Computer Games its effect and Future

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Computer Game:

Love playing Computer games ? Every one has played a computer game in their life and why not ? It needs you  and  a computer system.When computers was developed initially, some video games released like Tic-Tac-Toe and Spacewar!. After the development of more powerful computer, some developers started to developing games as a means of entertainment.

Tic-Tac-Toe is the 1st computer Game.

Soon computer games evolved and software companies started to develop games.The first of the computer games released in 1952 and then some students from MIT developed Spacewar! Which was released in 1961, Known as Second computer game. In the late 1970’s and initial 1980’s some computer games are developed and released but they were very few in numbers.In the late 1990’s the invention of mouse and the rise of Microsoft windows the games with the more graphics and different genre comes into picture.

Types of computer game:

Basically there are four types of computer games .The first one is first person shooters, second is strategy, third is 3rd person views and the fourth is racing. A game with the first person view gives a unique experience, a feeling like you are inside the game.


Sudoku is the one of most popular computer Game

A game with the third person view players has to play the role of a computer characteristic, the sports games fall in this category. Whereas the racing game consists of racing of cars or bikes.


Effect of computer games:

Computer Game have positive side effect as well as negative effects.It totally depends upon what type of game a particular person is playing and how much time they are spending on that.For the information about how computer games effecting youth.i have talked to several of my friends as well as school students and college students.Some of them believe that they were benefited by playing games and some said they are just killing time playing games.

Negative effect of computer games:

  • Some shooting games tend to increase the feeling of being overactive and aggressiveness.Player who spent more than usual time playing these types of games becomes more tune up to this state of arousal.
  • When they turn to their actual life, here also they want such things.This is the thing that can result into serious fighting in real life.
  • Involvement in computer games can affect a youth’s studies badly. Child who plays more than usual time of game tends to ignore their school classes and homework thus ending up with low grades in examination.
  • stress is the another thing which can increase by playing computer games if the players are spending extra time on games.
  • Slackness , increasing laziness and idleness.

Positive effect of Computer Games:

  • In a game there are split second decisions which need to be taken. In life there are many times when a child has to take quick decision.This helps in child’s mind development.
  • This actually helps in examination as well; Sharp thinking and fast decisions will lead children to save time during examination.
  • Eager and careful attention in surrounding.
  • Emphasized practice.
  • Increasing mind efficiency.

Effect of violent Computer Game:

There are lots of Computer game available in market,some of those are really violent in nature.Some of the research shows that these games have  severe effect directy onhuman brain,hence these types of games should be avoided atleast by Kids.A research has been done on effect of Voilent Computer games and their results are worrying.

Effect of violent Games

The given picture describe the Random sample of Brain regions after playing one week of violent Computer games.This study shows a direct relationship between playing violent video games and the less activity in frontal region of human brain. These Part of brains are associated with emotional and cognitive function.


Computer Game becomes profession:

Do you play Computer game? Now a day’s Computer games is played professionally all over the world. In Europe many youth chooses computer games as a profession. They play game for earning money and there are lot of opportunities for youth in this profession.

Gaming becomes professional

Gaming becomes professional

There are some games which are played throughout the world professionally. I have tried to make a small list of professional games.

  • StarCraft
  • Counter Strike
  • Dota
  • League of legends

Making Money From Computer gaming :

Love Computer games? Want to make some money from computer games? Here are the ways you can earn money from playing games.You can play computer game tournaments. Here are the list of some of the tournaments you can participate and win money.

  • World Cyber Game
  • Asian Gaming League
  • World e-sport Games
  • Electronic sport world cup
  • ESWC India

Considering making money in E-sport in india Ben verghese  is on the top of the list.He earns approximately 4 Lacs/year for playing Games and getting sponsorship from it.

Professional gaming as a carrer:

There are mainly three types of gamer present one who is a casual gamer and play for fun,one who is serious about and one who wants to make money from it and chooses carrer in it.One can say gaming is a part time carrer.because you can’t play computer games for ever & game you are expert in,will not last more than 5 year in professional scene.

What type of games should be released in future:

Games is developing and growing fast but  developers are ignoring the importance of user choice  and coming up with lots of non sense games.In my opinion there should be certain rules and regulations which every game developer has to follow,to produce good games.


Need More like AOE !

