Is MBA in India Really Overrated?

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MBA is one of the finest degree to have if you are looking for a job or wants to rapidly increase your business. Almost every management colleges which is above average gives 100% placement to their students and too to the top most multi national companies with handsome salaries. The number of applicants for MBA is increasing year by year.

MBA in India is Really Overrated

Why MBA is a Better Option ?

In India where the unemployment rate is quite low, searching a job in India is quite tough, but it has been seen that the number of MBA applicants are increasing exponentially.  What would be the reason behind all of this increasing figures, Is MBA in India is really overrated ? Yes, MBA is overrated in India and in India every one wants to do an MBA and when you ask the question to them that why MBA ? The most common answers you get are my relatives or some other known people have done MBA and they are doing good. Or the second best answer they give is to earn more money. But no one says that he/she is doing MBA because they have a genuine interest and many more even don’t know a single word about MBA. MBA has become highly overrated in India and it’s holds some good reason behind this. As MBA offers lots of opportunities to the students as well as good career. I wish to highlight the advantages of MBA or What MBA provides to the students in India.

1. Provides High Salary Packages : MBA offers high salary packages to the individuals after completing MBA and it might be the reason behind the increasing number of the applicants for MBA .

2. Over Growing Scope for MBA Graduates : These days everyone wants to do MBA and the main reason for this is that the scope of growth in this field is much more when compared to any other field. 

3. Open to any graduates without any criteria : It’s open for any graduate from any field for e.g. the scope for simple arts graduate is nowhere but when the same graduate completes his MBA from any top b school of India his importance is much more increased. Not only graduates but also software engineers are moving towards MBA due to above reasons.

4. Different Disciplines Available  : If you enroll for an MBA course, you would get an opportunity to specialize in any field of your choice. Many good colleges and B schools present many options for specializing while pursuing an MBA. The options are sales, marketing, human resource, information technology, media management, biotechnology, finance, operations, and production.

MBA in India is mushrooming with great extent and many more universities are opening every day. I would say that pursuing MBA from top 20 colleges in India is the best option but from other colleges is not a good option. Investing lot of money for pursuing MBA from ordinary college is not a good option.

I would wish to know your opinion about the same that ” Is MBA in India Really Overrated ? “. Please give your valuable opinion through the comment sections. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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