Dots Academy SSC Coaching Thiruvananthapuram Reviews

Dots Academy SSC Coaching Thiruvananthapuram Reviews

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Dots Academy SSC Coaching Thiruvananthapuram Reviews


Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • Good Infrastructure
  • Past Year Result
  • Best Batch Size
  • By Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • At Affordable Fee Provided


  • No Offline / Online Test series
  • NO Difficulty Level Analysis
  • No Shortcut tricks to crack the exam

According to student reviews

” An academy, Where your hard work upgrade to smart work. Systematic training for SSC tiers.. Good environment for distraction free practice. Excellent support from the faculties. Right choice for those who aspire bright future.”I am really satisfied with their honest and sincere approach. The attraction of Dots Academy is that they provide short cuts, updation of vocabulary, daily mock tests, lab and library facility which make our study more easier.”Dots Academy SSC Coaching Thiruvananthapuram Reviews”DOTS Academy is the best institution to transform your dream of becoming a central government employee to reality. I cleared SSC CHSL 2016 after joining this institute. The highlight is that the institute provides coaching for all tier/ levels including descriptive exam which the other coaching institutions fail to provide. The classes are handled by a team of experts with strong subject knowledge and wide experience, even a beginner could easily understand. Moreover the faculties are highly optimistic, encouraging, friendly and always willing to clarify our doubts. The Institute provides systematically arranged mock test with thorough evaluation and discussions. I would undoubtedly recommend DOTS Academy for SSC aspirants.”Though I have not studied in this academy, I had the privilege to send some of my students looking for SSC to this institution. I should say that this institution is a notch better than others. My students are really satisfied with their honest and sincere approach. Good luck.”Dots Academy, one of the leading and advanced coaching centres is a pitch perfect environment for academic excellence dealing in SSC. Dots provide proper and standardised method to students by way of frequent flash tests, short cuts, mind calculations, dictations, updation of vocabulary were made the syllabus more easier. I swear to say that if one work hard as per the guidance and instructions provided by the Institute, it is sure that one CAN simply CRACK the SSC EXAMINATION..”Dots Academy SSC Coaching Thiruvananthapuram Reviews

About Dots Academy SSC Coaching – Best SSC Coaching Institute in Thiruvananthapuram

Dots Academy SSC Coaching In Thiruvananthapuram Reviews

this academy offers an ideal course which helps them to crack the SSC examination in the first attempt. For the students who invest some extra time for preparation, the academy has the repeaters program.The Best quality lectures and practice tests are taken daily to prepare the students thoroughly for the final examination. The students are given with all the high standard study materials and class notes. To solve the MCQs in fractions of seconds, the institute teaches the tips and tricks  solve the questions. Dots Academy  Academy conducts a regular online mock tests and it also monitors the performance of the students very acutely. With the help of the rank enhancement techniques and competitive learning methodologies, the teachers at Dots Academy  give best coaching to the SSC aspirants and helps them to take first step to achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

Dots Academy holds professional classes, schedules for the assessment and keep a track of the performance of each and every student repeatedly and helps them to score desired rank. The coaching institute provides one of the study materials and also a library with reference materials.

The experienced teachers of the institute conduct high degree conceptual clarity during the lecture sessions and also have a special doubt clearing sessions to clarify the doubts of the students regarding all the subject-related topics. After every lecture, the teachers help the students to solve the MCQ worksheets prepared by the experts of the institute which has all the questions of all levels from easy to difficult.

Dots Academy SSC Coaching In Thiruvananthapuram Reviews

They are an instrumental institute in channelizing the knowledge to the educated youth through way of sharpening their judgement to succeed in their life. Nowadays, knowledge of a candidate is checked at the entry level of each professional in education as well as employment . Competitive Exams have become a mandatory Test to measure the appropriateness of a candidate for either Job or Professional Education. Their Main effort is to show  the real meaning of quality education to the nation. They accept as true that for every student who is willing to learn (or not so), there is a teacher and that for every teacher who is willing to teach, there is a student. There are numerous competent teachers with vast knowledge and immense talent. They provide a platform for the teachers to establish link with the students.

Their coaching classes with great facilities and help and even support the children  to prepare them very well  for the competitive examination. In this coaching class, you all will have to face the daily Class Tests, Unit Tests, Mock Tests & many more for the exceptional preparation and getting on hand with the syllabus. Even this the only institute, which provides the complete data of students’ to their parents, so that they can keep a track of their wards progress. They aim providing coaching for 10th and 12th std students for different subject discipline. They have been producing 100% result with high marks. Every year they are giving rank holder Government students from institute They also believe in channelizing students from a young age, which will help them to maintain a track. This will  make them more focused and less worried as they reach higher classes. Therefore, they offer tuition to school students from grades 10 to 12.They offer a varied courses and cover subjects like science, commerce, humanities and prepare students studying for their  boards exams.


