How To Deal With International Terrorism

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Terrorism becoming India’s biggest weakness

Terrorism is the main problem which we are facing from the time of Independence. Terrorist commit crimes mainly in order to take revenge. At present the government  is spending large amount of money to provide security to the terrorists after arresting them. But the government is not taking any immediate steps to punish them.The main questions which arrises on our mind is how to deal with the International terrorism India.

India's biggest weakness

India’s biggest weakness

Ajmal Amir kasab was the terrorist whom we got alive in 2008 Mumbai attack. He was kept in prison and hanged in 21 November 2012.But the government  didn’t get any useful information from him. The actual amount spend for kasab’s security could be around Rs 50 crore and above.In this the money spent is waste, each time when he is taken to court high security is  provided.For a single man the government is putting lot of police forces,which is the waste of time for them. And also the  large amount of  money spend to him can be used for other needs of the country.

To avoid terrorism not only the government should take step but all people should work unitedly. One of the main reason for a youth to become a terrorist is poverty,illiterate . Most of them  are not getting education because of poverty . So they have less capacity to understand anything. Just  for  the sake of money ,without analyzing they are doing these crimes.Hence the government should concentrate in this and provide education to all.

terrorism decaying Indian Economy

Need justice

There are many reason for a youth to become a terrorist. Some are due to religious problem, some are due to poverty. Some of them are not able to look after the family and to give them a good life ,they are becoming terrorist. And some are doing this for earning lot of money. The reason may be different. But they are not thinking of others pain and  they  are killing lot of people  without  courtesy  .And so the government also should not show mercy to  terrorist.There is nothing wrong in punishing them.

Terrorism in India

Stop Terrorism

Few days ago china also crossed the LOC and entered India border in Ladhak. After so many warning and conferences with china they put their steps back to their country.We Indians should stop doing our internal politics and start thinking about the real problems of terrorism and take  actions against them.

It is the duty of the government to take certain initiatives to teach a lesson to the terrorism  to prevent it before it happens and if happened then they should be hanged as soon as possible.

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19 Responses to How To Deal With International Terrorism

  1. Naveen kumar says:

    How to deal with terrorism

  2. saumya ranjan das says:

    Now a days terrorism is a big problem for all, We have to fight confidently. so that, i thenk terrorism problem will decreses. and we will get a new light of our life.

  3. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Various political, social, economical problems create lots of annoyance over some people. As a result they commits crime. We all aware about its examples like the terrorist attack in Mumbai and so on. If we want to stop this hectic problem, we must need to find out the problems working behind it and try to resolve them properly. Then this should lead us towards a good result.

  4. shreya sarkar says:

    “Terrorism” I guess the word itself brings fear in most of the people’s mind. I don’t know if eradication of terrorism is possible or not as it is a long rooted problem but what i do know is “not” entertaining terrorists is certainly possible. Our Government is too mild and takes years to punish those who have brought about terror to this country. I mean what is the need of keeping a terrorist so long in prison. They should be punished as soon as possible. By the time they are punished another terror attack is made demanding the release of the terrorists who had been caught in the previous attack. Our government has to be firmer and more strict and should take serious actions/measures to stop terrorism.

  5. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Terrorism is curse for innocent people. It is a serious threat to international peace and security. The reason behind this is lack of education, social injustice, social inequality and unemployment. Those people who are facing such problems are brainwashed and forced to become a terrorist. All countries must join our hands together to get rid out of this problem.

  6. Atif Pall says:

    “Terrorism” has been a major issue that has been in existence since a very long time. And each day, the consequences proves disastrous not to an individual but to the country as a whole .
    Eradication of such a nuisance can only be entertained if we take into accounts the correct maintainence of our country by our Government Organisation.
    Terrorism refer to those violent acts which are intended to create fear and deliberately target the safety of the civilians who lack protection in every way.
    Political organisations, on which we rely upon has been practising terrorism in a way to nurture their future objectives.
    Money spent on international terrorists such as Kasab, for an example; proved nothing but a complete waste of our national treasure which on the other hand could have been a reason for the livelihood and development of the poor or the country as a whole .
    An end to this requires the proper implementation ,good management skills and recruitment of some special trained experts who would deliberately take into records the well being of our Nation .

  7. Rashmi Rani says:

    Terrorism can be completely eradicated,if government concentrate mainly on the cause of it because prevention is better than cure. We all have to join our hands for eradicating poverty,which is the main cause of terrorism to make our world peaceful. And also i would like to comment in the context of the Mumbai 26/11 blast case that justice should not be denied and it should not be delayed too.Immediate and effective measures should be adopted to exterminate terrorism.

