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M.Tech in Delhi with or without GATE score

The Indian economy has been growing at around 9% per year. The Indian industry can increase its share in the global market. The major role in this will be played by the technical education system in India.Here we have tried to bring list for help of students who want to do M.Tech in Delhi with or without GATE score. M Tech in Delhi is getting lucrative day by day due to many reasons like students are not getting proper job after B Tech degree or Masters courses demands are increasing day by day due to developing economy. More and more number of research option are increasing. course like that of M Tech are are also gaining popularity because , now government has made mandatory as qualification for professors or faculties of colleges. 

Engineers play a very vital role in development of any nation, be it India or any other country. It is a known fact that engineers can transform a country. A Master of Engineering (ME) or Master of Technology (M. Tech) degree is a postgraduate program in engineering or technology. It is a 2-years program in any of the specific branch of engineering or a technical field. A student enters the ME/M.Tech programs after the completion of the 4 year undergraduate program in engineering after being certified a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree, or a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in the award of a Master of Science degree.

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These M.Tech and M.Sc Engineering programs in India were actually started by some of the well known institutions with the aim of producing Research Engineers who can also get the position of “Technologist” in the Industries and Research Institutes.

M. tech Institutes are very few in no. in India as compared to the B.Tech Institutes.

Minimum requirements for the aspiring M.Tech students to sit for the M.Tech entrance examinations are:

  • Candidates having a valid GATE score,
  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering/Technology/Architecture, or
  • Masters Degree in Mathematics/Physics/Life Sciences/ Related Subjects.

For a student seeking admission to any M.Tech Institute, he has to have a valid GATE score. But there are other entrance examinations also through which a candidate can go for pursuing M.Tech education.

  • Admission to IITs or National Institute of Technology (NITs) Without GATE scores (NON-GATE): There are two possible cases to enter into IITs and NITs for pursuing M.Tech education. These are as follows :
    • Sponsored Candidates: If you are working in industry for over three year and your employer wants you to go to study then you can apply under this category. There are few seats reserved under this category in both IITs and NITs.
    • Quality Improvement Program (QIP): This program has been started by Govt. of India to improve the quality of teaching staff in state colleges by giving them a chance to attend India’s top most engineering schools. All the faculty members with three years plus experience are eligible for this.
    • Admission to Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIITs): IITs also conduct their own M.Tech entrance exam for admission.
    • Admission to Central and State Universities:  Few of the Central Universities conduct their own exams and few consider GATE scores too but most of the times the State University doesn’t get GATE qualified students and therefore they conduct their own written test and interview.
  • Private Deemed Universities: Nowadays there are many professional private universities offering masters in engineering. They conduct their own exam and interview. Admission is easy but they charge huge fee.
  • Private Engineering colleges offering Master of Engineering: AICTE has approved many old private engineering colleges to start M.Tech course because of infrastructure and faculty. Admission these are easy but may be expensive. 
  • Part Time Master of Engineering: Few State universities are offering this program under the condition that student must live within the some distance (for example 30KM) radius from universities. Classes are usually conducted in evening and weekends.

There are very few Top M.Tech Institutes in Delhi providing quality education. These are as follows:














  • M.Tech (IT) Master of Technology (Information Technology)
  • M.Tech. (CSE) Master of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering)
  • M.Tech. (CE) Master of Technology (Chemical Technology)
  • M.Tech. (IT) Weekend Master of Technology (Information    Technology) Weekend
  • M. Tech (Engineering Physics) Master of Technology   (Engineering Physics) M.Tech (ECE) Weekend ( For Women)
  • Asiel Academy – Delhi, Central Delhi  

As human knowledge is on the continuous increases and business is getting more sophisticated day by day across the world, only technology literacy won’t be able to serve the industry. Youngsters have to through for a complete range of experience. Nowadays most of the government sectors and MNCs are asking for M. Tech or ME graduates, because they consider such candidates to be more imaginative than the normal B. Tech or BE graduates.

Nowadays jobs in government sectors too tender lucrative offers. These jobs are more likely to be preferred because of their nature, high pay scale, reputation and security.

Government agencies and a lot of Public Sector Undertakings (PSU) under the aegis of Government of India regularly provide employment opportunities in various areas of technology and the path opens after your master degree.

A student can also go for teaching profession, excel in research area in IT/Software etc after pursuing ME/M. Tech.

After M.Tech one can join as a scientist in DRDO – Defense Research & Development organization, ISRO (Indian space Research Organization) mostly recruits Public Sector Undertaking M. Tech engineers. Private sector also gives importance M.Tech student over B.Tech Student for recruitment.

A M.E or M.Tech student will always get placed in a better position in industry, than a graduate. Keeping in mind the current need of industry and competitive edge, most of the BE or B.Tech graduates are preferring to go for M.Tech after qualifying GATE.

As a counselor in career guidance i would blidly recommend these colleges for M tech in delhi but do not dream that you can get admission in these colleges without a good GATE score

It is very important to pursue M.Tech degree from a prestigious institute. Doing M.Tech from a normal engineering college and doing the same from IITs, IIS or NITs is definitely a different thing altogether. All you need is a good GATE Score.

For M Tech colleges of Ghaziabad

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