Business Ethics – An Outlook

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Ethic is one of the most important things. To set up any kind of business, the basic thing that one needs to understand is the client need and happiness.

Ethics are an integral part of any business association that seeks to survive and increase in the long run.  Business ethics are the base of  any good  corporate  culture.  If going ethical you can no longer stay on that top position.

Nowadays business is going business for business they don’t have ethics in their business. Many  corporate giants  will be  unethical in  one or the other  way and would add numbers to the revenues just to get more exposure or increases sales.

Ethics is not at all a passing fashion in business. Because every business runs on the consistency of customers on their product. A business man can earn profit with unethical rules of their business but only for a short time. Trust of customers totally depends on Ethics. Unethical things may work for short term profit but for long term profit business should follow ethics.

Being ethical should always be fire in the heart of a business men in the business world and also other people which helps in building a slight but the most important relations and people which is quite indispensable for the expansion of an organization.
Ethics is a concealed and always driving force for every corporate individual which can be proved through the development we gain till now in business sector. So ethics is never a passing fashion.


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16 Responses to Business Ethics – An Outlook

  1. Barun Singh says:

    A businessman cannot be successful if he dosn’t know about the values of ethics though he can be successful for a short time but for a life time achievement a man should follow the ethics .

  2. Pia2013 says:

    Ethics is always essential in a business for long term success. Unethical business is short lived. clients/customers trust is very much essential for a business to be successful. If they do not trust them because of unethical practices then the business is surly a waste and cannot flourish in the long run.

  3. Sneha Sinha says:

    Ethics in business plays an important role and I don’t agree that it is a passing fashion because without good ethics the business may flourish for some time but it will soon fall down which is undesirable..

  4. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    The Ethics Outlook is a discussion of the most crucial ethical issues facing the most number of companies. To establish any business, the most important things are the client’s need and satisfaction. Now any business runs well if it has the customer support. A business may earn a profit through unethical rules but it does not exist for a long. So i am giving my vote for the ethical rules of any business.

  5. Kriti Das says:

    Ethics is and always be the most important thing to be looked at ,in any profession.Though I, agree that due to increasing competition,ethics sense is getting lost.People are concerned about the ways that will earn them more profit,rather than business ethics.Businessmen today,are ready to go to any extent and stoop as low as possible for their business interest.So despite of being such an important component of working environment,business ethics,is actually a passing phase and very soon it will be totally extinct.

  6. shreya sarkar says:

    I don’t agree that ethics in business is just a passing fashion. It never was and can never be. An unethical businessman may make profits but it’ll be short lived. Businessman who follow ethics are the one’s who survive in the long run. Moreover its not just business ethics are important in every sphere of life if a person wants to grow and survive in this world.


    I do not agree that ethics in business are just a passing fashion.To set up any kind of business the basic thing that one needs to understand is customer need and satisfaction.Once the trust is lost,its lost.So ethics play an important role in business.

  8. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    The rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the members of any profession is known as ETHICS. To reach top of the world a person should make their own rule… So in order to survive, to be in the eyes of customers,to be a good business man a person should know how to deal with their ETHICS.

  9. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Having the correct ethics in the respective profession is very important. It not only helps us grow in business/profession but also provides a positive boost to our morality as humans. It helps build the goodwill of a businessman in the market. So, it should always be remembered good ethics in any field yields beneficial results, that’s a golden rule of business, always! Last but not the least, i must say this article was definitely very good to go through!

  10. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Ethics is the study of moral values and protocols. To become a successful businessman a person should have knowledge about the business ethics. Because it shows a way how one expand his business.

  11. suriya prakash says:

    The reason is that Earning is majorly focused not the ethics.

  12. Ameetha Parvin Amee says:

    Ethical means doing what is morally right.Behaving ethically in business is widely regarded as good business practice.

  13. Seetha Manoharan says:

    following ethics in business is a essential thing. but nowadays most of them not consider about ethics.

  14. Dinesh says:

    To me now a days those who think differently is the one who reach the landmark called as SUCCESS

    so following the ethics is not going to help any current businessman to survive in the market, so they have to think differently (out of the ethics) ,that means they have to create their own ethics with the knowledge of experience

    so day by day the new ethics are coming up by overtaking the older ones so definitely it’s a passing fashion

  15. boopathy sathish says:

    without ethics they can grow more but sure they will fall soon… great person in business markets follow the ethics

  16. patlakshi says:

    No, its just not mere fashion its creates healthy environment that help the one to work efficiently.

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