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PREPARE  12TH BOARD EXAMS SCIENCE ,COMMERCE 50 DAYS- Class 12th board exams is yet  another level of significant  educational challenge that one faces for an ambitious life and career ahead.  With just 50 days left for the class 12th board exams student remain in a dilemma as to start preparing with which subject first. Students tend to get into pressure and start panicking.But before you start preparing first decide on the priorities of the exam subjects and make the most of the time available.

class 12th board exams

class 12th board exam preparation in 50 days


  1. First thing to do is to plan things out. That is you need to prepare a proper clean target for studying and dedicate time to each subject. Stick to your made plan and follow the discipline.
  2. Do not panic as board examinees tend to get anxious and start panicking .Understand this board exams just requires understanding of concepts and practise different questions on different topics.
  3. Start preparing for chapters which seems tough for you and dedicate a particular time to complete it.
  4. Always try to maintain the psychology of self believe . Maintain a positive attitude and believe that you can.
  5. Try to work more on your language subjects as they are very scoring and provides you with the opportunity to score up your marks. Be well versed with the literature part apart from the editing and grammar and daily practise the grammar sections.
  6. While some subjects require you to practice and some mugging up. You need to memorize formulas and equations . So keep shuttling between subjects that need to be practised along with subjects that needs mugging up.
  7. Break up your study goals in to targets that can be achieved easily. Make targets that you can follow in a simple way and achieve it in the remaining time.
  8. Try solving mock papers or previous years question papers as it provides you with the idea of actual exam .
  9. ALways prepare notes to study for every subject as it will help you to learn and prepare very easily.
  10. Try to follow a schedule with just 50 days left for the exams as that will provide  you with time management for every subject.
  11. Try to avoid studying fresh new chapters at the last moment as that might leave you totally confused.
  12. Always follow the complete syllabus for subjects and try not to give a miss for any topic.

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For students of science stream , appearing for class 12th boards with just 50 days in hand  it is seen that science is a tough one to crack , as the students deal with the board’s pressure, future career choices and  preparation for competitive exams makes them quite dizzy.

So now find about the  preparation guide or ways  to prepare class 12 board exams subject wise for the Science stream students-

For Physics

Understand the fundamental concepts and practice formulas and theorem questions. Find out and try to solve the previous years question papers. Also find out the sample paper links to the subject.  ISC SAMPLE PAPERS FOR CLASS 12 PHYSICSQUESTION PAPERS OF CLASS 12TH PHYSICSCBSE 12TH PHYSICS SAMPLE PAPER

For Chemistry

Practice questions related to organic and inorganic chemistry that can be solved quickly. Always try to up your speed and accuracy. Carefully study the reactions with the suitable examples.  Also find links to the subject sample papers.  ISC CHEMISTRY SAMPLE PAPER FOR CLASS 12,  SAMPLE PAPER CLASS 12TH CHEMISTRY

For Biology

For this particular subject you need to practise lot of diagrams with the required theories. Also practise writing  the tough terms related to the subject, also try to solve objective type questions that can provide you with a deeper knowledge. Find the solved sample paper for the subject as well. SOLVED BIOLOGY SAMPLE PAPERS FOR CLASS 12 CBSESAMPLE PAPER FOR CLASS 12 BIOLOGY,   BIOLOGY SAMPLE PAPER FOR CLASS XII 2017-18

For Mathematics

Clear out all fundamental concepts related to the subject. Find out the shortcut methods to solve mathematical questions easily and fast.  This subject just needs lot of practices and just practise will only help you within the short time.  CBSE MATHS SAMPLE PAPER FOR CLASS 12CBSE 12th Maths Sample PaperSample Question Papers for Class 12 CBSE Maths, UNSOLVED CLASS 12 CBSE MATHS SAMPLE PAPERS

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For Commerce stream students it is more about dealing with accounts and economics .

For Economics

For this particular subject which is all about  calculations,theories and diagrams you definitely need to practise each very thoroughly. On a regular basis you need practise for the calculations and also the diagrams. Remember all the important formulas,definitions and terminology.  Economics Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE Board Sample paper of Economics for class XII CBSE CBSE Economics sample paper for class XII,

For Accountancy

For this subject in commerce you need to understand and make yourself clear about the calculations and the fundamental concepts. You will need to solve the calculations with required explanations and details. Clear all your doubts and questions regarding the various statements of accounts. Find out the links to sample papers for the subjects. ICSE CLASS 12 ACCOUNTS SAMPLE PAPERCBSE CLASS 12 BUSINESS STUDIES SOLVED QUESTION PAPER ,  CBSE SOLVED SAMPLE PAPERS FOR CLASS 12 ACCOUNTANCY

For online books 

For study reference

All the best students !

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