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How to Dress for a Bank PO Interview

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How to Dress for a Bank PO Interview. This article gives you the complete information regarding IBPS and also about the how to dress for Bank PO Interview and some tips and tricks to crack IBPS PO interview.

Introduction to IBPS

After clearing the online IBPS PO exam, it is now time for you to face the interview panel, prove your merit and finally get the coveted job of a Probationary Officer in public sector banking.

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In this context, faculty members from the Centre for Best Bank PO Coaching in Delhi cannot insist enough on how important it is for you to conduct yourself well during the interview round. You have to ensure that you leave a truly wonderful impression on your potential employers and the members from IBPS who may also be there on the interview panel.

Conducting yourself well is not only about giving right answers to the questions asked by the panel members. Little things like how you are dressed also come together to create an impression which can be long lasting and favorable or otherwise. Here are some key ideas on how you must dress when you are about to appear for the Bank PO Interview.

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Dressing Tips for Men

  • It is ideal to put on a suit. Consider solid colors such as dark grey or navy blue.
  • A white long sleeved shirt is a versatile option to consider.
  • Wear a conservative leather belt, shoes, tie and dark socks.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry of any kind.
  • Make sure you hair is neat and professional looking.
  • Carry a briefcase or a portfolio which has your important documents.

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Dressing Tips for Women

  • Women can choose among wearing a solid colored suit, a modest salwar-kameez or a stiff cotton sari.
  • If you are wearing a suit, make sure that your skirt is long enough to allow you to sit comfortably.
  • Put on limited jewelry. Moreover, no jewelry is preferable to cheap alternatives.
  • Do not wear shoes that are too fancy.
  • Make sure your hair is pulled back in a professional manner.
  • Wear only light make-up and perfume.
  • Make sure your nails have been attended to.
  • A portfolio or a briefcase for your documents will suffice.

Choosing the Right Colors to Wear

Something as simple as choosing the right colors to wear at the interview can help you exhibit a sense of professionalism and maturity. Furthermore, it automatically conveys the message that you have the required social intelligence to judge the demand of a situation.

  • Always choose solid colors over patterns.
  • Choose neutral hues over brighter ones that may distract the attention of the panel.

Finally, you must take into consideration your comfort level with the clothes that you have chosen to wear at the interview. You must feel confident about being able to carry them off well. If you are not sure about being comfortable in a certain type of clothing, think of an alternative.

Even if you are appearing for a Staff Selection Commission interview, your SSC coaching institute will highlight similar aspects while guiding you on how you should be dressing for the interview.


Getting through the online Bank PO exam is indeed an opportunity to celebrate. However, you still have to make it through the interview round to ensure your selection. This article discusses how to dress for the interviews and to leave a mark on the interview panel.

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