Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life?

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“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do”―Bob Dylan.

Meaning of Success varies person to person. Success in life has different meanings to each and every single person. It depends on in what way you are defining success in life. To be successful in your life MBA is not necessary. But, MBA can be beneficial in terms of your career; if you want to climb and want success in corporate ladder then MBA is the degree which helps you to climb to the top.

How MBA is related with success:

Many people are there who haven’t done an MBA but still they are successful in life.

For an example: Ambani Brothers, Flipkart’s Director, Ms. Indira Nooyi, Ms. Vinita Bali, Ms. Chanda kochhar and many more who just dropped out from the MBA and yet they are successful in life. It was all about their passion, vision, dedication and hard work which took them at the hill point of success.

To get success, MBA is necessary

How does MBA help to achieve success?

But MBA degree gives you added advantage over others in terms of knowledge, how to handle business situations, how to deal with the clients, how to face the real situations which will help you to achieve your goal so that you can get success very easily. 2 years of MBA course includes summer internship, different courses related to finance, marketing, HR, Operations and many more gives you a broad idea about the whole Business and their strategies works.     

Need of MBA:

1. Management is required in every field of life.

  • In your personal life, you should know how to manage your personal relationships.
  • In professional life, you should know how to keep your personal and professional life separate
  • Even in student life where a student should know how to manage his pocket money and how to keep a balance between studies and extra co curricular activities.

So it’s very simple that in today’s world where smartness is required more than hard work it’s very important for a person to learn smart tricks which can be taught through MBA course.

2. MBA develops overall personality of an individual which is the present demand of market.

3. MBA has helped many lives, living a happy and prosperous life.

4. MBA courses will help you to make or plan proper business strategy which will lead to success.

Role of a Manager:

MBA is not the only career which brings success. there are many other fields to choose from. Many of the world’s richest men are not MBA’s. they are engineers, actors, designers and the list continues. But in orders organize the flow of thoughts someone has to ride the train of consequences and that’s what a manager does.

Hence, behind every success story and a great visionary there is a manager working day and night. Thus, MBA program trains young managers in a disciplined manner, so that they can adapt to any situation. That means it has surely something to do with success in life also.

So, keeping all point in our mind we can say that ” To get success in life MBA is necessary “.

I would also wish to know your opinion about the same that ” Is an MBA necessary to succeed in life? “. Please give your valuable opinion through the comment sections. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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