Indian Philosophy In The World

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India is the country of religions culture and great philosophy. The Indian philosophy is a philosophy that is followed by whole world in some or other way. This philosophy is influencing the world. It may refer as a combination of Indian philosophical thoughts in a traditional way.

Indian philosophy in the world

Indian Philosophy


The Indian philosophy has been divided into two categories.

ASTIKA (Orthodox)–>This type of philosophy follows scriptures of Vedas and Upanishads. The people who believes on the creator or god, follows this Indian philosophy. This philosophy has sect called Hindu philosophy. The schools of orthodox Indian philosophy are

  • Nyaya
  • Vaisesika
  • Samkhya
  • Yoga
  • Purva mimamsa
  • Vedanta

NASTIKA (Non-orthodox or Heterodox)–>This type of philosophy does not follow scriptures of Veda and Upanishads. The people who deny existence of god, follows this philosophy. In this philosophy Buddhist and Jain philosophies are the base for heterodox schools. The schools of heterodox Indian philosophy are

  • Jain
  • Buddhist
  • Materialist (Carvaka)


indian philosophy in the world

Indian Hindu philosophy

(1) Indian Hindu philosophy in the world–>Hindu philosophy is one of most sophisticated and transparent Indian philosophy nowadays. This philosophy is based on finding the truth after understanding way of living. Hindu philosophy is one of the few philosophies which provide you with different points of views. A lot of people are attracted to Indian Hindu philosophy due to its sheer sophistication and clarity. George Harrison, the popular English musician converted from Christianity to Hinduism and Julia Roberts converted from Christianity to Hinduism. These examples are showing impact of Indian philosophy (Hindu philosophy) in the world.

(2) Indian Buddhist philosophy in the world–> It is an important Indian philosophy. Concept of Indian Buddhist philosophy comes from the ideas of Buddha. Metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics are the integral part of Indian Buddhist philosophy. The Indian Buddhist philosophy has two branches.

Indian philosophy in the world

Indian Buddhist philosophy

 (a)Theravada (“The School of the Elders”)–> This group of Buddhist (Indian ) philosophy widespread in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar etc.)

(b) Mahayana (“The Great Vehicle”)–>This group of Buddhist (Indian ) philosophy widespread throughout East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan etc.) and includes the traditions of Pure Land, Zen, Nichiren Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Shingon and Tiantai.

Estimates of Buddhist Indian philosophy worldwide vary significantly depending on the way Buddhist adherence is defined. Lower estimates are between 350–500 million about 6% of worldwide population.

Indian philosophy in the world

Jain philosophy

(3) Indian Jain philosophy in the world–> Jain philosophy is worldwide famous Indian philosophy.  Based on the teachings of Lord Mahavira, Indian Jain philosophy mainly deals with actions and their immediate consequences in one’s life, based on which one can lead a life which can ultimately bring him closer to the ultimate truth.This Indian philosophy is famous in the world.

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6 Responses to Indian Philosophy In The World

  1. selinadas says:

    what is world or jagat in indian philosophy with referance

  2. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    I loved the article. I personally am a believer or ‘astika’ and have always been fond of mythology, be it Indian or any other. I believe in the existence of a supreme power, but wont comment anything about any religious beliefs because i think that is quite personal a matter. But Indian philosophy truly is as diverse and beautiful as our country itself. I came to about many facts unknown to me previously about the mythologies in India. It is one of the most ancient philosophies in the world, many philosophies in the world were also inspired from it. the vedas and upanishads not only preach about Gods and deities it also is a rich source of our Indian culture, heritage and morals which needs to be sustained as it is a very big part of our identity as Indians. The world knows India by its unity in diversity which primarily reflects in its philosophy. once again i feel proud to say i m an Indian- that word itself is the personification of the phrase ‘unity in diversity’ !

  3. chitranshi dhaneshwar says:

    the Indian philosophy is very popular in whole world . Nice article

  4. Mahima Sharma says:

    India is a country which is known for itz cultures and philosphy . It is one of the oldest philosphies in the world have influenced many people around the world to follow it ! 🙂

  5. Akanksha Chaturvedi says:

    Yes India is famous for itz philosophy and many countries have been inspired by our philosophy of life but the irony is that being Indians we are facing so much crime,anger, frustration among ourselves .

  6. poorva gupta says:

    It is being followed by almost everyone in the world…i agree what you say !!
    Nice article !

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