What a Undergraduate Student Should do in a College and What not to do in College life

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Going for graduation then post graduation is a dream for a student coming from a middle class or lower class family as they are passionate about their study and career. Now once they complete their entrance exam and entered into college or institute for their graduation they start relaxing, thinks that they have done their job now their life will go easily. Here, they do their biggest mistake of their life because once you entered into graduation institute your life start now everyday you have to face new challenges, each and every day is spends as if you have an exam to the next. In short life is never easy but we make them easy by our hardwork and dedication towards our goals or many can say a career. As it is said, “If you give pain to your eyes and mind now then you will relax to the rest of the coming moment of your life”. In this section, we have taken it as a concern and mentioned all that ” What a Undergraduate Student Should do in a College and What not to do in College life “, and sure will help the students to achieve a great career ahead.

 But as a fresher and new to a world of institute with great opportunities and challenges, if one don’t get proper guidance and friends circle or group, it becomes really hard to survive in the coming era.

Lets quickly go through, what student should do and should do not in their college life of under graduation.


1. Start exploring your knowledge:

There are many students who might be facing for the first time to the graduation institute in their family, in such case they hardly get any support and help from their family. Also there are student who get complete support and help from their family member as they have one or more who know the graduation life. But in both the case the student should not rely on others to guide them. Once you get the hint start building according to the requirement of the firm which you will be facing after a couple of years.

So try to be more informative about the current stuffs going in the marks, about latest technology getting used in the market. And if possible try to get familiar, yes I mean to say get practical exposure of that technology.

2. Soft Skill & Hard Skill:

Start improving user soft skill & hard skill, work on it as much as you can take help of your dear they can be professor, parents, friends etc.

Improve your vocabulary, work on your personality it will have good impression on other about you

3. Contacts:

As you’re in developing stage making connection is very much important step.

You should start knowing people and allow them to know about you and about you interpersonal skills and knowledge, this will help you too explore yourself in a social groups.

You can contact seniors, professor other firms which will increase your growth chances.

4. Extracurricular :

Academic work is important but Try to take participation in extracurricular activates.

This will help you to know about yourself in much efficient manner.

It help you to identify and enhance your interpersonal quality. And you can also identify your weakness and try to work on it to convert it into your strength.

5. Learning :

The most important point “Go for quality learning not for quantity learning “.


1. Rumors:

During your graduation you will heard many rumors about college, firms and some time about your course, never follow them. Try to know more about them then take any decision regarding those rumors.

2. Study:

Hardwork with consistency is a key to success. So don’t try to take your studies lightly.

3.  Distract:

Do not forget your purpose in college and get distracted.

Avoid unnecessary friendship that decreases your Academic performance.

4.  Judgment :

Bond with peers asks their point of view to study methods how they study. But never blindly believe or follow them without judging as many just lies that would potentially destroy you.

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