Liberalization is Leading to Jobless Growth

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Liberalization is Leading to Jobless Growth

Liberalization: Making less strict

The period upto 1991 is called the Pre-Liberalization era and after that India had to face a major BPC(Balance of Payment Crisis) problem at that time The Prime Minister of India P.V.NARASIMHA RAO removes the major rules interms of import, export and Tax reforms to balance the economic situation of India

Here are the major terms that panic us with the Liberalization

Initiation of Privatization:

After India loses it’s policies about the factory management and the monitoring of movement of the wealth for an organization or for a individual they started to corrupt, they started hide their wealth and because of this the black money started to increase

As because of the less rules, In the name of the

  • New technology
  • GDP growth
  • Globalization

they started to account the money was earned in foreign countries, as like this the economy slows down and the unemployment was starts to increase

Loss of domestic units:

When the liberalization starts the Foreign companies starts to place their foot in India and India became their landmark of making the more amount of jobs for the very less amount as i mentioned earlier these all are foreign companies it’s very to make the thinks that the earning is from foreign and they started to earn more money when rescission period comes they continue to provide the job for their countries Indian becomes unemployed

Impact on agriculture export:

impact on agriculture export

Impact on Agriculture Export

The backbone of India is getting destroyed by the liberalization policies

The agricultural goods which produced in India are taken away in the names of whole marketing and foreign investment
we should need to stop this otherwise we have to face a situation as we have to pay twice to the goods which was produced form our country itself

Indian Economy is passing through a golden phase of economic development, where liberalisation,Privatisation and Globalisation (LPG)is creating both challenges and opportunities for production and export of commodities. Agriculture and allied sectors are identified as potential for export and lucrative sector for earning foreign exchange. The product like, tea, coffee, speices, marine products and other allied products are identified as potential sector for production, employment and exports.It is also observed that the benefits of trade liberalisation has not been percolated to many sectors of the Indian economy, and the policy level still bureaucratic process and other administrative roles plays a significant role in producing and exporting those commodities which help in getting more foreign exchange without affecting food security in India.

Foreign direct investment:


Foreign Direct Investment

FDI is the key for the investers to invade into India and its the key to corrupt the society, so the liberalization makes the country to be corrupted by the politicians, from the side of the Indian economy, loosing the domestic business, makes Indian’s again to be dependent on the foreigner’s

so the liberalization is heavily leading India to face the Unemployment directly as well as indirectly.

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7 Responses to Liberalization is Leading to Jobless Growth

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Life is not an idle dream to be gaped. So, to achieve something, we all have to put our best effort on it. But the raise of several trade unions or the motive of our work, leading us towards the jobless society. Why liberalization leads us to a jobless growth, mentioned here with the detailed points……

  2. hemen parekh says:

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth ?

    Difficult to prove thru experiment on a global scale
    But suppose , either Congress or BJP were to adopt following ONE – LINE manifesto for the forthcoming National Election in 2014 :
    “ If you vote us to power , we promise jobs for 80 million unemployed graduates during 2015 – 2020 “
    No other promises of Lok-Ayukta , Electoral Reforms , Equal Representation for Women , Independence of CBI , etc etc
    No nothing . Just one line !
    Will that get them absolute majority ( 2 / 3rd ) in the Parliament ?
    Just ask any Jobless Graduate
    And here is a simple experiment to prove this
    Let the winner Congress Party start distributing in Karnataka , free Smart phones / Tablets / Laptops etc , to all unemployed , duly pre-loaded with RESUME BLASTER App ( Google Play )
    All doubts will disappear !
    If this promise has brought regional parties to power in UP / Punjab / TamilNadu / Assam / Rajasthan / Odisha etc , then it is bound to work at the Center !
    Gujarat , with the least unemployment rate of just 1 % has brought BJP to power for the third consecutive term !

    With regards,

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  3. Sneha Sinha says:

    Liberalization has both its pro and cons..On one hand it widens the market and helps in economic development while on the other hand it may suppress the Indian markets from growing up…altogether a nice article properly put up..

  4. aratrika sengupta says:

    We actually need to revisit the question whether India can skip the “missing middle” of rapid labour -intensive manufacturing and jump to a phase of “services”- driven growth. If the answer is that we cannot do that and have to fall back on manufacturing, so its share in GDP(Gross Domestic Products) needs to rise sharply. Besides, the organised sector has to constitute a larger share of the sector. If this is indeed the solution to the problem of jobless growth, then much more needs to be done on the policy front to achieve this. However was indeed a good informative article.

  5. Barun kumar singh says:

    This seems to be one of the best article i have read yet.Liberalization is leading to jobless growth is quite true.this article only lacks with the information regarding FDI . FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT is one of the scheme which was proposed by the Indian recently.There are many pros and corns of this proposal.going for the pros we will get a larger market source,education technicalness etc the corns are the downfall of Indian a small example if we get BMW at the price of MARUTI irrespective of the quality we will obviously go for BMW and not for MARUTI.This will bring the downfall of Indian market and more over may lead to the situation of slavery India which was before independence

  6. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    Liberalization invites the foreign power to invade into our country. All these ‘Globalization’ , ‘FDI’ are just eye wash. Actually these are the main case behind unemployment , which leads our nation to darkness. So first of all the improvement of the inner condition is really needed. Only when our country will be economically improved,we can take advantages of liberalization . otherwise it can not help us at all

  7. suriya prakash says:

    we have to first satisfy inner country needs then only consider the export.

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