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Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) organize different exams from time to time for various cadres. The recruitment of ADO (Apprentice Development Officer) is totally based on their performance in exam which is conducted every year in the month of september. The applicant must have completed 21years of age on the 1st july of the year of examination. The exam fee is only Rs 30/- and no fee for SC/ST. Exam pattern- There will be 2 papers. In first paper questions will be from Reasoning & Numerical ability. Second paper will contain questions from English Language, General Knowledge & Current affairs. The questions will be objective type.  After clearing this written exam by getting pass marks in individual paper & aggregate on both the papers. Here given LIC ADO Sample question paper as well as LIC previous question papers.

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LIC ADO Sample question paper

LIC ADO Sample Question Paper :-

Reasoning Ability for LIC ADO :-

Directions (Questions 1 to 5) : Study the following arrangement of the English Alphabet and answer the questions given below:


1. Which letter is tenth to the right of the letter which is exactly the middle letter between F and D ?

(a) D        
(b) G        
(c) H         
(d) U         
(e) None of these

2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based in the position on the above arrangement and hence form a group.Which one does not belong to that group ?

(a) BRY        
(b) ECN        
(c) HXI        
(d) OMR         
(e) KYV

3. FMJ :TSZ in the same way as JMP: ?

(a) IZS        
(b) ZSI        
(c) ZIS       
(d) ISZ       
(e) SIQ

4. Which of the following pair of letters has as many letters between them in the above arrangement as there are between them in the English alphabet ?

(a) AI        
(b) EL        
(c) LS        
(d) MO        
(e) MR

5. If each letter is attached a value equal to its serial number in the above arrangement starting from your left , then what will be the sum of numbers attached to all the vowels in the arrangement ?

(a) 50        
(b) 58        
(c) 63         
(d) 73         
(e) None of these

Directions (Questions 6 to 10) : Find the correct answer out of four alternatives given below each question.

6.  Carbon : Diamond :: Corundum : ?

(a) Pearl     
(b) Pukhraj   
(c) Garnet    
(d) Ruby

7. Anatomy : Zoology :: Paediatrics : ?

(a) Chemistry    
(b) Medicine   
(c) Paleontology    
(d) Mechanics

8. Origami : Paper :: Ikebana : ?

(a) Trees   
(b) Theatre  
(c) Flowers    
(d) Tapestry

9. Legend : Story :: Merlin : ?

(a) Hawk    
(b) Eagle   
(c) Crow   
(d) Parakeet

10. Foresight : Anticipation :: Insomnia : ?

(a) Treatment    
(b) Disease   
(c) Sleeplessness   
(d) Unrest

Directions (Questions 11 to 15) : In these questions, the letters in a word are replaced by certain other letters according to specific rule to form its code. The candidate is required to detect the coding pattern & answer the question accordingly.

11.  If GOLD is coaded as HOME, COME is Coaded as DONE and CORD is coaded as DOSE , how would you code SONS ?

(a) TPOT    
(b) TOOT   
(c) TOOS   
(d) TONT

12. In a certain code INACTIVE is written as VITCANIE. How is COMPUTER written in same code ?

(b) ETUMCOR   

13. In a certain code language, GERMINATION is written as IMGRENNOAIT. How is ESTABLISHED written in that Code ?


14.  In a certain CLOUD is written as GTRKF. How is SIGHT written in that Code ?

(a) UGHHT    
(b) UHJFW   
(c) WFJGV   
(d) WGJHV  
(e) None of these

15.  In a certain Code COME AT ONCE were written as XLNVZGLMXV. In the same code, Which of the following would Code OK ?

(a) KL    
(b) LM   
(c) KM   
(d) LP

Directions (Questions 16 to 20) : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it :

There are six persons A,B,C,D,E and F. C is the sister of F.B is the brother of E’s Husband. D is the Father of A and grandfather of F.There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother in the group.

