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If i were the Prime minister/ Finance minister of my country ! I have so many ideas for working towards the development of my country. If I were the Prime Minister/ Finance Minister, I would like to put into practice all the following schemes.

First of all as a Finance Minister/ Prime Minister, I would use my couple of months in office to get through and analyse the previous records and reports which were started by previous government officials and providing a new plan for avoiding the mess that they made of our country.

The main drawback of our country is illiteracy and that things brings ignorance of peoples and their ideas. To overcome this problem I have a plan to provide education to all ages in all over the country by providing basics which were necessary to survive in the competitive world and make them as a responsible citizens of my country. This education system is fully based on the personal skills and basic knowledge.

And finally according to me, our country is mainly focused and became more popular due to the cultivation and agricultural activities. So I will show interest in agriculture by providing various fund schemes to the farmers to increase the production.

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2 Responses to Finance Minister

  1. Dinesh says:

    well Indian’s are not ready to share the more in the share market or business
    but they are blocking the money in the form of GOLD and REAL-ESTATE so my first work is to aware them about the share market

  2. boopathy sathish says:

    still our country needs many good policies from the two kings

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