Sample Paper for Class 12 Biology

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Board Examinations are near and students are trying hard to revise their syllabus quickly and looking for as many sample papers as they can solve. We have given here Biology Sample Paper for Class 12 which will help them quickly evaluate their preparations. Sample Papers are always the first choice of the toppers for the preparations. Sample papers of any board exam have all the types and variant of questions that can be made on a particular topic of the syllabus. Thus to get maximum marks, one should go through the different sample papers available for the subject. Here is the Biology Sample Paper for Class 12, have a look-

Biology Sample Papers

Class 12 Sample Papers

BIOLOGY Sample Paper for Class 12-
Time allowed- 3 hours
maximum marks- 70

INSTRUCTIONS:- All the questions are compulsory.

  1. Section A has 1 marks question each.
  2. Section B has 2 marks question each.
  3. Section C has 3 marks question each.
  4. Section D has 5 marks question each.


Answer the following questions-

Q1- What are various kinds of plasmids?

Q2- Who is father of genetics?

Q3- What is the botanical name of pea?

Q4- What is the relation in the amount of guanine and adenine in double stranded DNA?

Q5- What is the power house of cell?

Q6- What was the name Darwin’s ship?

Q7- What is the relation between human hand and wings of bat?

Q8- From where the bile juice is secreted?

Q9- What is tidal volume?

Q10- What is the function of small intestine?


Q11- Draw neat n labeled diagram of DNA replication?

Q12- What does thyroid glands do in body?

Q13- Write the basic principles of evolution.

Q14- What are basic technologies used in biotechnology?

Q15- Write the postulates of Charles Darwin.

Q16- What are homologous organs?

Q17- Draw the flow chart of human digestion system.

Q18- Write the advantages of biotechnology.

Q19- Draw the diagram of transcription unit.

Q20- What is pollen grain?


Q21- Why does tropics have more biodiversity?

Q22- How the process of DNA finger printing id done?

Q23- Comment on Global Warming, causes and solutions.

Q24- why thermal power plants are not considered as Eco-friendly?

Q25- What is microspore, how it generates and what is its utility?


Q26- Describe in detail the working of lungs with labeled diagram.

Q27- Describe the working of heart and blood vessels associated with it.

Q28- Draw the diagram of t-RNA charged with Methionine.

Q29- (a) What is algal bloom?

(b) How hormones help in reproduction process of human?

Q30-(a) Give the classification of human skeleton system.

(b) Which is longest, smallest and strongest bone of human body?

(c) Name the bones which have bone marrow in human body.

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