  • Try to develop more mind/strategic games.
  • Ban on some of Violence/shooting games.




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28 Responses to Computer Games its effect and Future

  1. noopur singh says:


  2. Anamika Tomar says:

    How I am percepting the future canvas of computer games,one thing is very noticeable here,that the hours of users who play the games will definitely increase because of its increasing obsession in the present times and the direct impact of this increasing time of playing will come in the forms of “hyper tension,blood pressure,loss of vision,and many more severe diseases” which is having the catastrophic impact on the anatomy of human being.The other bad impact of the games is less social contact of users even though “man is a social animal”.so i am seeing human being as a “Living Manaquein”.
    *Definitely if we talk about structure of games that will surely improve in the matter of their “effects,animations,graphics” which will definitely provide a leisure of recreation in the social arena.


    Computer Games have always been the best way to relax and have fun among the youth. Like the other meaningful inventions,these games also have a number of pros and cons. But I believe that as long as one is not addicted to something that may hamper him in some ways or the others, the person should always be allowed to go for it. But when it comes to Computer Games I think people often get addicted to it and this spoils them . So I would suggest all to read this article and understand the basic advantages , disadvantages and Career opportunities in field of Computer Gaming.

  4. Kriti Das says:

    Computer games are nice to play as they are quite interesting and fun as well.But we must not ignore the fact that most of the times these computer games becomes very addictive not only for the children but also for adults.There is no harm in playing computer games once in while but it should not substitute for the outside games ,especially for children.On the other hand computer games have opened up new horizons for software programmers.So popular have become these games,that their demand is no where dying in near future providing a new and exciting career option.

  5. barun kumar singh says:

    nice put a particle covered each and every measures of computer gaming . it’s true that computer games give pleasure to every individual to move out from there daily schedule and give a big time for there enjoyment. with the increase of good graphic games and having 3D technology gives good texture to the players for there better enjoyment.

  6. Vipin Sahu says:

    Computer games have both positive and negative effects on human being.Playing violent games may child become aggressive in nature,but strategic games sharpen the mind as it requires quick decision which is very helpful in life. But today computer gaming has become the big money market .Every year there is big event for all gamers around the world organised by wcg(world cyber gaming) .If anyone who loves computer games very much can also make his professional carrier in computer gaming.

  7. Atif Pall says:

    Games have always been a great timepass . Its an irresistible addiction of every one of us ;be it computer games or any other games that entertains you. Childhood is a phase where we normally face a situation referred to as ” Gaming maniac” . Childrens loose their concentration on studies gradually affecting the education side. Each one of us had our time. Besides we still are so much into it . Every single thing in this world has positivity and negativity. Playing computer games helps you react to situations with a sound flexibility and a good response time .
    But then, excessive of anything is not good.

  8. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    A human being’s constant need for change in his ways of being entertained was basically one of the main reasons computer games were developed in the 1st place. With the technologies zooming to its zenith, changes in lifestyle was very predictable. People became busier, with much less time for themselves, the work pressure in this super-competitive world are like walls closing on, so they couldn’t utilize the age old methods of being entertained as time in their hand was less. And in this situation, the computer games came in handy as sleek, trendy stress-busters keeping up with the pace of the generation. Not only that, the mental challenges that some of these games have are very engrossing and extremely helpful an exercise for our brains. It helps us to take quick decisions, makes our minds sharper, increases our attention etc. just like everything else this too has many disadvantages as we can learn through this article. too much of anything is bad. so when this gaming habit becomes an obsession rather than merely a means of entertainment then we see the actual side-effects surfacing. Just as mentioned in this article, which i must say is very well written & organized, people who overdo this means of entertainment become lazy, idle, overactive, aggressive etc. And this aggressiveness is mainly seen in the youth who are the largest consumer group in this section. So, the game developers should use their discretion while selling anything as such to the masses, they should keep in mind that their largest consumer group is the future of the world, our next generation. So they should behave much more responsibly as their actions can quite deeply affect mankind as a whole, where our greatest wealth are our morals and values & hence we need to preserve these endangered qualities before they become obsolete.

