Reality behind IIT JEE topper Akash Kumar from Patna

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Reality behind IIT JEE topper Akash Kumar from Patna , Mentor classes or Prerna classes Jamshed pur


Are IIT JEE toppers at Patna are for Sale

Toppers are for sale , you can just get their name attached to your coaching, All you have to do is to pay a price for it. Mentor classes in Patna have claimed 1709 selection in IIT JEE Mains exam. We really got astonished and thought to go for reality check.

IIT JEE topper list

IIT JEE topper list

Three students from Jamshed pur same coaching Rank 1 Rank 3 and Rank 5 what an incidence covers distance of about 500 km to prepare for IIT JEE and thats too at Mentor Eduserve. They come from Jamshedpur to attend classes how many days , I fail to understand. Any way , I have been regularly asked by new students , why mentor does not get a list in ranking of top IIT JEE coaching classes of Patna. I had always been telling that , we do not prefer coaching centers who purchase students for media trial or for advertisement. Here we have marked three students.

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Akash kumar : Known to have studied at Prerna classes and you can also find his result in advertisement of Mentor Eduserve , scored 300 marks but only he or his parents can tell better whats fact behind him studying at 2 coachings.

Sunit Singh: proved to be more hard working , He scored well 277 marks and he not only studied at Prerna classes in Jamshed pur and Mentor Eduserve at Patna but also in Sri Chaitanya Narayana classes . This student could manage to study at 3 different coaching center and I failed to understand Which center of Chaitanya Narayana – IIT Academy enlightened him.

Best IIT JEE coaching of Delhi

Avinash Kumar Singh: Managed well with 262 marks in IIT JEE mains exam 2015 also has been working hard and use to travel for coaching from Jamshed pur to Patna. These hard working students need to be saluted.

I only feel that conspiracy and cheating has been prevailing with coaching. As these advertisements are in public domain , so I also wanted to put question on all areas of Mentor Eduserve at which we have circle.

This is just an example , how coaching centers with large cash manipulate their actual results , at place of investing on quality teachers for IIT JEE they invest in buying results.

What does captions on image of Director of Mentor Eduserve means , I did not understand , was he topper of IIT JEE or AIEEE in those two years which he has mentioned or students who secured top position in IIT JEE in 2010 was his student or AIEEE AIR1 of 2011 was his student.

Although in our initial investigation , we found 3 top rankers of Mentor Eduserve under suspicion but experts claim that Mentor has actual result of less than 170 where it claims to be 1709. Few of IITans also claim that last year also their were few results which were questionable. Means sales of result of IITans have become norms in Patna.

General cost for city topper is about : 5 laks (as talked among teachers of IIT) 

We are waiting for your comments below and make voice strong and would suggest IIT JEE aspirants , not to believe on coaching like these and their long talks. Mentor Eduserve need to come clean on this.


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Times of India

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