Reservation in Promotions

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Reservation in Promotions

Although reservation in promotion is a matter of group discussion but as India is a free country and I am free to say or speak what so ever i like so i will start to advocate reservation for post of Prime minister , after all most of the time they have been earlier cabinet ministers and then latter in other elections they have been promoted to PM position

Reservation in Promotions

Reservation in Promotions

Reservation for SC/ST

Reservation for Minorities

Reservation for Woman

Reservation for refugees

Reservation for physically Handicapped and now Reservation in Promotions

(Bus karo yar Bache ki jan loge kya)

There is proposal to provide reservation to SC and STs in government job promotions at the rate of 15% and 7.5% respectively.This is ridiculous and dangerous step.It will result in conflict in the society and promote inequality ,due to this seniors will became juniors.They are waiting for 30-40 years to get the promotion but due to this there is an injustice between them , the people who are having reservation can get the promotion erlier than the seniors ,this will create an inequality between them. Majority of the benefits that are supposed to go to entire SC/ST community are garned by very few rich and influencial ones. The same gang gets theire priority in everything right from admission to schools ,colleges ,post graduations ,appointments and now ready to in promotions also.

Generally the Indian constitution makers proposed the reservation for 10 years only , but still its going on in favour of SC/ST only , all the politicians are very much concerned about the SC/ST only  but why not GEN/OBC .The OBC personnel are not getting any benefits at par with SC/ST .If this will be continued in the future definitely there will be a chance that OBC willbe becoming dalit.

Reservation is painful for people . I would like the reservation be there based on the economic conditions and those who are poor irrespective of  caste or religion  should be given opportunities . The government should eliminate  all  caste system and only one caste remains and that is INDIAN.

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