Malaysia Airlines went missing SOLVED

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Malaysia Airlines  went missing SOLVED

A Malaysia Airlines Vanished in broad daylight , where it went no one knows , but here we have come up with possible answers for it.

About 40 planes and another 40 ships have been put in to largest air and water search for Malasiyan MH370 and the greatest power of earth China or US does not have clue on it , what went wrong and where it has gone.

Malaysia airlines did not go missing on its own

malaysia airlines did not go missing on its own

From air to water , search is on its way but no trace for this plane , what happened , this is not real question. Problem is after effect , how we have not found it still or can we find it ever. China have sent its water vessels for underwater search RADARS and SONARS are all working fine and best of human knowledge.

Debris which was found near by either vanished or was declared not from that plane. All possible theories are being taken care off , but one possible reason , Pilot missed whole idea of route. Pilot did not know for certain period that plane was flying in opposite direction rather it was being drawn by certain magnetic field , its what RADAR record shows but Pilot did not complain about it because , none of crew members had idea about it.

This may be first case for Malaysia airlines but not for few well known top Navy of world , last year China lost its 3 war planes which were never traced in same reason , although these were classified navy records and could come out only in few journals but same happened with greatest super power United states as well in Past.

I do not call it supernatural activity , nor I am convinced with the facts being stated that plane have been hijacked but it has to do something with recent developments in Japan , which iis trying to formulate an airfield.

Although JAPAN had not expected for world to come for search thus this test was done first on Malaysia Airlines flight not on any Chinese airlines and probably Japan missed IATA rules on it. Recent problems and threat on JAPAN by China has been major reason for test of its one of most drastic weapon which was expected to have been invented semi during 2nd world war but somehow Japan managed to save it from USA as well and when now closeness of United states is increasing with China , Japan may have to fight for its own survival against China.

Japan created an airfield , ultrasonic which distracts plane moving functions and cut it from base signals only showing images on RADARS.

There can be another possible theory behind this vanishing and that can be UFO. As our searches for life on other planets have been increasing rapidly day by day , so now time has come. Face climate change. Its no more just American secret. Wait for more to come



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