Mumbai Home Tutor says:

    Guys if you are looking for professional and high qualified home tutors for dealing engineering subjects, CA Classes or NEET exams coaching in Mumbai then please contact this numbers : 932-447-5566 / 981-949-5082

  5. Shashi Kumar Bhukya says:

    i am persuing my btech from IIT Delhi currently now in 2nd year Industrial & Production – Mechanical Department

  6. Y.Aruna says:

    i want spoken english for my daughter who is 7 years old and studying 2nd class

  7. LisaMathew says:

    Several platforms have launched within the last two years that
    democratize teaching. It’s now possible for anyone to teach anything.

  8. Nelly Perry says:

    Excellent blog to learn English online.your online technique methods are awesome. Keep up the excellent work.

  9. Khyati Miglani says:

    Wow great opportunity for all students. Only school studies are not sufficient everyone have to study more. Through this it is easy for every student to study more and score well.

  10. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Home tutorials or personal tutorials are quite a trend now a days. in schools its almost impossible for 1 teacher to pay equal amount of attention to every individual student in the class. So the best solution to this crisis is allotting a private tutor who can focus individually on the children to identify their talent and bring out the best in the child. So, its quite important these days for a student to have a private tutor who very carefully nurtures the hidden talent in his students.

  11. Aratrika Sengupta says:

    Tutor is the verb of an instructor, which actually means that its the function of an instructor. Private tutoring can help high achievers reach new levels. It can also help slow learners keep up with their peers. In order to provide children with educational advantages, the use of private tutors are spreading and intensifying. Thus, if interested to enhance and upgrade your child accordingly, you can get loads of help through this article.

  12. Rishu Goel says:

    Amazing fact that first they will check the student capabilities and than they will assign a teacher according to the performance of the student…It will be very helpful for the students to have a proper guidance…

  13. Akash Tripathi says:

    The internet usage for home tuition is a really innovative and fast method.
    As human thinking power is limited whereas the internet has the answer of each and every question .
    I think internet is good for achieving efficiency in tuition modes.

  14. Rohit Kumar says:

    Home tutor is a good way of keep an eye on child while studying but somewhat charges are high. By home tutors child can improve in many aspects.It has been observed all over the world that the education system has changed. There is a lot of burden on the children to perform well. This expectation cannot be fulfilled only in schools.Many of the children feel shy to ask something in class and because of this they are not able to understand the things properly.At last which result into poor marks.So every student should get a good teacher in his life.

  15. patlakshi Jha says:

    Today world has become very competitive and to keep up the pace we need a person who can guide us through this path and this article would surely help the students who wants home tutions.

  16. Atif Pall says:

    Every child is unique with his/her own education needs. In home tutoring your child will get education customized specially for him/her and that will be right at your doorstep. You can keep an eye on the tutor and his/her tutoring methodology. Many of the students feel shy in asking questions in the school. So, home tutoring is the best solution for such students. This article helps you find the best tutor keeping in mind your financial limits.Go through it once and do as required .

  17. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Teachers are the one who plays very important role in carrier built up. Now a days it is very important to go for a correct teacher who will guide you throughout.The education system has been changed and Specially I.C.S.E curriculum have very vast syllabus and student needs to be guided properly.They need proper guidance. So its parents responsibility to choose a good tuition teacher for their children…!!!

  18. preeti nisha says:

    Tutions have become an essential part of a student’s life in today’s generation. Tutors thus play a greater role in shaping their future and their effective learning. As mentioned in the post home tutor tution teachers is a great way to provide perfect tutions for students and infact it also has option of online tutions which is an effective way to cut down time. Home tutor tutions are a innovative way of teaching

    • Deepshikha Bisaria says:

      Tuition have become the part of the education. It is a good medium to earn as well as to gain knowledge.
      Internet is the most popular tool which can help us in getting knowledge. Usage of internet is increasing at an exponential growth.
      Then why not one must get tuition from the internet. This is an very effective means of gaining education. This is a very good idea and students should get tuition from it !!!!!!!!

