Land acquisition bill

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Introduction: The LARR was started in1894 in our India that allows us to acquire the private land in our country. Actually the land which acquired it will be used for public purpose by a government agency. Article 31 says to Right to property which it’s a basic need of a common man constitution says that each & every citizen should be owned house.

The government acquired the land from a land owners as authorised by the law. The government will pay a fixed compensation to a land owners for surrendering the land.
CURRENTLY: the right to fair compensation act 2013 (opted for repeal LARR 1894) the act of Indian parliament that regulates land acquisition. The act acquisition as a part of India’s massive industrialisation drive by public private partnership (PPP) the act will replace a LARR – 1894 which nearly 120 years old law enacted in a time of British.
The bill presented lokasabha in a month of September 2014 it passed in loksabha but in rajyasabha it had been defeated.
The LARR 1894 are as follows:
 The Indian population was 21.6 million in 19th century compare to today’s population it’s very less & our needs, demands, were countable. The path were we started after the independence to compete with rest of the world, we were in a dilemma of to cruse up our economy in all the field. When the British left our country they already purely drained our Indian treasury
 It acquired for large scale projects like dams, lakes, canals, thermals, plants, sanctuaries, etc. because the people of India need to full fill the basic needs so the land were acquired for this reason to making canal, irrigation, etc.
 It leads a to a displacement of people from one place to another place. Where people will compensate they have to search a place for them or else the government will give a piece of land which issued for LARR purpose but this alternate will full fill the people needs at a certain rate.
 The half of the world was in the stage of developing in 19th century the half of the world were in developing progress even our neighbour CHINA which today it known for purchase power parity in the world its lead to a no.1 position. Our country India was in pace of agrarian sects to make a nod for to bring up the economy than it may leads to next step for rest aspects.
 Technology – The India our country was as not developed as today in technology so its take very long process to conduct any work which we can make it today.
Amending the 2013 LARR 2013 (The Rights to Fair Compensation Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation Act 2013)
 The Acts has provision to provide fair compensation to those whose land is taken away bring transparency to the acquisition of land to set up factories, buildings, infrastructure, and industries etc.
 The Government of India believed that there was absence of cohesive national law 7 fair & combined law was necessary one that legally require rehabitation & resettlement require
 The government of India needs to take next step to develop the economy & make a sustainable growth so it leads to a industrialisation
 In our country the huge young population leads to a minimum 35% which doesn’t work properly for an whole year (partly Unemployed) so if we play a part of industrialisation which help us all very lot
 We switch to service sector, were you need here only about technology which it will consume less man power but in agriculture sector were they take lot of man power which without technology which return us with less profit as the country like India which need to switch secondary sector (Manufacturing sector) were it will consume high man power high return than were the people will get employed.
When we talk about industrialisation which we must sacrifice sum of our land to process that. Than we can able to manage at one level than our National income will raise up & it’ll automatically on all of us.

Aims & Objectives
 To ensure in with the consultation of local self-government & Gram panchayat which establish under the constitution
 Make such provision that affected person for their rehabitation & resettlement
 Ensure cumulative outcome that of compulsory acquisition persons should become partners of development leading in their post

My Conclusion
At present we are the youngest country in all over the world this is right time to switch us to make industrialisation in some part in our land which benefit us as explained in above paragraph. Due to industrialisation our technology development will take place we will be also play a role of tough competitor in the world platform better & best than past. The LARR bill took place at a time of British so it has to amend with certain changes which make us positively grow up built a powerful economy to defend with rest others.

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