Managing the Sales Process

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Managing the Sales Process

The most important part in sales management is understanding the importance of personal selling in the organization. Personal selling is a part of promotion of a good or service which includes interpersonal relationship between the sales person and the customers. Personal selling generally includes few important things like :

  • Communicating face to face                       Managing the Sales Process
  • Telephonic conversation
  • Web or video conference

The sales person is the only link between the organization and the end consumers in order to create value for the customers and profit for the company through different means like :

  • Presenting the company in front of the customers
  • Presenting the potential customers to the company
  • Working in close connection with the marketing team

The sales manager is a person who is responsible for the management of both sales and human resources. The main work of the sales manager is to recruit, select, train, motivate, control and compensate the sales people. Recruiting and selecting an efficient sales team can gai competitive advantage for the firm.

Procedure for selecting an efficient sales person

There are some steps followed to carry out effective selection, these steps are :

  1. Receiving the application form of the candidates
  2. Personal interviews are conducted
  3. Checking the references
  4. Physically examining the candidate
  5. Testing the intelligence, personality, and aptitude of the candidate
  6. Explain the terms of service
  7. Appointment
  8. Orientation process

Personal Selling Process

There are also some steps involved in the process of personal selling :

  1. Prospecting or identifying the potential customers through different references like internet, dealers and suppliers.
  2. Qualifying those customers who can be profitable for the firm and eliminating the rest by looking at their financial condition, needs and growth potential.
  3. Pre-approach, in this the sales person learn about the prospect, understand their needs abd buying behaviour and style of the buyer.
  4. Approach, in this step the sales person meet the customer and builds relationship, it involves the appearance, opening lines and gestures of the sales person.
  5. Presentation, here the sales person gives the details of the product.
  6. Handling objections, it is a process where the sales person solves the problems of te customer related to the product.
  7. Closing, in this the sales people should identify the signals from the buyer and should close the sale.
  8. Follow up, this is the last step to make sure customer is satisfied and wants to get into the business.




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