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  • Advance Solar Water Heater

    Apr 22, 14 • 5075 Views • Notes, Science Notes1 Comment

    Introduction: Advance solar water heater is a conventional heating system that is used to get hot water by the action of sunlight. It is an enhancement in solar water heaters as it is independent of seasons and function all round the clock that is all the

  • Solar On Grid Application

    Apr 22, 14 • 4623 Views • Notes, Science Notes1 Comment

    To convert sunshine into electricity, a PV system which is grid connected uses PV modules,and without battery storage,power is feeded into national grid via grid connected inverters during the process by a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. PV

  • Solar Water Heating System & its Working Principle

    Apr 17, 14 • 4036 Views • Science NotesNo Comments

    Sun as an Energy Resource: We are blessed with Solar Energy in abundance at no cost. The solar radiation,which is incident on the earth surface, can be utilized for the benefit of the society. One of the popular devices that utilizes the solar energy is

  • Solar Street Lights

    Apr 15, 14 • 16089 Views • Notes, Science Notes15 Comments

    About Solar Street Lights: Solar street lights are effective and efficient light sources in which power is fed with the help of Photo-voltaic Panels. They are generally mounted on the lighting structure. There is a Rechargeable battery, which is charged by

  • Defects in Crystalline Materials

    Defects in Crystalline Materials

    Nov 22, 13 • 10517 Views • Notes, Science Notes3 Comments

    A perfect crystal, with every atom of the same type in the correct position, does not exist. Defects contributes to the change in the properties of the materials. There may exist several types of crystalline defects in materials. This post includes Chemistry

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