  19. Shilpi Saksena says:

    That is very good idea.
    internet has become a very famous thing to use these days then why not have tuitions in it too.. That is a very good idea!

  20. shreya sarkar says:

    Tuition is nothing but a guidance to a student. Proper guidance leads to the proper shaping of a student’s future. Tuition has become an integral part of a student’s life. So online tuition is certainly a very brilliant idea for all the students who don’t want to waste their time and money in transport etc. So parents and students do go through this page in OUREDUVATION.IN.

  21. Amit Kumar says:

    Nobody is ever satisfied with the kind of education he/she is getting. Especially the Parents. Now groom yourself more and be competition confident with the new home tutor- OUREDUCATION.IN, the new education mentor. Online education is the need of the hour and OUREDUCATION.IN is all set with it. Come, give it a try.

  22. Seema Mishra says:

    First of all through education only one can make separate identity.Education is not just a matter of training the mind. Training makes for efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness.And for better knowledge we have to study by own.From my point of view both home as well as private coaching is good.One must go through this article for further details.

  23. ARPIT TARAN says:

    Home tutor is a good way of keep an eye on child while studying but somewhat charges are high. By home tutors child can improve in many aspects. Home tutor is the best option, if you want your child to be stay focused on studies. Proper education gives proper exposure. So if you are seeking to get good education for your child then you should go for home tutor who can even teach more then school teacher. Home tutor provides your child perfect guidance in learning. Online tuition is also a good way of learning. As teacher are the career maker of a student, so spending some amount on home tutor is worth.

  24. debanki mukherjee says:

    In this new era education is considered to be one of the basic needs because only literacy can upgrade a society. Schools play an important role in imparting quality education to students but in order to excel in academics home tutors are considered to be the best option.This article is best for those students who have decided to be among the cream of the society.

  25. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Now-a-days, home tutor is the best option for learn any subject because it is really difficult to go regular school and go regular coaching class so it is really very difficult task for student. Therefore Home Tutor is the best option for learning the subject and for this we can maintain our time and our was not spoil for going any coaching.

  26. Vipin Sahu says:

    If you are searching for Home tutor this is the right place where you get the group of best faculties for you.As our education always believes in providing quality education.Today children have so much burden on them and it is not easy for them to go for tuition outside so by opting home tutor it saves time and money both.This post have complete information regarding home tutor .

  27. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    Every one wants the best in case of education in order to climb up the stairs of success… teachers contributes the most of it…But every student requires them according to their own capability…you can consult this site and can move forward.

  28. Rashmi Rani says:

    If you are looking for the best tuition teachers for your child then this is the place where your search ends….
    oureducation focuses primarily on the development of a students career and has got the best faculties for every subject… Contact as soon as possible for the best teachers…..

  29. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Home tuition or private tuition has become essential for every student to survive in today’s competitive world. But finding out a good teacher is not that easy . In that case here is a solution-Oureducation.in. It provides both online and home tutor.In today’s busy life online tuition is very fruitful as it is less time consuming.But here students also can get home tutor as per requirement. So student, who is seeking for a good teacher, should go through this article.It will be surely beneficial.

  30. Sneha says:

    Education is of utmost importance and with growing competition more students are opting for private tutions.Students can go through this site to gather more information about tutions….

  31. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    It has been observed all over the world that the education system has changed. There is a lot of burden on the children to perform well. This expectation cannot be fulfilled only in schools.
    The children have to be tutored. So home tutor is an essential need of today. One must go through this article more the best information.

  32. SANJANA KUMARI says:

    Education is one of the basic needs of a developing society. Without proper education a society can never have a proper development . Like food, clothes and shelter, Education is also one of the primary requirements for survival. Every child has the right to education. And for proper education one requires a proper guider. I think every student requires a well educated, talented and understanding tutor in every phase of his life for proper access to knowledge and to achieve success in their lives.

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