How to become a fashion designer

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 What is fashion designing?

Fashion design is a profession that tends to tempt people at an early age.

Someone who expend large portion of their youth in watching fashion news, reading fashion magazines and usually knows better before opting for fashion  as a career at an adult age. There are many sides of the profession and there are many things to know about to achieve a successful carrier in this field.

What does actually a fashion designer do?     

Fashion designers are the people who design and create clothes and accessories that are purchased by billions of consumers every year.

For designing apparels they study fashion trends, design sketch, select colour and fabric and supervise the process through which their original designs come to fulfilment.

Different designers do designing of different products. Some designers do specialization in apparel designing, some in foot wears, and in accessories

 While other do designing in these fashion categories.

Design process takes between 18 to 24 months which involves the following steps-

  • Researching of future fashion trends. Some designers do research on their own while some depend on fashion industry trade groups who issue trend reports that project the different styles, colors and fabrics which are expected to become popular in some season in the future.
  • Sketching initial designs. Although most designers at initial sketch design by hand, they make use of CAD- Computer Aided Design to translate these hand sketches to the computer. Through CAD designers can also view designs of apparel on virtual models and in various colours and shapes which is also time saving.
  • Visiting manufacturers for fabric samples for deciding which fabric to use with a particular design.
  • Designing a prototype of the article using cheaper material and then trying that prototype on design model for any further adjustments.
  • Finally making the sample using actual material and then marketing them to retailers and showcasing them at fashion shows. When retailers present at the show place an order for some items, these items are manufactured and distributed to stores.

What steps should one follow to become a Fashion Designer?


  1. One must learn drawing and sewing and taking measurements. You can start by sketching some apparel ideas. Save these sketches and keep editing them with new ideas.Learn about colors, how to mix them.
  2. Apart from sketching abilities one must have sewing and pattern making skills.
  3. Learn each and every possible thing about the industry. Learn what kind of fashion each fashion company makes.
  4. Learn about fashion trends and styles and how to predict the trend that can become popular in future.
  5. Learn the marketing aspects of fashion like sales in terms of knowing the stores that sells innovative and different collection of fashion.
  6. Attend a school. Bachelors and different associated programs of fashion design are offered at various colleges. Plan to give at least two years in fashion designing program so that you can have good knowledge.
  7. Get industrial experience. This experience can be gained at an earlier age through volunteer work.

To become a great fashion designer you should be expert in selecting colour and detailing, you must have a sense of balance and proportion, knowledge of style and design.

  1. A fashion designer must also have good communication as well as problem solving skills with excellent sketching ability.
  2. A person who has all the required qualification and knowledge of all the above given skills is the one who can become a good fashion designer in future.


1-Exam details for NIFT

2-Exam detail of national institute of design


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    My name is Siobhan Murphy and i am 13 years old. I am French and Irish but am currently living in Jakarta. Fashion designing has always been my top carrer for my future. I have always loved drawing, sewing and sketching but wherever i go i always find someone better than me, someone with more experience than me and i was thinking at the age that i am now, what do i do, what can i do to make my future more successful

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