Reliability model of a generating unit, State space methods

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Reliability model of a generating unit:

  • A model which describes the probability of behaviour of capacity is developed first. This is referred as ‘generation system model’.
  • A generating unit consists of several different capacity levels. Each unit is assumed to exist either in an up or down capacity.
  • This model is categorized by the following parameters:

c- capacity of unit in MW.
m- mean up time of the unit.
r- mean down time of the unit.

  • A generation system may have hundreds of units but not feasible.
  • The generation system model is developed by the sequential addition of units.

State Space Methods:

  • State space methods are arised in modeling of physical systems.
  • This is implemented in time varying parameters to describe both behavioural and measurement error.
  • Generally, state space can be represented in the form,

x˙ = Ax + Bu

y = Cx + Du


Where, x is a column vector of dimension n called state vector

u is a scalar signal and input of the system
Y is the output of the system
A is an n * n matrix
B is  a column vector
C is a row vector
D is a scalar

       Sequential Addition Method:

  • The system consists of binary units i.e., it can exist in full capability or zero capability.
  • The process of model building is started with a single unit and then each of the unit is added.
  • The model is strictly straight forward.
  • Assume that a system model consists of (k-1)units so it is required to add kth unit.
  • Since there are two states i.e., up and down  states. So two group of system states is surely obtained after the unit addition.

Some questions and answers;

Q1. Explain the reliability model of a generating unit.
Q2. What is state space method.
Q3. Write the representation of state space method/
Q4. What is the concept of sequential addition method.

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