Like smoke free zones, we should have child free zones

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“Child free zones” It’s important to have child free zones in t his new era. Children are going to face more problems. Since we don’t have child free zones. In the mere future the scenario is going to change. Increase in alarming rate of Industries and modernization our society has resulted in great danger to children and our surroundings.  The current scenario in our way of living has greater impact on younger generation, becoming drug addicts, influence of western cultural habits etc.  Industrialization has caused a disaster to their health.

This can be given in two formats:
  •   Benefits for the children
  •   Surroundings

The first one:

Alcohol consumption:

By the age 15 more than 50% and by the age 18 more than 70% have drunk. The number of persons drunk in 2009, the age  12 – 20 is 10.4 million. This is because there is no strict distribution of alcohol, these places should be noted as child fee zones. Majorly it occurs in the public house (pub) , this should also be included. 

Natures Child free zones:

The places like hills, rivers and ponds which have a greater danger to the children life. Because while playing or by site seeing without knowing their seriousness they end their life. The children should be strictly prohibited from these places. They should be under the guidance of the adults.

Industrial effluents :

chemical industries dyeing factories disposes chemical waste. They are directly been dissolved in the water sources. Textile effluents cause a significant illness. 40% of globally used coloring agents contains bond chlorine. Which is named as Carcinogen. This chlorine highly react with disinfectants. Where the children could breath them and absorbed through skin. This leads to respiratory and skin problems. So this place should be child free zones.

The next format is related to surroundings:

Like creating a new compartment or separating some… in the train as the child free zones. This can benefit a passenger who wants to be out of children noise and cry.

The same thing can be followed in the airplane… mostly for the business class passengers.


Dispose of surgery materials, chemicals and the biological materials have to be dispossed in a correct manner.  Carriers of various diseases will be in the hospital.  So, it’s a general thing to have these areas as child free zones to protect the children from the spread of various diseases and infections and also to maintain silence for calm environment to the patients and the doctors. The hospitals where the intensive care unit, mortuary, and medical waste disposing places should be of child free zones.

VIP Theaters:

In Austin, Alamodraft house has a strict no kids allowed in all their movies, offering instead kid-friendly hours and movies during certain times and days.


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