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KSEEB Science Sample Paper for Class 10th

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KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board) Science Sample Paper for Class 10th



Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board is abbreviated as KSEEB which was recognized in 1966. Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board conducts Class X Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination (SSLC) for the last 43 years. This board conducts other exams also apart from SSLC examination and this board is also working to progress the educational ratio and evaluation system in Karnataka state. KSEEB Board also conducts complementary exam in the month of June for the unsuccessful students in order to help students to join the higher educational courses in the month of July.

As a Engineer I have prepared Science sample paper for class 10th students taking assistance from certain books. The set of questions are based on Karnataka Secondary Education Examination board syllabus  . So here is the sample paper :

1) Which part converts linear motion into rotation is  in an external combustion engine

(a) crankshaft (b) cylinder

(b) piston (d) connecting rod.

Ans: a

2) Which plant has multicellular cone like structure is

(a) Angiosperm

(b) Gymnosperm

(c) Bryophyte

(d) Pteridophyte.


3) A person has defective teeth and protruded tongue this happens by which hormone hyposecretion ?

(a) Thyroxine

(b) Parathormone

(c) Insulin

(d) Glucagon.


4) Which animal tissue  is structured to engulf micro-organism and foreign bodies ?

(a) Connective tissue

(b) Areolar tissue

(c) Adipose tissue

(d) Bone tissue.


5) which poisonous gas  is detected by conducting Emission test  for vehicles which use liquefied petroleum gas ?

(a) Carbon dioxide (c) Sulphur dioxide

(b) Carbon monoxide (d) Nirogen dioxide.


6) If all the carnivores are transferred in a protected forest  then what would be the significant change ?

(a) increase in vegetation

(b) decrease in vegetation

(c) no change in the number of herbivores

(d) tourism will improve.


7) How come  Kiran who is reading in the classroom finds out whether a teacher is coming near the classroom or not even if he cannot see the teacher?

(a) knows about sonar

(b) knows about ultrasonics

(c) is aware of Doppler effect

(d) knows about frequency and wavelength.


8) By which  electromagnetic radiations in modern drinking water purifiers bacteria-free water is obtained?

(a) Radio waves (c) Ultraviolet rays

(b) Gamma rays (d) X-rays.


9) After the explosion of atom bomb during Second World War is which ill-effect is experienced by the people of Japan even today ?

(a) Premature cataract (c) Skin cancer

(b) Genetic disorder (d) Hepatitis.


10) Besides which properties Lead glass is used in the preparation of lenses because it has good transparent nature ?

(a) It has high refractive index

(b) It can withstand stress

(c) It can tolerate variation of temperature

(d) It is light and strong.


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11) From petroleum  Sodium N-dodecyl Benzene Sulphonate is prepared which can

(a) produce scum in hard water (c) clean in hard water

(b) not cause water pollution (d) remove salt from water.


12) One can know about broken bones when X-rays are passed through a body because

(a) bones are opaque to X-rays

(b) X-rays give pain when fallen on the broken part

(c) the broken part of the bone shines

(d) the broken part of the bone vibrates when X-rays fall on it.


13) In the manufacture of  soap which another chemical substance that should be heated with fatty oil ?

(a) Sodium chloride (c) Sodium sulphate

(b) Calcium sulphate (d) Sodium hydroxide.


14) Which device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy ?

Ans: solar energy

15) Which sound waves is used to remove  stones formed in the kidney of a person ?

Ans: ultrasonic

16) By which device audible sound will be converted into corresponding electrical signals in radio transmitter  ?

Ans: microphone

17) What is centripetal force?

Ans: Centripetal force  is the radial force is directed towards center of the circle.

18) While running in a sharp curved path why does a runner lean inward?

Ans: While running in a sharp curved path  a runner lean inward in order to obtain the necessary centripetal force.

19) Why in Karnataka state generally load-shedding is done during summer ?

Ans: In Karnataka state generally load-shedding is done during summer because during summer  hydro electricity production is less but demand is more.

20) What is the reason behind enormous energy output of the sun ?

Ans: The reason for enormous energy output of the sun  is Proton –Proton chain and carbon cycle .

21) What steps do you take to increase the electric current in the coil as Electricity is produced when a bar magnet is thrust into the conducting coil ?

Ans: The steps are :

  • Increase the number of turns of the coil
  • Increase the rate of change of magnetic field with the coil
  • Increase the strength of the magnets.

22) Which alloy is prepared  if you are provided with copper and tin ?

Ans: Bronze is the  alloy  prepared when provided with copper and tin.

23) What do you mean by cement ?

Ans: Cement is a mixture of calcium silicate and calcium aluminate with a little amount of gypsum salt.

24) Which compound of copper is formed when nitric acid is added to detect the presence of copper present in ornamental gold also state why there is no change in gold?

Ans: The compound formed is Copper nitrate and there is no change in gold as gold does not react with the acid.

25) Mention reasons about acute shortage of drinking water.

Ans: Reasons about acute shortage of drinking water are :

  • Ever increasing population
  • disappointing management of water
  • Pollution of water
  • Deforestation of soil erosion

26) State Kepler’s first law and third law of planetary motion also mention what is the use of the Kepler’s third law  ?

Ans: Kepler’s first law states that the planet moves in the elliptical orbits around the sun with the sun at one focus.

Kepler’s third law  that the cube of the average distance of a planet from the sun is proportional to the square of its period of  revolution.

Kepler’s third law is used to find the mass of the sun or the period of revolution.

27) Which element is produced when silicon dioxide reacts with magnesium also write the equation of the chemical reaction ?

Ans: Element produced when silicon dioxide reacts with magnesium is Amorphous silicon. Chemical equation is SiO2 + 2Mg -> Si + 2 MgO.

28) When monochromatic light is passed through benzene like organic liquids what will be the effect ?

Ans: When monochromatic light is passed through benzene like organic liquids the scattered light will no longer be monochromatic and the scattered  light contained higher and lower frequencies in addition to that of  incident light. This effect is known as  Raman effect.

29) State the name of  the stages of stellar evolution of sun like stars, in the galaxies.

Ans: The name of  the stages are :

  • Protostar
  • Red giant
  • White dwarf
  •  Black dwarf.

30) Define Inflorescence .

Ans: Inflorescence is a special branch bearing a cluster of flowers.

31) State the principle of working of rocket also mention the practical aspects that need to be considered while launching the rocket.

Ans: The  principle of working of rocket states that the total momentum of a system is conserved when the net external force acting on the system is zero. The practical aspects considered while  launching the rocket are :

  • As the rocket consumes fuel at every instant, its mass goes on decreasing and velocity increases.
  • Further the acceleration due to gravity changes continuously as the rocket ascends and velocity increases.
  • The atmosphere offers resistance in the lower strata of the atmosphere.

32) A boy with HIV positive was denied admission in a school and the court did not approve this so what scientific justification do you make on this ?

Ans: The scientific justification made is that HIV will not be transmitted  by touching, sharing common toilet, playing together or by eating food together. Thus school should not deny admission.

33) Suggest any two measures to take care of eyes for a bank employee who works for more than eight hours a day using computer .

Ans:The measures are :

  • Use protective glasses for eyes.
  • Have a brief simple exercise for eyes

34) What is magnitude scale of a star ?

Ans: Magnitude scale is a system known to represent the apparent brightness of the star .

35) What is meant by conservation of water ?

Ans: Conservation of water is an effort made by a society as a whole to prevent pollution of water and to have judicious use of water.

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