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B.Tech (4th semester) FLUID MECHANICS

TIME : 3 hrs                                                                                                       Max. Marks : 100

Note: Here are given 8 questions carrying 20 marks each for Fluid Mechanics. Attempt any five of them taking one from each unit and two questions from one unit.


Q. 1    Derive Bernoulli’s theorem for a steady flow of a fluid from a pipe with height h1at one end to h2 at the other. State the assumptions involved in deriving this equation. Also write five applications for the Bernoulli’s equation in fluid mechanics.   (20 marks)

Q. 2    i)   Explain the condition for the stability and buoyancy for a body in a fluid.   (10 marks)

ii)   Define kinematic and dynamic viscosity. Also derive a suitable relationship between the two.      (10 marks)


Q. 3    i)   Explain various types of fluids available in fluid mechanics. Also explain the relevant characteristic regarding these fluids.  (10 marks)

ii)   State and derive hydrostatic equation.   (10 marks)

Q.4     i)   Define control volume. Also derive an expression for the continuity equation.   (10 marks)

ii)   Derive momentum energy equation in case of a steady and uniform flow.     (10 marks)


Q.5    State and explain Rayleigh method and Buckingham-pie-theorem for the dimensional analysis with a suitable example. Also explain the advantages of using this theorem. Using this theorem, find the dimensions of viscosity, mass density and specific gravity.    (20 marks)

Q. 6    i)   Explain the following with neat sketches:

a)   Simple manometer.                 (3 marks)

b)   Single column manometer.     (3 marks)

c)   U tube manometer.                 (4 marks)

ii)   Derive Euler’s equation of motion. Also obtain the Bernoulli’s theorem from the Euler’s equation.       (10 marks)


Q. 7    i)   Write a short note on boundary layer along a long thin flat plate and also explain their characteristics.     (10 marks)

ii)   Explain the Nusselt’s technique for obtaining the dimension of a parameter.    (5 marks)

iii)   Write down the significance of dimensionless numbers. Also explain relationships between various dimensionless numbers.      (5 marks)

Q. 8    i)   Explain Newtons law of Viscosity.    (5 marks)

ii)   What is a pitot tube. Also explain its various characteristics.   (5 marks)

ii)   Write down various means of obtaining the pressure measurement in case of a fluid having a uniform flow through a pipe.   (10 marks)

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