Commerce Optional strategy by UPSC topper

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 Find out the tips and tricks to crack Commerce Optional in UPSC Mains

Accounts students will often choose this optional subject as it is more relevant and easier for them. Here is the Commerce Optional strategy by UPSC topper Shivani Goyal in the year 2017.

Paper  1

  • Find out the Commerce Optional strategy by UPSC topper for Paper I by reading below and it will certainly help you to attain good marks.
  • The very first thing that you have to gather is, UPSC syllabus for a proper preparation and also acquire the previous year question papers.
  • When you analyze the question paper pattern, you will come to know that most of the topics are repeated for years and you can concentrate in them more.
  • Instead of studying the syllabus from books, you can also make use of notes from reliable resources which will make your preparations easy.
  • Try sticking on to your hand-written notes on a daily basis and it will help you to remember efficiently.

Paper 2

Paper I has equal importance to theory and practical but Paper II is completely theory based and check out below to know about the four important topics in the part.

  • OT
  • HRM
  • IR
  • OB

Your presentation plays a vital role in Paper II and content as well. One of the biggest concern is, availability of enormous study materials.

It is better to limit the number of books you read as completing all the books is impossible and time consuming as well.

You can also rely on study resources provided by several top coaching institutes and it actually helps.

Sometimes, questions that you have never prepared will also appear in the question paper. In such cases, no need to panic as you can give the best by understanding the questions and answer it accordingly.

Consolidation of notes is very important and remember that it is not possible to revise the whole syllabus by reading all the reference books (only notes will help) on the day before exam.

Paper presentation is the major role and it emphasizes your answer in a way that it impress the examiner.


Thing to keep in mind while writing Commerce Optional

  1. Take time to read the question paper.Analyze the questions thoroughly and comprehend what you are going to write. Bring out a preview in your mind before starting to write. It is suggested to include some points based upon your thinking rather than writing the info you studied.
  2. Your answers will be lengthy but ensure that you include proper breaks, side headings and conclusion. Follow a pattern so it will be easier for the examiner.
  3. Just include some of the great thinker’s name and theories they proposed (ensure that it is relevant to the question) to enhance the value of the answers you write.
  4. It will be good if you can add some real-life scenarios and case studies which will bring a good impression on your paper.
  5. Diagrams, Mind maps and more will be easy to understand rather writing it in lengthy paragraphs.
  6. When you find a question that is out of your preparations, try to answer in a proper manner. It is better to include the information that you know clearly and also ensure that the points you pen down are relevant to the questions.
  7. Your ultimate aim is to exhibit the knowledge you know and don’t write, just for the sake of filling the answer sheets. It will not take you anywhere, instead consumes time.
  8. You can try to take up the mock tests provided by several coaching institutes to identify the mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and it will prompt you while writing the UPSC Mains Commerce optional.

Why you should enroll in a coaching institute?

You might wonder where you can take up the test series and mock test. Don’t worry, just click the below links which will help you to find the best IAS coaching institutes that are available in your area. The coaching institutes listed after a thorough research and it is available here to help out IAS aspirants who find it difficult to prepare for UPSC Mains by themselves. Moreover, students who are into self-learning can also check out the institutes.

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