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FULL MARKS:200                      TIME ALLOTED:2 hours

ScholarshipsNEST scholarship is awarded based on merit in an online test of two hours for 200 marks. NEST Junior scholarships are awarded to students of class 10th and 12th studying in science stream only.NEST scholarship of worth Rs 20000 to Rs 25000 each will be awarded. Certificate of Appreciation are also awarded to all high scoring candidates in NEST.

Four sections with 50 questions in each sections are there.

Sample paper:

Section 1 :

Physics and chemistry

  1. An electron moving in an electromagnetic field moves-

(a)In a straight path

(b)Along the same plane in the direction of its propagation

(c)Opposite to its direction of propogation

(d)In a sine wave

2. When a white light is passed through a prism it splits into

(a) ten colours

(b) seven colours

(c) eight colours

(d) five colours

3. During the isothermal expansion of ideal gas

(a)Its internal energy increases

(b)Its internal energy decreases

(c)Its internal energy does not change

(d)The work done by the gas is not equal to the quantity

of heat absorbed by it.

4. What flame colour is produced by barium ions in flame test





5. Which of the following would increase the output of DC


(a)Increasing the rotation speed of rotor

(b)Reducing the number of windings in the coil

(c) Using slip ring

(d)Wrapping the winding around the laminated,

Aluminium core.

6. Given that G is the universal gravitational constant, and g

Is the magnitude of acceleration due to gravity, which

statement is true ?

(a) The value of G and g depends on location.

(b) The value of G and g independent on location.

(c) G is same everywhere in universe, but g is not.

(d) g is same everywhere in universe, but G is not.

7. The conjugate base of HSO4-





8. Which of the following contain only acidic substance

(a)Blood, oven cleaner

(b)Milk, tea

(c)Baking soda, laundry detergents

(d) Vinegar, wine

9. Two satellites, X and Y, are in circular orbits around earth.    Their masses are identical and their radii are R and 16R respectively. What is the ratio of their orbital period?





10. Which of the following did the Braggs investigate using X-

Ray diffraction?

(a)Cathode rays

(b)Crystal structure


(d)Photoelectric effect

11. An organ pipe, open at both ends and another organ pipe  closed at one end, will resonate with each other, if their lengths are in the ratio

(a) 1:1

(b) 2:1

(c) 1:4

(d) 1:2

12.The following unit measures energy

(a)Kilo-watt hour




13.Elements having same atomic number and same atomic

mass are called





14.An object of rest mass 8.0 kg moves at a speed 6.0c relative to the observer.What is the observed mass of the object?

(a) 6.4 kg

(b) 10 kg

(c) 13.4 kg

(d) 12.5 kg

15.A transformer has a primary coil with 60 turns and secondary coil with 2300 turns.If the primary voltage is 110 v.What is the secondary voltage?

(a) 1.3*10^3 V

(b) 2.4*10^2 V

(c) 2.4*10^-2 V

(d) 4.2*10^3 V

16.HCL present in gastric juices are responsible for the





17.Which of the following is an important factor in predicting the nuclear stability for isotopes?

(a)Atomic radius

(b)Nuclear radius

(C)The ration of neutrons to protons

(d)The ration of electrons to protons

18.With the emission of alpha particle

(a)atomic number is decreased by 2

(b)atomic number is increased by 2

(C)atomic number remains same

(d)atomic number is increased by 4

19.Which of the following describes an n-type semiconductor

(a)A semiconductor doped to produce extra free electrons

(b)A semiconductor doped to remove electron

(c)A semiconductor doped to produce extra holes

(d)An undoped semiconductor

20. Which is the main industrial source of ethylene?





21.Which is most acidic among?





22.Pure water does not conduct electricity because

(a)low boiling point

(b)almost not ionised


(d)readily decomposed

23.A depolarizer used in dry cell batteries




(d)None of the above

24.The substance which is most easily nitrated





25.A charged non-magnetic particle is moving in a magnetic field.What would not effect the magnetic force on particle?

(a)The strength of magnetic field

(b)The magnitude of charge on particle

(c)The velocity component parallel to the magnetic field


(d)The velocity component perpendicular to the magnetic

field direction.

26.Electric motor converts electrical energy into

(a) mechanical energy

(b) vibrational energy

(c) acoustic energy

(d) kinetic energy

27.Ammeter is a device which measures





28.Carbylamine reaction is a test for

(a)primary amine

(b)secondary amine

(c)tertiary amine

(d)quaternary ammonium salt

29.Which of the following is not an oxide ore





30.Which of the following is neither neutral nor basic

(a)Bayer’s reagent

(b)Tollen’s reagent

(c)Fehling’s reagent

(d)Lucas’ reagent

31.Which of the following is called philosopher’s  wool





32.Which of the following cannot be reduced by carbon to reduce metal





33.Which class of compound typically has a sweet smell




(d)Alkonic acid

34.Which statement concerning galvanic cell is correct

(a)Oxidation occurs at anode

(b)Also known as electrolytic cell

(c)Cathode is assigned negative charge

(d)An external power source must be present

36.What is the wave property that enabled Hertz to calculate the velocity of radio waves and compare it with the velocity of light?





