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Amazon has certain core values which says that if you are known to be a  single contributor or you have large team then it is possible for you to be  an Amazon leader. This type of strategies are maintained by the Amazon’s leadership styles and each and every individual of Amazon is guided by it.


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Certain core Practices which Amazon has always believed are:

  1. Hire the best of the staff
  2. Always focus on the high standards
  3. Always think big
  4. Trust can always be earned


  5. Focus on results

Amazon Selection Details

1st round: Online written Technical Test.

It included : i) 20 Multiple type Questions

ii) 2 programming Questions

Correct Answer will get you 1 mark and for wrong answer -0.25 will be deducted.

Questions on programming can be like:

1. Write a program to find the difference between the sum of nodes at odd height and the sum of nodes at even height.

2. Given an array of integers representing coin values and the sum required. find the number of coins required to get the sum.

Technical Rounds: There were in total of 4 Technical Rounds. After each round Candidates will be eliminated.  Questions on Data structures are asked basically. Technical Round lasts up to 60 to 90 mins.

Technical Questions basically Asked are:

1. Write a program to traverse the tree in spiral form in O(n) time.(Hint:use two stacks)
2. Program to implement atoi function
3. Program to swap the k th node from end and kth node from front
4. Program to find loops in linked list
5. Find the maximum length palindrome in a string
6. Difference between process and thread
7. Advantages and disadvantages of thread and process
8. Test cases for checking binary tree
9. Test case for atoi function
10. Test cases for finding loops in the single linked list

                                       Jobs : Placement Criteria for Amazon

 Amazon offers job opportunities for profiles like:

  1. Software developing Engineer
  2. Product Managers
  3. Merchandise managers
  4. IT experts
  5. Finance Managers
  6. HR Managers

For Candidates who have Completed B-tech or MBA or PGDM with certain specialization can apply for Amazon

                                          Hiring Process : Placement Criteria for Amazon 

The initial hiring process at amazon comprises of  at least three rounds:

Written test

Group discussion

Personal Interview.

Written test paper has two sections:

  1. Section A includes: verbal ability which comprises of comprehension, sentence making, Synonyms and Antonyms and basic Grammar. Also reasoning Questions are included in Section A.
  2. Section B includes technical and Aptitude questions which include basic maths, time and distance, permutations, percentages etc.

Group discussion is the elimination round which would consists of some general topics and current affairs. Some GD topics are given here for practice:

  • Can women be better managers
  • Role of media in development
  • Black vs white
  • Fixing in cricket matches
  • Rural development in India
  • Fdi in retail boon or bane
  • Corruption in the society
  • Rising crimes in India who is responsible?

Personal Interview is more difficult to crack. To qualify this your concepts regarding the subject needs to be clear. Some interview questions are given for practice:

  1. How can you contribute to the growth graph of Amazon?
  2. How would you manage Amazon’s Product?
  3. How would you build Amazon’s web services?
  4. Why you want to work for Amazon?
  5. Tell us about your dream job?
  6. tell us about your strengths and weaknesses?
  7. What are short and long term goals to be achieved?
  8. What is your favorite pass time?

                              Educational qualification Criteria

Graduation in Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

                         Additional Requirements in Placement Criteria For Amazon

  • Basic and Strong knowledge in subjects like data structures, design analysis and algorithms.
  • Fundamental Knowledge in SQL database, XML(Extended markup Language) and web technologies such as AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5.
  • Experience in the field of User Interface design. Knowledge in the field of development is also required.
  • Knowledge of professional software engineering practices.
  • Good Communication Skills, Strong sense of ownership, drive for passion and ability to deliver results in time.

Practice well. All The Best to you

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  1. akhil Rayan says:

    Am Mechanical student and I don’t have good base in c ,c++ but have good communication skills and creativity can I b placed in amazon

  2. akhil Rayan says:
  3. akhil Rayan says:
  4. Gauri kulkarni says:

    i have financial prolem so i am not confirm to complete my engineernig witout gap so if i dont have extra activities rather than academics ,can i get selected?

  5. S.Praneeth says:

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  7. dhivakaran G.N says:

    I am a mechanical engineering graduate. How can I prepare for Amazon placement drive?

  8. dhivakaran G.N says:

    I am a mechanical engineering graduate. How can I prepare for Amazon placement drive?

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    i am pursuing mba in finance and marketing and i just need to knw that how can i get job in the worlds leading company ‘AMAZON’

  17. nishi says:

    what are the company which hire 60% less.

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    What is criteria for it

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  25. aditi shukla says:

    as i m persuing BE and if my aggregate of BE less than 60% then in that case i’ll be getting job or not?

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  27. Naveen T A says:

    I want to place in amazon what process i want to do

  28. Naveen T A says:

    I want to place in amazon what process i want to do

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    how does amazon microsoft google facebook select for placement
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    what is the eligibility criteria for various companies in campus placements for btech ?
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  51. Seetha Manoharan says:

    if amazon is the dream company of you. this article will lead you to get the job……..nice one…..

  52. Dinesh says:

    Amazon is the top cloud, as well as cloud service provider worldwide, if you ask any software engineer about their dream company the top three will include the name “Amazon”, so placing in this company is like dream came true for everyone and i will hope that this post will be useful for them

  53. Mrityunjay Kumar Singh says:

    Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce company in world. It is the world’s largest retailer. Every one have a dream to for Amazon. And here is the placement criteria for Amazon, will surely guide you to book your place at Amazon.

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