Sample Paper Boiler Steam Generation & amp Power

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Max. time-3hour                                                                                                         Total Marks-100

boiler steam power generation

kitm sample paper on boiler steam power generation


Boiler(Steam Generation & Power)

Paper-ME 101 E

All Questions in section A & B are compulsory:-Paper is divided in three section.All questions in Section-A carry equal 2-mark. Questions in section-B carry 10-marks question each. And Section-c carry 20 marks question.


Q.1  What is Boiler?Explain the working of boiler?

Q.2  What are the mountings and accessories in boilers? Write various mountings and accessories used in boilers?

Q.3  What is boiler drought?Explain various types of drought in boilers?

Q.4  Write a short note on equivalent evaporation? Also write how we can increase the boiler efficiency?

Q.5  What do you mean by Induced drought?How it is created?

Q.6  Why fire tube boilers are not in used?

Q.7  Difference between horizontal and vertical boiler?

Q.8  What do you mean by Boiler efficiency?How it is increased?

Q.9  What do you mean by calorific value of fuel?also write their unit?

Q.10 Various types of fuel used in boiler?Also tells about their calorific values?


Q.11  What kind of drought used in boiler chimney?Explain with neat sketch?

Q.12  Difference b/w forced drought and induced drought with the help of diagram?

Q.13  Gives the classification of boiler? And discuss fire tube and water tube boiler with the help of diagram?

Q.14 What is Atmospheric Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion (CFBC) boiler? Explain with the help of diagram?


Q.15  Define the following terms:-

a). Equivalent Evaporation

b). Fuel bed combustion

c). Feed Pump

d). Economizer


Q.16 Drive the equation of chimney height? A new chimney is needed for a plant burning coal and emitting 127kg sulphur die oxide per hour.calculate uncorrected chimney height.

Q.17 Discuss various process related to boiler water treatment? Why deaeration is necessary before feeding the water in the boiler?


Q.18  Explain construction and working of Babcock and wilcox boiler with the help of neat diagram?Write their advantages and disadvantages and their applications?


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