Preparation Tips for JEE Mains

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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the most important entrance examination for those students who want to build their career in the field of Engineering and Architecture Designing. As the Joint Entrance Examination is about few months away, it’s the time to prepare yourself for this exam. Do you really want to take admission in the top engineering college of India? Do you really want to be a topper? Your wait ends here. We are providing some tips to prepare for JEE Mains Exam. Let’s gear up students.

Preparation Tips for JEE Mains:

  1. The new selection system for JEE Mains gives a key point to the Class XII grades. So one who wants to crack JEE Mains, he/she should secure a good score in Class XII examination. It will helpful to the candidate in JEE Mains. So first give importance to your Class XII Examination.
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  2. Do not use so many reference books for practice. These may confuse your mind. Usually refer your text books or NCERT books, and your class notes.
  3. You have to make a schedule chart for better time management. This chart will help you to manage and right utilization of you time. As time is priceless, you have to use the time wisely. Do not waste your time while preparation.
  4. For Problems, practice problems from your textbooks or NCERT books. “Practice makes man Perfect”. As much you practice, you will able to solve  the problems in the Mains.
  5. Learn some tips and tricks to solve the problems in simpler way and in a small period of time. This will buy you some time in the Mains as a great advantage.
  6. For theory papers, learn the basic fundamentals of each subject. Basic makes you stronger in subject knowledge. Through this, you can solve the objective types in the exam.
  7. As you know, “Quality is better than Quantity”. It means, Practice those topics in which you are mastered. Leave them which you have not read in your class. Do not try to end the whole syllabus of a respective topic. Complete as much you can, but with complete revision. Suppose you have completed 70 % of a syllabus. You don’t have any time. So leave the rest 30% of course. Practice those 70% as you can and revised them. Get Mastered in those portions.
  8. You have to start from the basic of a topic. Do not jump to the next chapter until you haven’t  finished the current one. Finish it. Revise it. Then go for the next one.
  9. You have to practice and study on a regular basis. If you miss some days in practice, it may be harmful for your studies.
  10. Before solving a question, read the question carefully. Understand the question. Then solve it. Never cram.
  11. In case of problem solving, do not check the answers until you are not finished the problem to get the answer. Finish it by your own. At the end, match your answer with actual answer. If it matches, then BINGO !!!!!
  12. Before starting a topic, go through its syllabus. Practice those topics which are present in the Mains syllabus.
  13. Never lose your confidence on yourself. Make a DESIRE that I have to crack JEE MAINS. You will be the winner.
  14. The most important thing is that take rest in the middle of your practice. Spare some time to Relax yourself.
  15. Do not take so many stresses on yourself.  Be cool in the examination hall. Calmly solve questions. And you will see. If you have followed the above steps, you will be the winner. 

The team of wishing you a good luck for your JEE Mains Examination. Follow these steps. Prepare yourself. Have a positive thinking. You will be the topper. ALL THE BEST….

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