Importance of Training in Sales

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Importance of Training in Sales

The main function of the sales manager is to provide training to the sales people. Before making the sales employee know what the job is ,it is very important for the sales manager to learn the development and conduct of training programs for sales force. The sales manager should also know about the objectives of the training and how to define them to the sales force.

Objectives of the sale training

There are some of the main objectives that should be considered before conducting the training program, these objectives are as follows :

  • Improving and enhancing the performance of the sales force               Importance of Training in Sales
  • To counter attack the challenges arising from the market
  • To handle and understand the objections of the customers.

Challenges faced in the sales training

There are some challenges that are faced by the sales manger in conducting a training program, these challenges are as follows :

  • Will the training program would solve the problem as desired ?
  • Would the investment in the training program is justified by the performance?
  • Will the training programme produce the desired result?

Role of the trainer

The ability, skills and motivation of the sales trainer helps in the successful implementation of the sales training program.

Training process

There are three main steps that need to be followed in designing an effective training program, these steps are as follows :

  1. Training need assessment
  2. Design and conduct of a training programme
  3. Evaluation of the training programme

Training needs

In the first step of the training process there are some nneds of the training that need to be identified, which are :

  • Identifying the problems
  • Understanding the future orientation and problems
  • Request from the management
  • Interview of the personnel required for the job
  • Appraisal for the performance
  • Survey through questionnaire
  • Survey of the attitude
  • Checking of the interpersonal skills

Design of the training programme

Some important aspects in designing the sales programme are as follows :

  • Location of the training programme where it need to be conducted
  • Job instruction training
  • Option for the presentations

Types of training

There are different types of training identified which are :

  1. Team training
  2. Cross functional training
  3. Literacy training
  4. Creativity training

Deciding for the sales training Programme

There are some important things that need to be enclosed in the training program, these are :

  • The aim of the program
  • The content that need to be demonstrated
  • Knowledge about the training
  • Proficiencies involved in it
  • Location of the training
  • Evaluating the training process

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