KSEEB Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10th

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KSEEB (Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board) Social Science Sample Paper for Class 10th


Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board is acronym as KSEEB which was established in 1966. Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board conducts Class X SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination) examinations for the last 43 years. This board conducts other exams also apart from SSLC examination and this board is working to improve the educational ratio and evaluation system in Karnataka state.  Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board also conducts supplementary exam in the month of June for the failed students or candidates which is aimed to help students to join the higher educational courses in the month of July.

As a B.tech Graduates I have prepared Social Science sample paper for class 10th students taking assistance from certain books. The set of questions are based on KSEEB  board syllabus  . So here is the sample paper :

1) What was the reason for the end of Tokagawa’s rule ?

(a) Diet was established

(b) Europeans started to trade with Japan

(c) attack on Pearl Harbour

(d) Meiji restoration.


2) Which  Act  changed the name Governor General to Viceroy during the British rule ?

(a) 1909 Indian Council Act

(b) 1813 Charter Act

(c) 1858 Government of India Act

(d) 1853 Charter Act.


3) The reason behind Hitler suicide was

(a) the German Army was thrown out of Belgium

(b) Russia attacked Germany

(c) England and France declared war on Germany

(d) The Allied forces occupied Germany.


4) Under the leadership of  whom was the Civil Disobedience movement was carried out at Ankola for preparing salt ?

(a) M. P. Nadkarni

(b) Manjappa Hardikar

(c) R. R. Diwakar

(d) T. Siddalingaiah.


5) If  at Pearl harbour Japan had not bombarded then

(a) America would have remained neutral

(b) large scale destruction would not have taken place

(c) Germany would have won the war

(d) Japan would not have surrendered.


6) Queen Victoria’s Proclamation of 1858 was known as the “Indian Magna Carta”

because the queen promised

(a) to restructure the tax system

(b) to safeguard the rights of the people

(c) to give stable government

(d) to grant pardon to all Sepoys of India.


7) Why is the mortality rate of children is high in India ?

(a) Lack of nutrition

(b) Social environment

(c) Obstacles in child welfare

(d) Illiteracy.


8) Why the South-West monsoon winds get divided into two branches ?

(a) Ferrell’s law

(b) Equator

(c) Western Ghats

(d) Shape of the Peninsular India.


9) Why was the privy purse was granted to Indian princes  ?

(a) to bring equality among all Indians

(b) to maintain their special privileges and status

(c) to merge all the princely states of India

(d) to partition India and Pakistan.


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10) The logo of SAARC in 1985 was a flower of seven petals .What does the petals symbolized ?

(a) the seven Objectives

(b)  the seven Nations

(c) the seven Representatives

(d) the seven  Restrictions.


11) Trees with deep roots, thick leaves and thorns belong to

(a) Desert vegetation

(b) Tropical deciduous forest

(c) Mangrove forest

(d) Tropical forest of thorns and shrubs.


12) Cottage industries were encouraged whom?

(a) Indira Gandhi

(b) Mahatma Gandhi

(c) Rajiv Gandhi

(d) Jawaharlal Nehru.


13) Used right from household utensils to artificial satellites. What is it?

(a) Manganese

(b) Mica

(c) Iron

(d) Aluminium.


14) What is the term for the guarantee of compensation to farmers when crops fail ?

(a) Crop guarantee (c) Agricultural guarantee

(b) Crop insurance (d) Farmers’ insurance.


15) What is the correct list of paper industries which are located in Karnataka ?

(a) Mandya, Nepanagar, Bhadravati

(b) Dandeli, Titagarh, Mandhya

(c) Bhadravati, Mandya, Dandeli

(d) Dandeli, Nepanagar, Bhadravati.


16)Give the mangrove forests found in Gangetic deltas .

Ans: Sunderbans

17) Who was the first Chairman of the Planning Commission of India?

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

18) The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes Commission was set up in which year?


19) Who was the last Peshwa ?

Ans: Baji Rao II

20) Which country t became independent in 1963 A.D. under the leadership of Obote ?

Ans: Uganda

21) What is meant by  Cold War ?

Ans: Cold War is the Rivalry between USA and USSR power blocs.

22) What is meant by  Mango showers ?

Ans: Mango showers  is the Pre-monsoon showers in Kerala in the months of April and May

23) Give the name of the Capital of Portuguese possessions in India

Ans: Goa

24) Give a reason for the setback in the SAARC ?

Ans: Reason for the setback in the SAARC  is the Strained Indo-Pak relationship.

25) Why it is said to  purchase only UNICEF greeting cards ?

Ans: It is said to  purchase only UNICEF greeting cards because it Raise funds for the cause of Children’s welfare.

26) How was the Chinese economy improved in 1958 AD ?

Ans: Through leap forward policy the Chinese economy improved in 1958.

27) What is the chief objective  of Vanamahotsava ?

Ans: The chief objective  of Vanamahotsava  was Planting thousands of seedlings.

28) What is meant by Green Revolution ?

Ans: Green Revolution  is the Quick uptrend change in Agricultural Production.

29) How the Industrial Revolution in Europe was affected by the Indian Cottage Industries ?

Ans: The Industrial Revolution in Europe was affected by the Indian Cottage

Industries  as

  • Craftsmen could not compete with cheap machine made goods.
  • Could not export due to heavy tariffs
  • Indian cottage industries ruined
  • Starvation and poverty.

30) For the Indian Councils Act of 1909 what were the provisions ?

Ans:For the Indian Councils Act of 1909 the provisions were :

  • Increase in Central Legislative Members
  • Expansion of provincial legislature
  • Separate Communal electorate.

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