  8. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    To stop this government should take actions to remove hacking from the very root thats the main reason how the international terrorism grows and expands , information are being disclosed and misused by the groups. If Hacking is dealt properly with security measures in all countries at higher level things can be better.

  9. Sayanti Banerjee says:

    TERRORISM-It may be considered as a phenomenon by a person who uses violence in order to achieve political aims,so trying and achieving control over politics and in real sense implementing those can help us overcoming this menace.Correction needs to done from root level:-
    1.Visit those who are still not aware of the countries progress and make them believe how much there participation is required in the process.
    2.Ensure them the help they will be requiring in their aim of being able to be competitive to the outside world .
    3.Allow them to be among us by not treating them as a part of some “THIRD WORLD”.
    4.Doing such things will create a sense of understanding in their mind of not doing activities against the system as they will be expecting justice in case of mental or social torture towards them.
    These are a few ways in which a country can keep a check on the growing terrorists.Who knows may be the existing ones also may surrender,terrorists once finished-TERRORISM will find its way out of the box.


    few points i want to add….

    Countries in the world together, have to look into the problem with all the efforts they can make.

    * World is greatly developing in science and technology. So using satellites to reveal the secrets of Terrorists in avoiding the destruction of local spots.

    * Every citizen must be provided with the knowledge on Terrorism.

    * Every country has to spread the equal rights to all the religions, being in the country.

    * The Government has to keep an eye on the funds. Because a Terrorist Association must need funds to spread their power & to get more weapons.

    * The government must be strengthen in all the areas on which the terrorism may effect.

    * Every one on the Earth has to give their hand in curbing the Terrorism.

    Then only the ‘Terror’ dies.

  11. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    The main reason behind terrorism is poverty,illiteracy.They become blind for their own demand and kill people heartlessly.Then why government is wasting crores for them just to get some information only?Even the information can be wrong.The terrorist should hanged as soon as the investigators get the necessary information.More security should be provided for congested areas.Government should take initiatives to help the poor people economically and help them to get educated clear the religious misconception through advertisements in banners, t.v.

  12. Priyanka Baidya says:

    Terrorism is a very big problem faced by the world,as a whole,today.
    Major reasons for terrorism is the lack of education,unemployment,social injustice & social inequality.
    Those innocent minds who are facing these problem are brainwashed and forced to support and do these kind of threatening activities.
    The purpose of these people itself becomes to take revenge for all that he had suffered.
    To deal with terrorism the steps should be taken to provide proper education to all and gainful employment to all.
    Countries in the world together have to look into the problem with all the efforts they can make.
    Using satellites to reveal to the secret of the terrorist in avoiding destruction of the local sports.
    Every citizen should have the knowledge about the terrorism.
    Every country has to spread the equal rights to all the region.
    Every one in the world has to give their hand to protect the world from the terrorism.

  13. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Now a days terrorism is really a big problem . Actually it is a worldwide problem and the world have to protest against it unitedly. The young people become terrorist due to different reasons like poverty, illiteracy etc. So first of all the Government has to take initiatives to solve this basic problems. And one more thing which is needed to prevent terrorism is immediate punishment to the terrorists.Though the end of criminal can not be the end of crime but still actions like capital punishments can restrict people from doing such violence.

  14. Aditya Kundan says:

    Terrorism is an organised way of intimidation and violence especially for political purpose.Political frustration,Political necessities,Religious and Racial Fanaticism and personal political interests are some of the main causes of terrorism.India has faced terrorism of an ephemeral nature,which sprang suddenly due to religious anger against either government or the majority Hindu community or both and petered out subsequently.A genuine and well functioning democracy, good governance, responsiveness to build grievances, effective policies and economic developments are the best antidotes to terrorism.The world should be united in fight against terrorism which has spread its tentacles globally and imposing threat to humanity.No terror activities will be tolerated and extreme action should taken against the culprits in case of arrest.Immediate capital punishment should be granted to such insane people who take lives in the name of God.Fast track courts should be established and the most harsh punishment be awarded to terrorists so that even their followers start shivering.

  15. suriya prakash says:

    In India hard punishments are not being taken against terrorism. so we only have to be aware of our safety.

  16. Dinesh says:

    To me India is on the right track to deal the Terrorism
    Terrorism cannot be controlled by the violence, but to analyse the problem of the people

    I ask everyone that America is the worlds largest defence as well as offence force in the world but they dont feel the freedom that we have.

    So terrorism cannot be eradicate by violence

  17. Mahima Sharma says:

    Government should take the initiatove to deal with the terrorism.

  18. boopathy sathish says:

    India is spending lot of money, major part of the tax goes to defense. but its depleting now days… soon we will have a peaceful world. other than country intervention..

  19. patlakshi says:

    I think one must get aware of the environment. Government should take initiative and develop such plans which could deal with the terrorism.

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