Candle Filter

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In candle filter the candle as the filter element and a candle filter is the type of filter that utilizes the cylindrical tube for the filtration operation .The process in the candle filter is taken as the flow is outside in with the solid accumulating on the outside of the candle. The cake formed in the candle can be discharged by the pulsing it and thus the filtration process is goes on.


The candle filter works as the pressure filter process. These are operated as the batch cycle and the candle filter cycle operated in the very short duration of cycle time but provides in the first stage of the operation the pre coating process is done. This pre-coating is done in the case of when the clear filter is requires immediately after the filter cycle and once the pre-coating is done the slurry is pumped into the filter. The cake which is formed is taken in the candles and the filter flow to the furtherAfter the filtration process is done the heel removal process occurs in which the slurry surrounded the heels and pushed down word. After this process the cake discharge is done by allowing the air out word of the valve. And thus candle filter and it is done by the above manner.


There are the three important component and are as follows:

Vessels-The vessel is used of the conical bottom and also for the dished bottom.

Cake Discharge Mechanism

Filter Equipments

The candles are made for the filter core and for the filtering medium

Cake outlet


Air vent

Screw jet



The area of the candle filter is about to 200-250 squares me

The diameter of the candle vessel is about to 2 to 3 me

The operating pressure in the candle filter is about to 6 bars

The thickness of the cake formation is about to 50mm


The filter tanks must be sealed

The pressure relief valve is in the top of the vessel

The filter must not be over filled

There is also be the inter locking of the system

The space above the filter should have the housing device


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