Indian Navy Apprentice Exam Sample Papers

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Indian Navy Apprentice Exam Sample Papers

 General Awareness

1)Who propounded the theory of ‘Economic Drain of India’ during British imperialism?


(B)Dadabhai Naoroji

(c)Gopalkrishna Gokhale.


2)India has a coastline of –

(A)5500 kms

(B)6500 kms

(C)7500 kms

(D)8400 kms

3)Who is the author of ‘Two Lives’?

(A)Vikram Seth

(B)James patternson

(C)Vred Mehta

(D)Khuswant Singh

(4)The most literate union territory in India





(5)Who coined the term ‘Hindu rate of growth’ for Indian Economy?

(A)A.K Sen

(B)Kirit S.Parikh

(C)Raj Krishna

(D)Montek Singh Ahluwala

(6)The major harmful gas emitted by automobile vehicles which causes air pollution

(A)Carbon Monoxide


(C)Carbon Dioxide

(D)Ozone gas

(7)Winter Olympics 2014 will be held in





(8)Alpha-Keratin is a protein present in





(9)Which of Country won the Cricket Asia Cup 2012?


(B)Sri Lanka



(10)Bull fighting is the national game of






(11)The Tropic of Cancer passes through :

(A)India and Saudi Arabia.

(B)India and Iran.

(C)Iran and Pakistan

(D)none of these.

(12)The most abudunt element in the human body is:





(14)Who developed hydrogen bomb?

(A)Samuel Cohen

(B)Wernher von Braun

(C)Edward Teller

(D)J.Robert Open Heimer

(15)Which Cup/Trophies is associated with the game of football?

(A)SAFF cup

(B)Deodhar trophy

(C)Indira Gandhi gold cup

(D)Wimbledon Trophy


 1)The S.I unit of universal gas constant R is

(A)erg/K mol

(B)watt/K mol

(C)newton/K mol

(D)joule/K mol

2) If A x B=1/2 AB, what is the angle between A and B?


(B)30 deg

(C)60 deg

(D)90 deg

3)Given  C=AxB and D=BxA. What  is the angle between C and D?


(B)60 deg

(C)90 deg

(D)180 deg

4)A train covers half its journey with a speed of 20 m/s and other half with a speed of 30 m/s.The average speed of the train during the whole journey is

(A)24 m/s

(B)25 m/s

(C)26 m/s

(D)27 m/s

5)A freely falling body,falling from a tower of height h covers a distance h/2 in the last second of its motion.The height of the tower is (take g=10m/s2) nearly

(A)58 m


(C)60 m

(D)55 m

6)A force exerted on a body of mass 100g changes its speed by 20 cm/s in each second. The magnitude of the force is

(A)0.002 N

(B)0.02 N

(C)0.2 N

(D)2.0 N

 7) A block of mass M is pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a rope of mass m. If a force F is applied at the free end of the rope, the net force exerted on the block will be





(8)A rocket works on the principle of conservation of



(C)linear momentum

(D)angular momentum

(9)A man of mass 65 kg is holding a bucket of mass 15 kg. He walks 50m on a level road at a constant speed of 3m/s and then climbs up a hill of height 20m.What is the work done by the man? Take g=10m/s2





10)A bullet is fired from a rifle which recoils after firing. The ratio of the kinetic energy of the rifle to that of the bullet is



(C)less than one

(D)more then one

11) The work done in stretching a spring of force constant 20 N/m by an amount 30 cm is

(A)0.6 J

(B)0.9 J

(C)1.2 J

(D)1.5 J

12)The value of the acceleration due to gravity g on earth depends upon

(A)the mass of the earth

(B)the average radius of the earth

(C)the average density of the earth

(D)none of these

13)If g is the acceleration due to gravity on the surface of the earth, the gain in potential energy of an object of mass m raised from the earth’s surface to a height equal to the radius R of the earth is





14)A block of wood is floating in a lake. The apparent weight of the floating block is

(A)equal to its true weight

(B)less than its true weight

(C)more than its true weight

(D)equal to zero.

15)100 g of ice at 0 oC is mixed with 100 g of water 80 oC.  The final temperature of the mixture will be

(A) 0 deg Centigrade

(B) 20 deg centigrade

(C) 40 deg centigrade

(D) 60 deg centigrade


1) Let A = {x : x is a multiple of 3} and B = { x : x is a multiple of 5}. Then

A ∩ B is given by

(A){3, 6, 9,…}

(B) {5, 10, 15, 20,…}

(C) {15, 30, 45,…}

(D  None of these

2) The modulus of 1+2i/1-(1-i)2is

(A) 1 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 2

3) The vertices of a triangle are (0, 0), (3, 0) and (0, 4). The centroid of the triangle is

(A) (1/2 , 2) (B) (1, 4/3) (C) (0, 0) (D)None of these

4) In an A.P the sum of terms equidistant from the beginning and end is equal to _____.

(A) First term (B) Second term (C) sum of first and last terms

(D)  last term.

