Placement Criteria for Supreme infrastructure India ltd.

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Placement Criteria for Supreme infrastructure India ltd.

Supreme infrastructure India ltd.

Supreme infrastructure India ltd. is started under Indian Companies Act 1956. It is a public owned enterprise company in the name of Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd from the year 2005.

Supreme Infrastructure India Limited (SIIL), received the Excellence Award for its contribution in the field of Economic Development. Their Promoter and Executive Chairman of the company, Mr. Bhawanishankar H. Sharma has been awarded the ‘Udyog Ratna Award’ from one of the country’s premier research institutes ‘Institute of Economic Studies’ (IES) for his contribution to the Economic Development of Country and this steps towards bigger achievements in the future. And  they will strive to give our best always is motto of the company.

Supreme infrastructure India ltd.

The company is working on some of the projects that are Bridges, Roads, Buildings, Power and Railways too.

Interview Included

  • Technical Test
  • Personal Round

HR Interview Questions

1. Describe Yourself.

2. Do you want to work software side?

3. Where do u find yourself after 3 years from now?

4. Do you wish to relocate?

Technical Interview Questions

1. What are the steps involved in concreting process?

A:  1. Batching
2. Mixing
3. Transporting and placing of concrete
4. Compacting.

2.What are the methods involved in concrete curing?

A: Spraying of water, Wet Covering of Surfaces, ponding, steam curing .

3. Define batching.

A: The process of measurement of the different materials for the making of concrete is known as batching and is  done in two ways: volume batching and weight batching.

4. Define Mixing.

A:  In order to create good concrete the mixing of the materials should be first done in dry condition and after it wet condition. Hand mixing and machine mixing are the two general methods of mixing.


Registered Office
Supreme House,Plot No 94/C, Pratap Gad,
Opp.IIT Main Gate, Powai,
Mumbai – 400076, Maharashtra
Phone: +91 22 6128 9700 / 2579 4216
Fax: +91 22 6128 9711

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  1. Dinesh says:

    Supreme is a emerging company with the lot of job opportunity, the information you have provided your this company will be very useful for the candidates whom are going to apply for jobs in this company

    the questions you have provided will be also useful for the candidates

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