  9. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    “COMPUTER GAMES CHANGES ONES BRAINS……”Playing games changes the physical structure in the same way as learning to read,playing the piano or navigating using a map. By playing computer games people can gain problem solving skills and can apply logic. The acquire planning and resource management skills moreover they gain hand eye co-ordination, fine motor and spatial skills. They start thinking quickly able to make fast analysis and also gain perseverance. Last but not the least, computer games does not matches the reality.

  10. Manisha Chawla says:

    Computer Gaming now has become the part of everyone’s life. Who does not love playing games in this era? Every person wants to do something interesting in his/her spare time. Computer Games are both interesting and effective for minds. These games are not meant for kids or youth only but also for elders and people of any age. This article shows the past, present and future of computer games. How a simple game tic-tac-toe started and how games reached to professional level, its so interesting to know. Everything has some pros and cons, so the Computer Games. It sharpens our mind, gives knowledge of managing things etc. Professionally, people earn a lot from gaming. But its cons are also many like continuous sitting on computer for gaming effects eyes, it blocks the person in doing other things etc. So only the limited use of gaming is good.

  11. Sanjana Kumari says:

    As we know Computer Games have been a part of children an teenageers life for the past few decades.But there is a big question that is playing computer is good or bad for us? . Parents always thinkd that video games are time waster and worse and some of the educatione xperts think that these games corrupt the brain. Violent video games are easily blamed by the media and some experts as the reason why some young people become violent or commit extreme anti-social behavior. But many scientists and psychologists find that video games can actually have many benefits – the main one is making kids smart. Video games may actually teach kids high-level thinking skills that they will need in the future.

  12. sumit mukherjee says:

    Computer games are something like any super hero. It has an awesome craze among the people specially among the teenagers. While playing the computer games, we have to react fast. As a result, we grasp the quality to react fast. But excess of something is not good. It hampers ours eye directly if we play the games continuously. Mental stress or some kind of misbehave may occur for this. So, it is not for creating any pressure, but i believe that we have to enjoy it.

  13. diya mukherjee says:

    computer games have become a very important part of youth’s life. Almost every indivisual love playing computer games. Tic-Tac-Toe was the1st computer game and computer games have evolved to a greater extent.there are varities of computer games like FIFA, solitare. playing of these games have both a positive and a negative impact on a indivisual. in one way, it develops the decision-making quality among youngsters while on other hand it makes them aggressive , and also results in poor academic results. computer games should be played like a game only and it should not affect one’s life and career


    This article is ideal one for those parents who are really worried about their children’s affinity towards COMPUTER GAMES.Computer games have both positive and negative effects.Some of them are clearly described above.So i would like to request parents to allow computer games to their children but there should be a limit regarding the quality of the games.

  15. Neha S says:

    It seems like “Rocket Science” to me..
    its not that i don’t play games its just that it seems to me very difficult.
    For me computer games is a stress buster, and a very nice entertainer when i get bored.
    But other than this at time computer games can be a nuisance when you cannot cross a level (at least it happens with me) and u determine to cross that level at any condition.
    And with respect to future anything like this will never be outdated because every time there is always something new that you discover.

    P.S. : I like computer games only when i pass a level 😉

  16. Gourav Kumar says:

    Everything in the world has its pros and cons and computer gaming is also not an exception.
    Computer games makes your mind to think more and it develops the logical ability of a person. Gaming industry is growing year by year and its a good career option for many people who love graphics designing and programming.
    But computer gaming leads to addiction which hamper a person’s personal life, they live in a virtual world and becomes violent and intolerable.

  17. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    As we all know that coin having two face that is why computer gaming have a two face.
    1st face shows the crime part of the game
    2nd face show to develope the strategic mind frame.
    so it will have a two face. But we all know now a days computer games are like career stream, it develope our brain by which we can think twice time to do any think.
    So lastly i want to say that as every coin has two face so you have to take a positive face in which you can enhance your self very perfectly.

  18. sibanjan says:

    computer games have a huge popularity among the young people in the modern era… it helps to develop the mental stability, pressure handling capacity, group tasking etc among the teenagers…. they can use the computer games as their future profession too… but like everything misuse of it is quite harmful… it makes an addiction to the game… beside this over time playing may cause physical problems like eyesight problem,backbone problem etc…..

  19. sakshi chaudhary says:

    Computer games may actually help and teach to develop high level thinking skills with are required in the future,Some games require high level of imagination which help to create decision making ability and some helps to improve mental skills.