5) The equation of the normal to the curve y = sin x at (0, 0) is

(A) x = 0 (B) y = 0 (C) x + y = 0 (D) x – y = 0

6) The area cut off the parabola 4y = 3 x2 by the straight line 2y = 3x + 12 in sq units is:

(A) 16 (B) 21 (C) 27 (D) 36

7) One die and one coin are tossed simultaneously. The probability of getting 6 on dies and head on coin is

(A) 1/2 (B) 1/6 (C) 1/12 (D) None of these

8) The equation of the circle passing through the point (4, 5) having the centre (2, 2) is

(a) x2+y2+4x+4y-5=0                                                                 (b) x2+y2-4x-4y-5=0

(c) x2+y2-4x = 13                                                                       (d) x2+y2-4x-4y+5=0

9)  If x3 + y= 3xy, then dy/dx is equal to

(a) x-y2/x2-y                       (b) x-y2/y-x2                                   (c) x+2-y/x-y2                               (d) x2-y/y2-x

10) If y = log log(xx), then dy/dx equals

(a) log(ex)                           (b) log(c/x)                         (c) log(x/e)                         (d) 1

11)  If a, b, c are in HP, then the value of (1/b + 1/c -1/a)(1/c + 1/a – 1/b) is

(a) 2/bc + 1/b2                             (b) 3/c+ 2/ca                    (c) 3/b2 – 2/ab                  (d) None of these

12) If the nth term of an A.P be (2n-1), then the sum of its first n terms will be:

(A) n2-1


(C) n2

(D) n2+1

13) If f(x) = x3 − 3x2, then f′(x) = 0:

(A) Only for x=2

(B) Only for x=0 and x=2

(C) Only for x=0

(D) None of these.

14) A bag contains 5 brown and 4 white socks. A man pulls out two socks. The probability that these are of the same color, is:

(A) 5/108

(B) 18/108

(C) 30/108

(D) 48/108

15) A coin is tossed 4 times. The probability that at least one head turns up, is:

(A) 1/16

(B) 2/16

(C) 14/16

(D) 15/16


1) Select the correct verb

Besides his parents, he _________also present at the function.

(A)   is (B)was (C)has (D) has been

2) Fill in the blank with correct article.

_____things of beauty is a joy forever.

(A)the (B)a (C)an (D)none of these

Identify the antonym of the given word


(A)Sacrifice (B)Disfigure (C)Foreit (D)Indict

 Identify the synonym of the given word


(A)pleasure (B)distaste (C)flop (D)encircles

5) Form an adjective from the given word


(A)The Gold (B)Golder (C) Golden (D)Goldest

Identify the incorrect part

6)No boy    /in his son’s class/    is as bright as/     his son is

A                            B                              C                              D

7)   Raghu is more studious     / than any other/ student of his age/no error

A                                              B                               C                              D

8)Identify the meaning of the given idioms/phrases

To live in fool’s paradise

(A)to have an absolutely false conception (B)to create a stir (C)to be clear (D)to get fairly involved

9) Give the plural of the given word


(A) Heroine (B) Heros (C) Heroies (D) Heroes

10) Identify the indirect speech

The teacher said to me, “Be regular and learn your lesson daily” The teacher:

(A) told me that to be regular and learn my lesson daily

(B) said to me regular and learn my lesson daily

(C)advised me to be regular and learn my lesson daily

(D) request me to be regular and learn lesson daily

11) Change the voice

It is time to buy books.

It is time__________

(A) all the books to be bought

(B) for the books to be bought

(C) for books have been bought

(D) for books are being bought

 Read the following passage and answer Q No.12 to 14

“A man who has no sense of history”, Hitler declared, “is like a man who has

no ears or eyes”. He himself claimed to have had a passionate interest in history

since his school days and he displayed considerable familiarity with the course of

European history. His conversation was studied with historical references and

historical parallels. More than that, Hitler’s whole cast of thought was historical, and

his sense of mission was derived from his sense of history. Like his contemporary

Spangler, Hitler was fascinated by the rise and fall of civilisations. He was himself

born at a critical moment in European history when the liberal bourgeois world of the

nineteenth century was disintegrating. What would take its place? The future lays

with the ‘Jew-Bolshevik’ ideology of the masses unless Europe could be saved by the

Nazi racist ideology of the elite.

12). Who has no ears or eyes?

(A)A man having sense of history

(B)A man who has no sense of history

(C)A man who has extra knowledge

(D)A man having passionate interest in history

13). Hitler displayed familiarity with:

(A)Scientific facts (B)Indian history (C)European history (D)None of these

14). Hitler’s sense of mission was derived from :

(A)His love of mankind (B) his sense of history (C) Nowhere (D) contemporary society

Fill up the blanks with most appropriate options

15) When Varun left the cocktail party he was as ________ as a judge.

(A) Sober (B) drunk (C) brave (D) wise



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    I am studing in the 11th class.

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