MP Patwari Exam Golden Preparation Tips

MP Patwari Exam Golden Preparation Tips

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      MP Patwari Exam Golden Preparation Tips

MP Patwari Exam Golden Preparation Tips – Crack the MP Patwari exam with these most effective MP Patwari Exam golden Preparation Tips, tricks and strategy by Mentors,experts and toppers.

The Madhya Pradesh Vyapam Patwari exam will be conducted from 9th December 2017 to 31st December 2017. As you can see Only a few days remain for the exam, . So, this is a very crucial, Magnificent  time for you to prepare for the exam. We have compiled here a list of MP Patwari Exam Preparation golden Tips. This I believe, will help you in cracking the exam. Dear Aspirants my best wishesh with you. 


First we See Actually What is MP Patwari Exam Pattern-

Exam Date


Reporting time

Exam Time

9th – 31st December 2017

Shift I

7:30 AM

9AM -11 AM

Shift II

1:30 PM

3PM – 5 PM

In this time patwari exam pattern change  you have to give the exam in online mode. And you need to complete the paper within 2 hours for each shift. However, there is no negative marking for any wrong attempt. So, do attempt all the questions.


MP Patwari के लिए खुद को आजमाये


Total Marks

General Knowledge


Quantitative Aptitude

Hindi Language

Village Economy & Panchayat System


Syllabus MP Patwari  2017

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

Problem on Ages, Profit Loss & Discount, Speed Time & Distance, Time, Work & Wages, Geometry, Mensuration, Pipes & Cistern.Trigonometry,Average, Boat & Stream, Interest, LCM & HCF, Mixtures & Allegations, Partnership, Percentage, Ratio & Proportion.

GK Syllabus

Last 6 Month’s Current Affairs, Important Awards, Books & Authors, Important Dates, Important Inventions Economics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Polity, Art & Culture of M.P., History of M.P. & India, Indian & M.P. Geography.

Computer Knowledge Syllabus

Computer Basics, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Input & Output Device, Operating System, RAM & ROM,Internet, WWW.

Village Economy Syllabus

Rural Economy Basics, Indian Agriculture, Land Reforms, Irrigation Resources & Projects, Role of Revenue Officer, Government Schemes, Green Revolution, Rural Employment & MNREGA, Rural Poverty & Allied Themes, Social Inclusion, Rural Welfare Activities

Panchayati Raj Syllabus

History of Panchayati Raj, Various Committees (Balwant Rai Mehta, Ashok Mehta, G. V. K. Rao, L. M. Singhvi), 73rd Constitutional Amendment, Right to Information, 3 Tier System, Panchayati Raj in M.P., PESA.

Some magnificent MP Patwari Exam Golden Preparation Tips

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1.Take seriously your pre-boards exam.

Your pre Board Exam planning and your mindful strategy is very effective role play in your scorecard  some students tend to take these exams casually as the pre-board exams cause no direct effect on the final results.This type of approach must be avoided by students as although it doesn’t affect board results directly, such methodology could restrict students from deriving their practical benefits. These exams will eventually help you build your confidence to attempt the final board examination paper.

2 Exam planning and strategy.

Make your  strategy  this plan  should be a perfect blend of learning and revising the syllabus. Do not skip studying diagrams, tables or graphs in the textbook.Getting your hands on the NCERT textbooks will guide you towards clearing your concepts and sharpening your skills on a topic as chances of questions appearing beyond the prescribed text book are very little.

3.Talk to Mentor

It is critical for students to maintain their ongoing preparations, while simultaneously making necessary alterations in their approach strategy according to their respective pre-board results. You can talk to your Mentor ,teachers, peers and your seniors about what study plan they follow in the last days after full syllabus completion

4.Studying v/s Practising

The key of success is practising .A ready question bank and mock tests will further help you prepare the right questions beforehand. Practice and Solving the past ten year question papers is a very good idea to familiarise yourself with the exam patterns and popular questions because having studied well and being exam ready are two different things.

5.Small tools which will help a lot.

The smart thing to do is to write down these points, formulae, theorems, and definitions on flash cards that you can carry along in your pocket or wallet for a quick revision at the last minute.Students should also not ignore important formulae, notes and dates which are important for almost all subjects.

When you in exam hall fill relax and during the exam, it is advisable to write long, descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible. This enhances visibility.

6.Design Your Proper Time table

Dear Student You know very well your weak areas, your agenda should be to give extra time to tackle those difficult lessons and transform them to strong ones. A timetable helps you to prioritise and take care of the important and weaker sections first.

It helps you procrastinate less and gives you the freedom to plan your schedule the way you want. While you have allotted additional time to master those tricky subjects, do not ignore the other lessons.

7.Refer to previous years’ question papers

Previous year question paper give you short snap that what is exam pattern this technique will boost your confidence. You will be able to understand the kind of questions to be expected in the exam and prepare accordingly. Especially, look at the weightage of marks allotted for those areas you find difficult and work upon them. This is best way when you Solv past papers help you to get used to the format of the questions and spend adequate amount of time on each section.

8.Take short-breaks and recharge your brain.

Your know when we continue doing same work for long time the brain is discharged, bored so take some short brake listen your favourite music or call your best friend for some gossip . also take some snack or food for energy.

9.Magical  Group study can help.

When some smart brain seeting in one room definitely your brain work so fast and smartly studying in a group can help you tackle those difficult areas and learn faster. You will find it easier to discuss the topic with your friends who can help you fix the problem areas and introduce you to better study techniques. Those areas that may seem confusing to you might be easier for your friends. They will share their notes on that particular section which can help you understand better.

10.Be Confidence.

The confidence of the key of any success in any exam and life. So dear student don’t be loose your in your confidence.

Take easy everything give your best for exam and you see your result is definitely superb .

And last but not least my best wishes with you your the future of this beautiful world ..Good Luck.

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