  20. oishi chatterjee says:

    Hand eye co-ordination,brain training, thinking and strategy skills – this are the positive impacts on an individuals,Games can be used as training tools in schools to train students on real time activities would be useful. This article provides lots of information on its impact on our society.

  21. shreya sarkar says:

    Wonderful article, i never knew playing computer games had so many cons. It was a pretty informative stuff. However I believe that playing it under control and not making it a regular habit will not be harmful at all. We play games to spare ourselves from boredom or sometimes to relieve ourselves from stress. Computer games even improve our thinking power and our ability to make split second decisions. Therefore playing it under control will save us from its harmful effects while we can still relish on its benefits.

  22. Akash Tripathi says:

    ” Sustainable use continues while Deadly use reduce ”
    Computer games are the habits today. They are everywhere having lots of positives for every group of people, if were used in an constructive way and in legal boundaries .They are fun ,refreshing and as stated money earning also.So i think future is having a boom for computer games.

  23. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Awesome write up . Understanding Games, its types and uses will surely create a general awareness among the teenagers or the game addicts . A good and proper selection of game is a must ,as a game less brainy can fantasize personality and embrace less logical aspects in every action performed.

    Excessive Gaming can cause insomnia and many other psychological addictions.Thus propagation of adequate knowledge , fable among targeted mass will help. Apart form personality issues and mental deviations it effects our social aspect of life also .A lot of gaming in daily routine separates us , make us a loner.

    So ,just sabotaging time for a “wrong” game will not do any good, it can moreover leave us utterly and infinitely alone .

  24. sneha sinha says:

    Playing games on computer have both pros and cons…It release us from boredom ,improves the reflex action of the mind as well as developing games can be chosen as a career option which promises to have a wide market ..while on the other hand it takes us to the world of fantasy far away from the world of reality and violent games disturbs our mind and concentration adversely to a certain extent .However too much of anything is always harmful and so is the case with playing computer games ..thus playing games within limits is desired..

  25. Nilay Mazumder says:

    Computer gaming is much maligned at times for the level of violence in some games and for the amount of time that it claims that could be put to more productive uses. Some advantages of gaming are that it has educational applications, increases visual processing of information and teaches problem solving skills. Violence in games has an unquestionable negative effect on players, making them more likely to be violent themselves.So many time is wasted! A kid loosen its childhood!Games have educational uses, for example, teaching economic skills like negotiating and purchasing strategies, and are used in college level economics courses to do so. For example, many games allow players to accumulate points or money and then purchase things that will advance their interests in the game. These features simulate markets, and in fact can become commodities outside the game.Gaming teaches problem solving skills. Players are given a set of rules to follow and must figure out the best strategy for achieving the goals set in the gaming context. If the game has multiple players or teams, the problem solving is done in a social context, which teaches people to communicate and cooperate.

  26. ARPIT TARAN says:

    There are lots of people who are fond of playing games. Games have various categories like strategy, action, sports, racing, card games, and many more. In my views computer games explores your mind & thinking capacity but some people take it as a wrong way like games graphic effects in action games are so real. It just depend on the individual, how does he/she take it. If you are good at it, then theirs lots of scope in this field. There are many competitions of games all over the world with good amount of cash prizes. If you like to play games & have imagined any game to develop. So you can learn programming languages & can make game of your own & earn some amount of money but it would require some efforts.

  27. Seema Mishra says:

    In my opinion, computer games have both positive and negative effects. Some example for negative effects are like one may get addicted and cannot concentrate on work.Some people use too much of their time playing and not prioritizing what is more important.
    But on the other side,some games really make you think, critically, problem solving. not all just fun and games.It makes people goal oriented. once they put their mind to something it shows that they can finish it.Your thinking skills might even improve while playing certain mind-challenging games.

  28. Rohit Kumar says:

    Negative aspects of computer game are-
    1-people become to live in virtual world and become more intolerable and violent
    2-it hampers the study of the student
    3-they cant accept the defeat in their life
    4-waste of time
    5-addiction of the game which is a bad thing

    future of computers game are-
    1-making game as a career
    2-it is also helpful in making money
    3-there are so many games that has been launched in the market and making the youth to choose as a career option
    4-there are so many games in the market which is used for the development of the brain of the kid

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