GRE(Graduate Record Examination)

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About GRE

GRE(Graduate Record Examination)GRE (Graduate Record Examination) it is the computer – based test administered by selected qualified teaching centers for the admission for graduate schools in the United States, and other English speaking countries and business programs world-wide. The goal of GRE exam is a multiple choice standardized which measure the verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning, Analytical Writing that you have required over a long period of time. Students also avail some scholarship benefits with good GRE score like scholarships are awarded for the Indian students in Australia, USA, Germany, Japan, etc.

Pattern of examination

Basically pattern of the test has distinct of three sections:

1. Quantitative section:- In this section also included two sections which have contains 28 questions based on mathematics and that to be calculated in 45 minutes. Questions based on arithmetic, algebra (include quadratic equation), geometric (include basic coordinate geometry) and data analysis, number system, area & volume of 2D &3D figures. Questions have a multiple choice that has more than one correct answer. Score range will be 200-800.gre-scoring

2. Verbal section:- Similarly, in this section also included two sections which have contains 30 questions to be attempted in 30 minutes. This verbal section requires good vocabulary, gramma  ting skills. Questions arise in this section of three types which is sentence equivalence, antonyms, text compilation and reading comprehension. Score range will be same as above.

3. Analytical writing assignment section:- In the written section requires writing two essays. Time will be analysis of issue in 45 minutes and analysis of arguments in 30 minutes. Motive of this section to analyze an argument required your expressions and measure your analytical writing skills and critical thinking skills.

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria of GRE are:29-grebooks

1. The eligibility criteria of GRE (Graduate Record Examination) candidate at least high schooling or other course which is required for GRE exam.

2. Candidate should have a valid passport of any country.

3. No age limit is specified for Graduate Record Examination.

4. GRE test scores valid for five years and universities accept scores up to 5 years old.

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