37.Which is the most reliable and continuous communication between an orbital satellite and earth?
(a)Light from a green laser




38.What can not be calculated by using the principal of conservation of energy?

(a)Energy of proton at rest

(b)Production of back emf in motor

(c)Voltage transformation in ideal itansformer

(d)Escape velocity of a object

39.An electron emits energy

(a)because its is in orbit

(b)Electrons are attracted towards the nucleus

(c) Whwn electrons move from one level to another

(d)Electrostatic force is insufficient to hold the electrons in an orbit

40.Ethanol is converted to ethene.What is the type of reaction called?





41.Which aqueous turns Phenolphthaline pink





42.Which statement best represents DAVY’s definition?

(a)Acid contains oxygen

(b)Acid are protons donors

(c)Acid contain replaceable hydrogen

(d)Acids ionise in solution to form hydrogen ions

43.When X-ray protons collide with electrons

(a)They slow down

(b)Their mass increases

(c)Their energy decreases

(d)Their wavelength increases

44.Which term describes the relationship between oxygen and ozone?





45.Which type of reaction describes the polymerization of glucose into cellulose?





46.How many isomers are there for C3H6Cl2





47.Which of the following is an acid-base indicator?


(b)Methanoic acid

(c)Methyl orange

(d)Methyl ethanoate

48.What is the energy of photon of wavelength 580nm?

(a)3.43*10^-19 J

(b)3.43*10^-28 J

(c)3.85*10^-31 J

(d)3.85*10^-40 J

49.A person has a mass 70 kg.What is his weight at earth’s surface?

(a)70.0 kg

(b)70.0 N

(c)686 kg

(d)686 N

50.Melting pont of ice changes with

(a)increase in pressure

(b)increase in pressure ratio


(d)none of these




1.If x=-2, y-3 and z=-4, then find the value of (2x^2-y)/3z?





2.If 4x-3(x+1)=5.What is the value of x?





3.What is the slope of the line 2x-y=15





4.How many square centimeters are there in 0.0075 square meters?





5.If y=x^2 and x is increased by 3 then y is increased by





6.If 1260 is divided among A, B and C in the ratio 2:3:4.What is C’s ratio?





7.If A=6x+10, and x is increased by 2. What is the corresponding increase in A?





8.a+2b=6, ab=4 then 2/a+1/b=





9.60% of 264 is same as;

(a)10% of 44

(b)15% of 1056

(c)30% of 132

(d)none of these

10.0.01 is what percent of 0.1?





11.A man buys an article for Rs. 27.50 and sells it for Rs. 28.60.Find his gain percent.

(a)4 %

(b)6 %

(c)3 %

(d)8 %

12.If loss is 1/3 of S.P.Then loss percent is.





13.The difference between the number and its three-fourth is 50.What is the number?





14.A number is doubled and 9 is added to it.If resultant is becomes 75.What is the number?





15.Hitesh is 40 years old and Roonie is 60 years old.How many years ago was the ratio of their ages 3:5





16.Two dice are thrown simultaneously. What is the probability that product of two numbers are even?





17.A box contains 10 black and 10 white balls.The probability of drawing two balls of same colour is





18.Two dice are tossed.The probability that the total score is a prime number.





19.The angle of elevation of the sun, when the length of the shadow of the tree is square root of 3 times the height oh the tree, is

(a)30 degree

(b)45 degree

(c)60 degree

(d)90 degree

20.Find the odd man out of the series 3,5,7,12,17,19





21.Find the ratio of L.C.M and H.C.F of 5,15 and 20.





22.GCD of x^2-4 and X^2+x-6 is





23.What will be the maximum sum of 44,42,40,….?





24.Find the sum of all odd numbers lying between 100 and 200.





25.The average of first five multiples of 7.





26.The average of all prime numbers between between 30 and 50.





27.Find the next number in the series 1,3,7,13,21,31





28.The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20%, is:





29.If the length and breadth of a rectangle is increased by 50% and 20%, then how much its area is increased?





30.If the area of a rectangle plot increases by 30% while its breadth remains same, what will be the ratio of areas of new and old figures?





