CBSE Curriculum for Class XI Fashion Studies

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CBSE Curriculum for Class XI Fashion Studies

CBSE Curriculum Class XI Fashion Studies

CBSE Curriculum Class XI Fashion Studies-Nowadays profession oriented course subjects are very much in and has been included in today’s curriculum and now student’s are getting more attracted towards it and opting for such courses. These courses are not just there in colleges or universities but now senior secondary schools are also including them in their curriculum. Fashion is something that keeps on changing from time to time and has evolved itself and has made itself a powerful force that can drive us away.Fashion nowadays has evolved into a big business world with a huge market .The main purpose for this syllabus of fashion studies is to inform the students about the fashion design and also elaborate on the elements of design,fabrics and garments.

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Chapter–I: Overview of Fashion

Objectives of the course– Overview of fashion- Introduction and definition, factors that influence fashion,key concepts and terminology like trends,collection,style,art & craft,limited fashion knock offs,co branded labels,classic and fads,movement and the direction of fashion,fashion movement and its theories,segementation of theories,International trade,the regulatory bodies of fashion and textiles in India, role of fashion professionals.

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Chapter–II: Introduction to Fibres, Dyenig & Printing

what are Fibres and its classifications, properties of fibres,formation of yarn,weaving and basic weaves, dyeing of textiles and printing of textiles. Fashion Studies MARKING SCHEME FOR CLASS XII ,   Sample Paper for National Institute of Fashion 

Chapter–III: Design Fundamentals

Intro to the meaning of design in fashion,the basic elements of design that is dot/line/shape/texture,the various color theories that includes hue/tint/shade/tone/color schemes, language & psychology of color, the basic principles of design including rhythm/balance/contrast/emphasis.  Our Education || Fashion Design Course Information for M.J.P.

Chapter-IV: Elements of Garment Making

Intro to the sewing machine, various parts of sewing machine and its functions along with the sewing aids, common problems of sewing machine & its solutions, achieve proficiency in straight and curved seams, basic types of hand stitches including basting, hemming, back stitch, running stitch, basic machine seams used for stitching or finishing various parts of the garments like plain seam, french seam, flat fell, fabric manipulation like gathers, pleats and tucks. Career in fashion designing in best institute like NIFTSample Paper for NIFT Entrance Exam with its PDF 

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Books for Class XI Fashion Studies


  1. Fashion Design: Process, Innovation and Practice by Kathryn Mckelvey,‎ Janine Munslow 
  2. Textbook of Fabric Science: Fundamentals to Finishing by Sekhri Seema

  3. Introduction to Fashion Technology by Pooja Khurana,‎ Monika Sethi 

  4. Elements of Fashion and Apparel Design by  G J Sumathi

For online books 

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