Food Comes First….. Ethics Later ????

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When we talk of living a normal life in a civil society the importance of ethics and food cannot be compared. You cannot survive in a social environment without following a common set of ethical rules. I do agree with that. but here, as per the topic, when it comes to comparing the importance of food and ethics on a basic level, you have to have food as more important necessity. Ethics are important, but then it is confined to the ideal situation when you are leading a normal life in a civil society. You cannot keep on clinging to the ethical rules when all you need to survive is food, even if it comes by unethical ways.

Well Food & Ethics are two very different aspects of human life. Who says that by doing ethical things you won’t get food in life. Ethics are the principles of individuals it inherits inside the person. A wise & ethical person will not go on wrong path like killing or stealing for the sake of food. So it all depends on individual’s personality and how he is brought up. If you consider the case of criminals & terrorists they have adequate money to survive for entire life but they still continue on that unethical path as for those ethics don’t exist.

Need of food and ethics are the two sides of same coins. Both are essential for faithful existence of human life. When the person is equipped with all amenities, he should deal with the ethics first, for a beggar who is sick, old the food is the first priority to him. But for the sound man ethics are as important as food. Animals also eat food but the difference between man and animals are the great ethics.

Ethics are the principles of an individual which makes him/her what he is, while food is any substance which sustains and helps such individual stay alive & in good health to maintain his principles. “A hungry man is an angry (unprincipled in some situations) man” they say, but that doesn’t mean that we should live to eat instead of eating to live. Anyways, the importance of both (ethics and food) should not be overemphasized, for “what is life without a tiny bit of self respect or acknowledgment (mad), & what is self respect or principles without life or good health (?).

But actually FOOD always comes first, because if a person is starving. What to say about the ethics, he cannot even use his mind properly. Food, clothing and shelter are the ‘basic’ needs of human life. And the word basic here itself speaks that it should come first. Moreover according to the Charles Darwin’s theory – “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” substantiates that basic needs comes first.


To sum up, it is all about the priority. Unless you are in the situation when you have to choose between the two, you prefer ethics, but when it comes to the question of survival, you will obviously go for food..!!


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