Government Scholarships offered to an Indian Students

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Educational Institutions are true seats of learning; students who are really anxious to learn can develop healthy habits only in such institutions. These institutes provide platforms for such students and help them build up their confidence and guide them towards the professional growth in their respective careers. The most common observations that are made at the outset of any statement on higher education in India: First, education, in general, and higher education, in particular, helps in the realization of India’s extraordinary potential and aspirations for economic and technological development. Secondly, precisely because of this potential and its implications for individual advancement, there is an extraordinary demand for higher education among India’s young.

Career after 12th

Obviously, these two observations apply to many other countries as well. However, considering both the sheer size of the country and the nature of its development potential, they become exceptionally powerful forces for determining the social, economic, and political dynamics of higher education in India. Economic factors usually hinder the career goals of the students opting for the same. The scholarships or the FINANCIAL AID are few of the solutions to students facing problem in the economic factors. Few scholarships cover up the entire fee structure including the tuition fee and the other miscellaneous fees. The most common financial aids are Government and Non-Government Scholarships, Fellowships, Free ships and other educational support.

Career after graduation

One of the common scholarships that are funded by the government is for the meritorious students from low income families, securing a minimum of 90% form any graduation degree or equivalent and does not fall in the creamy layer as termed by the Dept. of Personnel and Training.

Similarly there are various quotas for disabilities, on the basis of caste systems like Nomadic Tribes, OBC, etc. The Scholarships like:

National Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities.
National Talent Search Scheme by NCERT.
National Merit
Post Matric Scholarships on the basis of castes.
National Overseas Scholarships,etc.
Humane Student Fellowship
Asian Cultural Council

These are few scholarships that are provided to students on the basis of different eligibility criteria. With increase advancement in the technology has shown parallel effect in the competition amongst the industry and the various sectors. The demand for the highly qualified employee is at peak, thus the candidates apply for higher education so that they are qualified for such companies.

If the Scholarships are offered only to few candidates and candidates competing for the same are in hundreds then this results in a tight competition. The ones who cannot get their scholarships usually opt out of the idea of the higher education.

The number of the government scholarships is few and few satisfy them so the ones who do not can opt for fellowship and free ships. If students opt from higher education the quality of the candidates are not to that level which is usually required by the industry. Which in turn results in less qualifying employee and less performance from those employee and results in less work input tends to less work output and thus affecting the capital of the industry.

When there are less work outputs the technology advancements are less which will surely affect the national economy on a longer run. Thus, Government scholarships or any other scholarships are very vital in all aspects. These scholarships serve the Nation in an indirect way and setting up a base of a career dreamed by an individual. The scholarship will not fully manipulate the career of the individual what also matters is the ‘3D’ of that individual that is Dedication, Determination, Devotion towards his/her work or career. These scholarships aid by supporting and building the base for such individuals.

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