Dots Academy SSC Review – Top SSC Coaching in Thiruvananthapuram

This institute is highly experienced and has nearly twenty-five years of experience in SSC coaching. This institute has given as much as 64% results in the Government entrance. Their style of  teaching is different and the staff members here gives the right education. All kinds of tests are conducted  for the and negative marks are deducted for wrong answers, the physics teachings are mostly conducted with mathematics basics. They give the children a perfect atmosphere for studies and focus on practice sessions more than just teaching ie practice makes a man perfect. All tests give the children the real exam feel, the doubts sessions also take place and one more added advantage is all the questions are asked not from the given study materials ie they cover extra. Doubts are nicely and regulary been cleared for the students by the staff membersand they make sure that the doubts of each and every student are cleared. This Institute is among one of the Top Government Coaching Institutes In Thiruvananthapuram. This institute is amongst  one of the best institutes in Thiruvananthapuram for Government coaching. The faculty members of this institute are filled with the right education in their subjects and have many years of experience in the Government field. The facilities are vast in number, the organization of this institute is very peaceful and study oriented. They have a unique idea where in Daily practice tests are conducted for the examination syllabus. This ensures a complete coverage of transitional public, doubt clarification sessions are regularly held by the all staff members. Each class has a limited students in every batch so the student teacher ratio can me maintained. The staff members in this institution help the students to focus more on the subjects. The faculty members have the right degree and partake many years of experience and excellance in the SSC coaching. Staff members hold a doubt session to clear the doubts of each and every individual after the class hours.



Dots Academy SSC Coaching In Thiruvananthapuram Reviews-Details.

In this article we would be reviewing Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram, one of the best coaching institutes for SSC Examination preparation in the city. The academy has for the major part received positive reviews from the students and provides really good services to the SSC aspirants from the city.

Dots Academy SSC Coaching Review – Top SSC Coaching in Thiruvananthapuram

Course Offered By  Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram   – SSC Coaching

Address–  MRRA B8, Ambujavilasam Rd, Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695035

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Contact No.– 095390 19861

Details of Dots Academy SSC Coaching – Best SSC Coaching Center in Thiruvananthapuram

Past Result – 60%

Teacher Name – abrahm sir,pooja

Google Reviews: 5 out of 5 stars ( 39 reviews)

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Benefits of Dots Academy SSC Coaching – IAS Coaching Institute,Thiruvananthapuram

Ranking of IAS Coaching in Thiruvananthapuram – Dots Academy SSC Coaching

Fees of IAS Coaching in Thiruvananthapuram

Best IAS Preparation in Thiruvananthapuram

How good is the Dots Academy SSC Coaching For SSC Exam Preparation in Thiruvananthapuram?

Good Infrastructure
One of the first things about a coaching institute which captures the imagination of a student is its infrastructure. A good infrastructure attracts a lot of students. Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram has a really nice infrastructure. The classrooms are built and designed in a proper manner and are provided with enough space so that the students have a nice, proper corner for themselves to work without any obstacles or hindrance. Also, the common spirit and mood around the academy is quite positive which ensures that students are themselves in a really good frame of mind and can work in a rather efficient manner to attain their goals. To sum , the infrastructure at Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram is quite good which makes it one of the topmost coaching institutes for SSC Examination preparation in Thiruvananthapuram.

Experienced and Well-qualified Faculty
The success of any coaching institute depends heavily on the quality of the faculty and teaching staff it has. A good faculty and teaching staff means that the students receive good guidance in order to attain their goals. Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram does really well in this regard. It has a very good faculty. Each member on the teaching staff is immensely experienced and has tons of knowledge about the requirements and demands of SSC Examination. They also pay special attention to the mental framework of the students and ensure that they are in a sound state of mind for the major part of the preparations. Abraham Sir is one of the most renowned faculties at the institute. Therefore, as far as the faculty is concerned, Dots Academy is one of the best coaching institutes for SSC is Thiruvananthapuram.

Considerably small batch sizes
Small batches are preferred by almost all the students looking for a good coaching institute in order to give wings to their aims and aspirations. It ensures that students get as much personal guidance and attention from their concerned faculties as possible. It also provides students with that personal touch from their faculties which can at times propel them to do really good. Average batch size at Dots Academy is 30-40 students per batch which is considerably small. This is a huge positive associated with the coaching institute and makes it one of the best coaching institutes for SSC in Thiruvananthapuram.

Good past year results
Good past year performance is one of the foremost parameters upon which the competence of a coaching institute is judged. It is considered to be one of the factors that seperates good coaching institutes from the best ones. Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram does pretty good as far as past year performances are concerned. It has a 60% selection which is more than just healthy. Thus, it won’t be too wrong if we consider Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram as one of the best coaching institutes for SSC in the city.

Economic Fee Structure
The fee structure at Dots Academy Thiruvananthapuram is also pretty good as well. It charges 18000 rupees per 4 months which is quite affordable even for students coming from weaker economic backgrounds.

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What is the review and ratings of Best SSC Coaching Institutes in Thiruvananthapuram

Google Rating: 4.3 stars out of 5 stars (42 Reviews)
Oureducation Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (38 Votes) Rating – 3.8 stars out of 5 stars (38 Votes) Rating – 4.7 stars out of 5 stars (23 votes)

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Although we have tried to bring Top 10 SSC Coaching Centers in Thiruvananthapuram through oureducation research and this research is conducted in June-25- 2018 but by the time you decide to take admission in Top 10 SSC Coaching Centers in Thiruvananthapuram  and there are skilled teachers and management of coaching that may enhance your knowledge. So for updated information please mail with contact number 01204694690( your number is safe with us) at our email id

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SSC  Coaching
Service Type
SSC Coaching
Provider Name
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala ,Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram,India-695035,
Telephone No.095390 19861
Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
An academy, Where your hard work upgrade to smart work. Systematic training for SSC tiers.. Good environment for distraction free practice. Excellent support from the faculties. Right choice for those who aspire bright future."I am really satisfied with their honest and sincere approach

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