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How to increase traffic to your website?

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How to increase traffic to your website

I was very unsure while writing about this topic “How to increase traffic to your website” , To overcome my confusion , I decided to talk to few website owners. I just wanted to know, Am I qualified enough to write on this topic or not. To judge this , I worked on google analytics report of many of websites of my friends and also checked for alexa ( Although I do not believe on Alexa ranking because I know how you can better your alexa ranking without getting actual traffic on your website) ranking of many websites which originated at the time of

oureducation growth chart

oureducation growth chart from Apr9 to july 19

I got to know that which I have been managing since Ankit  an IIT Bombay pass out left organisation few months. I was new for this responsibility and hardly any knowledge of traffic tools

1. Webmaster tools

2. Analytic tools

3. On page optimization

4. Off page optimization

5. Social media management

6. PPC

7. SEO

If we combine all seven of above together then we call it “Digital Marketing” . I do nott think that I can make any one understand about methodology of increasing traffic from one single post but I think I can give overview because, I took this website readers from 7000 to 20000 per day in about 6 months and I felt after talking to many website owners that this increase was quite great.

Digital marketing program overview

Business strategy for digital marketing

” How to increase traffic for your website ” is topic about which I can say now , keeping in mind I have proved myself in past and my process and methodology of doing it is correct and I would discuss about my methodology which I have opted.

Digital marketing is considered as methodology which comprises of all seven factors stated above combined together but you need all approaches in one go and together. No matter what you are doing and how less you are doing but apart from google advertising or PPC , you need to opt for all at one go and for every content which you want your reader to read about.

Thumb rule or I should say God rule in Internet marketing: Each and every aspect of your website needs to be original for your website , may it be a content  or info graphics or pictures etc. 

Never try to use any content which is already published any where else on world wide web , if possible make your own Pic or at least edit pics , if you are copying from any other website then try to avoid else edit.

Use of google webmaster tool will help your site to improve its traffic , if you already know that about 85% of global traffic is being maintained by Google through its different search engine.

Do not forget Youtube in the process , its largest search engine after google and now google is trying to promote youtube , which you can see during your everyday searches. Many people watch youtube video and google gives preference to your website , if you have presence on youtube as well.

Google analytic tool is best methodology to keep track on what you are doing and what are the results.

Check for full growth chart of oureducation ouredureport1

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