Sales Contests

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Sales Contests

The managers of the company should know about the sales contest that takes place at every organization. These sales contests helps in motivating the employees and increasing their potentials. It is very important to know the manner in which these sales contests takes place in the organization and what are the objections that arise from the side of the employees during these contests and what impact these would have on the behavior of the employees who participate in it.

Sales contests are the type of incentive programmes that are held for a shorter duration of time and are used to motivate the employees in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. There are some criteria that need to be fulfilled in order to make sales contests successful, these are given as follows :                            Sales Contests

  • The objective of the contest must be clearly defined to the sales personnel
  • The theme of the contest must be interesting enough to catch the attention of the employees
  • Everyone participating in it should have the confidence to win the contest
  • The awards and prizes must be exciting and attractive
  • Contest must be managed and promoted effectively.

Objective of the sales contest – The main objective behind organizing a sales contest must be to increase the total and the product sales. The time given to the sales team to carry out a particular sale must be sufficient enough. The rules and information related to the contest must be clearly communicated.

Theme of the contest – the theme should be such thet it could grab the attention of the employee and they get eager to participate in it.

Rewards in sales contest – there can be exiting rewards for the winner of the sales contest. The prize could be in a form of cash or travel tickets, promotions, bonuses etc.

Promotion of the contest– promoting the sales contest is a very important task and needs to be done effectively. Promotion can be done in different ways like :

  • It can be launched as a special events with some handouts
  • There can be large scorecards to show the progress of the employees
  • Newsletter articles can also help in increasing the motivation level of employees high

Objections in the sales contest- there are number of concerns that can come up as a result of these sales contest which are :

  • If the contest is not organized properly, it could waste a lot of time
  • They can also de-motivate the employees
  • There is no extra pay for the sales team to organize these contests

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