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Company’s Profile:



ABG Shipyard is one of the ABG groups of companies established in the year of 1985 headquartered at Mumbai, which is the largest Private Sector Shipbuilding yard in India.   Mr. Rishi Agarwal is the chairman for the company.  It has its shipbuilding operations at various places in Gujarat and operates a ship repair unit in Goa.  The ship repair unit in Goa provides largest ship maintenance facility in India.  The revenue per annum is Rs. 16, 600 crores.  The main values of ABG shipyard is Integrity, Credibility and Care.  The vision of the company is to be a world class Shipyard which is capable of building and repairing vessels by providing highest standards of quality, safety and strict adherence to deliver the products at competitive prices

The products from the ABG Shipyard include the various important parts of the ships like containers, floating cranes, split barges and delivered 149 specialized and sophisticated vessels all over the world.  It was the second corporate shipyard to build warships and vessels for the Indian Navy by getting clearance from the Government of India.  The strengths of the company are Time Efficiency, Quality, Focus, Company Values and Cost consciousness.

ABG Shipyard has its own clients from Oil Support Companies, Fleet service provider, Indian Coast Guard and various Product Owners.  It generates and expands their customers by providing higher quality and service standards.

Eligibility Criteria:

The candidates who apply for ABG limited has to finish

Marine Engineering

MBA courses

Questions in Technical Round:

1.  What is the difference between gate valve and globe valve?

Gate valve is non regulator means either fully closed or fully opened, while globe valve is regulator.

2.  What is the purpose of o-ring and wear rings in the centrifugal pumps?

o-ring: This is to prevent leakage between metal parts while allowing some movement between the parts.

Wear ring: It is generally a softer material than the parent material, which is used to wear out quickly than the parent metal to avoid the loss of parent metal.

3.  What is c.c in motor bikes?

Cubic centimeter

4.  Which country level is having below the sea level?

Narve Sweedan

5.  How many types of ships are there?

Cargo ships, Passenger Ships, Service Ships, and Protection Ships

Questions in HR interview:

1.  Why you choose Marine Engineering?

2.  How many ports are there in India?


3.  How the power has taken from a large marine generator to the msb?

The 440V from the generator is taken to the msb through busbars associated with preferential tips, overload protections.

4.  How the priming is done in a centrifugal pump?

In centrifugal pump, the discharge v/v is closed and the inlet v/v is opened.  After priming is done the discharge v/v is opened, that is filled with the liquid to be pumped.

5.  What is the code number which is given on bearing?

It is the bearing number i.e 6205Z



Contact Us:

Registered Office & Factory (Shipyard):
Near Magdala Port,
Dumas Road,
Surat, Gujarat – 395 007
Telephone: (0261) 2725191
Fax: (0261) 2726481

Corporate Office:
5th Floor, Bhupati Chambers,
13, Mathew Road,
Mumbai – 400 004.
Telephone: +91 22 66563000
Fax: +91 22 23649236

Email :

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