16. Who is the mother ?

(a) A    
(b) B   
(c) D   
(d) E

17. Who is E’s Husband?

(a) B    
(b) C   
(c) A   
(d) F

18. How many male members are there in group ?

(a) One    
(b) Two   
(c) Three  
(d) Four

19. How is F related to E ?

(a) Uncle    
(b) Husband 
(c) Son   
(d) Daughter

20. Which of the following is a group of brothers ?

(a) ABF    
(b) ABD   
(c) BFC   
(d) BDF

Numerical Ability for LIC ADO :

21. How many numbers between 55 and 555 including both the extreme values are divisible by 5?

(a) 100    
(b) 111    
(c) 101   
(d) None of these

22. The least possible number which must be subtracted from 575 to make a perfect square number is :

(a) 5         
(b) 50         
(c) 46           
(d) 37

23. Total Number of factor of 36 is :

(a) 4        
(b) 9           
(c) 6   
(d) None of these

24. The HCF of two numbers is 27 and their sum is 216. These numbers are:

(a) 27,189    
(b) 81,189   
(c) 108,108  
(d) 154,162

25. The number of ways in which 5 ^ 7 can be expressed as a product of three factors:

(a) 7    
(b) 8   
(c) 9   
(d) None of these

26. The ratio of the ages of the father and daughter at present is 3:1.four years ago the ratio was 4:1. The average age of the father and daughter 2 years hence will be :

(a) 24    
(b) 26  
(c) 25    
(d) 36

27. The average of a,11,23,17 is 15 and the average of a,b,12,25 is 16. The value of a/b is:

(a) 1/3    
(b) 1/2   
(c) 2/3   
(d) 3/4

28. The average of first 50 odd natural number is :

(a) 50    
(b) 55   
(c) 51   
(d) 101

29. The average of all the prime and composite number upto 100 is :

(a) 51    
(b) 49.50   
(c) 50.50   
(d) 55

30. 123 typists typed 984 papers in 1/15 hour. The numbers of papers typed per minute by an average typist is :

(a) 1    
(b) 2   
(c) 3   
(d) 5

31. The Cost of erecting a fence round a square field of 625 hectares at 15 paise per minute is :

(a) 500    
(b) 750   
(c) 100   
(d) 1500

32. Ten years ago B was twice of A in age. If the ratio of their present age is 4:3 , What is the sum of their present ages?

(a)  25 Years    
(b) 30 Years   
(c) 40 Years   
(d) 35 Years

33. If 4A=5B and 3A=2C, the ratio of B:C is :

(a) 4:3    
(b) 5:8   
(c) 8:15   
(d) 10:15

34. The ratio of third proportional to 21 & 42 and mean proportional to 16 and 49 is :

(a) 3:1    
(b) 2:3   
(c) 4:3   
(d) 1:3

35. The LCM of two numbers is 210 and their ratio is 2:3. The sum of these numbers is :

(a) 210    
(b) 175   
(c) 315   
(d) Can’t be determined

36. 40% of a number when added to the square of the same number then it is increased to 4040% of itself the actual number is :

(a) 175    
(b) 400   
(c) 40   
(d) 120

37. 220% of a number ‘X’ is 44. what is 44% of ‘X’ ?

(a) 88    
(b) 8.8   
(c) 66   
(d) Data Insufficient

38. In a class, the no. of boys is more than no. of girls by 12% of the total strength. The ratio of boys to girls is :

(a) 15:11    
(b) 11:14   
(c) 14:11   
(d) 8:11

39. What should be the minimum markup percentage such that after giving a discount of 66.66%, there will not be a loss ?

(a) 200%    
(b) 133.33%   
(c) 100%   
(d) 150%

40. On selling an article for Rs. 240 , a trader loses 4% , In order to gain 10% he must sell that article for :

(a) Rs. 275    
(b) Rs. 340   
(c) Rs. 320   
(d) Rs. 264


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  1. Rachita Mishra says:

    Informally, two kinds of logical reasoning can be distinguished in addition to formal deduction: induction and abduction. Given a precondition or premise, a conclusion or logical consequence and a rule or material conditional that implies the conclusion given the precondition.some important questions are discussed here.

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