Political Science Toppers Strategy for UPSC

Political Science Optional Strategy by IAS Topper

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Political Science Optional Strategy by IAS Topper

Want to score an impressive rank in UPSC Mains? Check out the important points to score high and pursue your passion without any hindrance. No matter from which domain you are, just follow the simple tips and tricks that will definitely help you to crack the UPSC Mains.

It is very important to have a basic understanding and enormous interest in the optional subject you choose

Why choose Political Science Optional for UPSC Mains?

Most of the students will prefer Political Science optional than any other subjects and it is quite popular among the IAS aspirants

Though there are thoughts like “Political Science optional syllabus is enormous hindering the candidates to choose this as an optional”

However, Political Science Optional Subject is a must for any aspirant who are attempting UPSC Mains as this subject covers many topics that a Government authority should know

Nitty-Gritty of Political Science is always required for the Government staff to serve the people

You can prepare for Political Science Optional while studying for Prelims itself and it will help you to save lots of time and effort that are essential for UPSC preparation


As said earlier, students who don’t have Political Science background can also prepare easily

You don’t have to put in lot of efforts for preparations as students who read Newspapers daily will be able to understand the concepts easily
New regulations of Political Science have eliminated most of the factual parts for a better understanding

Most of the contexts in Political Science Optional have connections with the Current affairs preparation and it will be easier for preparations


Part A

When choosing the sources for preparation, ensure that you tag along with reliable study materials. Otherwise, you will be in a dilemma to choose a sources for Political Science Optional and it will consume your time only

It is better to stick on to renowned books and notes instead of exploring a vast library of books . You will be coming across many theories while studying and ensure that you interrelate theories with one another so that you don’t forget easily. Your thought processing also plays a vital role in preparing and remember to interlink the topics rather than studying in a series of events.

Part B

Part B comprises of Dynamic portions. You can make use of the sources that you used while studying for General Studies Paper II such as the Indian Nationalism and Indian Polity books to understand about the Constitution. Make it an habit to quote important points and this will create a better impression to the examiner.
And always remember to quote points that is correct or else it will look like pointing your own mistakes. Read News papers to update yourself with current affairs and political scenario that’s happening around you.

Paper 2

Part A

Static and Dynamic context should be given equal importance. Try to quote recent issues in your writing and don’t furnish issues that are irrelevant to the question.

The answers you provide should be based on the National issues and avoid writing about international issues unless or until required.

Part B

To score more in the sections, you need to rely on the Newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express and Times Of India. Check out the list of authors mentioned below and try to concentrate on their articles more.

  • Nirupama Rao
  • C Raja Mohan
  • Ashley Tellis
  • Rakesh Sood
  • Lisa Curtis

Online websites that you can make use of

  • Project Syndicate
  • The Economist
  • The Diplomat

Books to read

  • India’s Foreign Policy by Rajiv Sikri
  • Can the Elephant Dance? By David Malone

He suggests the following books for this section: Rajiv Sikri’s book on India’s foreign policy and ‘Can the Elephant Dance?’ by David Malone.

News channels that you should never miss out

  • BBC World News
  • DW News
  • CNN
  • Al Jazeera
  • NHK News


UPSC Toppers group

Finally, it is important to concentrate on what you read and never ever leave a single question in Political Science Optional. Just try to write as much as possible and try to be creative in your answers.

IAS Notes

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Thats all about the Political Science Optional Strategy by IAS Topper. In Case you want to discuss anything on the UPSC Toppers strategy for Political Science optional, please do ask in the comment section below. we will be Happy to assist you with.




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