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China is the fastest growing economy that has the second place in the world. The Chinese language is the second most spoken language (at least 1.5 billion people) after English. China has the power to become one of the economic superpowers, so it brings forwards career opportunities for young people with good command over the Chinese language.

Learning Chinese can be smart move for anyone as it ensures dramatic consequences and job opportunities. There are so many good reasons to learn this language.  You can learn it in your spare time as it can be the best investment of your time. Those students who are looking for new career opportunities, skills, new perspective and academic pursuit, it can be beneficial for them to learn Mandarin Chinese. In this age and day, some students have dropped everything to learn Chinese due to great job opportunities and benefits.

Some people think that it is quite difficult to learn and understand this language, but this is absolutely wrong. The nature of the writing system of this language has developed a reputation of difficulty. There are so many other elements of the language but they are not as difficult as they seem. If you want to get head start in life, this language can help.


The Scope of learning Chinese

If you are good at this language, it may open up a world of opportunity for you.  There is a great boom has noticed in economy of China and it is rising as global superpower. The country has been encouraging economic corporation and foreign investments. There is a great demand of people who are good at Chinese and have the ability to fill the gap between outer world and new growing China.

Learning Chinese can give people an edge over other as many companies have trade relations with China, so it becomes essential to communicate to become a global partner. Learning the foreign language like Chinese will open opportunities that can boost the career of people. It can provide people with job offers like;

  • Teachers:People proficient in the Chinese language can take up the job as teachers in universities or foreign language institute to teach other students Chinese language courses.
  • Translators: Manufacturing industries can hire translators to help the communication flow with ease and handle documents that will aid in a good business deal with the Chinese counterparts.
  • Interpreters:Embassies, Government organizations, foreign ministry or cultural centers can recruit interpreters for events, movie festivals, or delegation visits.
  • Foreign Language Specialists:The Chinese language knowledge will help many business conduct day-to-day operations effectively that will help complete inter corporate deals with ease. They can also help in international diplomatic communication.

Salary structure after learning Chinese Language

While looking for a job in India after learning the Chinese language, people can expect the following salary.

  • Teachers of the foreign language can earn a salary in the range of Rs. 15,000- Rs. 25,000/month.
  • Translators can receive compensation based on the proficiency in the language, but it can range from Rs. 250- Rs.500/page.
  • A Chinese interpreter is paid on anhourly basis with an amount ranging betweenRs. 2000 to Rs. 4000 per hour but depends on experience and caliber.

A learning aptitude and the zeal to excel will give good opportunities for people who like to broaden their horizon with foreign languages.


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