31.The area of a sector of a circle of a radius 5 cm,formed by an arc of length 3.5 cm, is





32.The ratio of the areas of incircle and circumcircle of an equilateral triangle is





33.The volume of two spheres are in the ratio of 64:27.The ratio of their surface areas is:





34.Solve the inequality 3(x^2)-7x+4<=0



(c)All x

(d)none of these

35.Solve the inequality 2-x-x^2>=0





36.Find the maximum value of the expression (x^2+8x+20)




(d)none of these

37.Find the value of p if the distance between the points (8,p) and (4,3) is 5.



(c)both a and b

(d)none of these

38.In what ratio is the line segment joining (-1,3) and (4,-7) divided at the point (2,-3)?





39.Points (6,8),(3,7),(-2,-2),(1,-1) are joined to form a quadrilateral.What will be its structure?





40.Find the coordinates of the points that trisect the line segment joining (1,-2) and (-3,4)



(c)both a and b

(d)none of these

41.The  distance between the lines 4x+3y=11 and 8x+6y=15 is





42.Find the area of the triangle whose vertices are (1,3),(-7,6)and(5,-1).





43.If a,b,c,d are proportional, then (a-b)(a-c)/a=





44.The present ratio of ages of A and B is 4:5.18 years ago, this ratio was 11:16.Find the sum total of their present ages.





45.Rs. 1200 is lent out at 5% per annum simple interest for 3 years.Find the amount after 3 years.





46.Find the rate of interest if the amount after 2 years of simple interest on a capital of Rs. 1200 is Rs.1440.





47.Find the principal if the interest compounded at the rate of 10% per annum for two years is Rs. 420.





48.24% of 4568+8% of 246 is approximately equal to





49.Complete the series 123,277,459,669,907,….





50.Complete the series 36,154,232,278,300,…








1.Give the synonym of eager





2.Give the synonym of placid





3.Give the synonym of lethal





4.Give the synonym of vulgar





5.Give the synonym of spite





6.Give the synonym of rebate





7.Give the synonym of deflect





8.Give the synonym of abrade



(c)wear off


9.Give the synonym of distinguish





10.Give the synonym of range





Choose the correct antonyms :



















































Choose the correct alternative

21.The dog ran …… the road





22.I shall do it ….. pleasure.





23.They live ….the same roof.





24.What is that….me?





25.He died…..his country.





Pick up the correct spelling:





















A,B,C,D and E are five different integers. When written in the ascending order of values,the difference between any two adjacent integers is 4.D is the greatest and A is the least.B is greater than E but less than C.The sum of the integers is equal to E.

31.The value of A is:




(d)none of these

32.The sum of A and B is :




(d)none of these

33.The greatest number has the value:





34.The sum of the integers is :




(d)none of these

35.The product of the integers is :




(d)none of these

Six friends-Alok,Bheem,Chandra,Devdas,Earl and Ferguson are sitting on a bench facing in the same direction.Chandra is sitting between Alok and Earl;Devdas is not at the end.Bheem is sitting to the immediate right of Earl.Ferguson is not at the right end.

36.Who is the immediate right of Ferguson?



(c)Either Alok or Devdas

(d)Cannot be determined

37.How many persons are there to the left of Chandra?





38.Who is fourth from left end?




(d)cannot be determined

39.Who is at the left end?




(d)cannot be determined

40.Which of the following is sitting to one side of Devdas?




(d)none of these

41.In a class composed of x girls and y boys, what part of class is composed of girls?





Six friendsA,B,C,D,E,F are sitting  around a hexagonal table for playing a game,though not necessarily in the same order.F,who is sitting exactly opposite A, is to the immediate right of B.D is between A and B and is exactly opposite to C.

42.Who are the people sitting next to A?

(a)D & E

(b)D & F

(c)C & E

(d)B & D

43.Who is sitting opposite to B?





44.Three of the following are alike in a certain way on the basis of sitting positions and so form a group.Which is the one that does not belong to the  group?





45.Introducing a boy,Ralf said, “His mother is the only daughter of my mother-in-law”.How is Ralf related to the boy?





46.If Nina says,”Anna’s  father Rick is the only son of my father-in –law Mick.”Then how is Bridgette,who is sister of Anna, related to Mick?




(d)None of these

J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R are nine huts.L is 2 km east of K.J is 1 km north of K and Q is 2 km south of J.P is 1 km west of Q while M is 3 km east of P and O is 2 km north of P.R is situated just in middle of K and L while N is just in middle of Q and M.

47.Distance between K and L is:

(a)2 km

(b)1 km

(c)5 km

(d)1.5 km

48.Distance between K and R is:

(a)1.41 km

(b)3 km

(c)2 km

(d)1 km

49.Distance between P and Q is:

(a)4 km

(b)2 km

(c)1 km

(d)3 km

50.I am facing north.I turn 90 degree in the clockwise direction and then 135 degree in the same direction and then 270 degree anti-clockwise.Which direction am I facing now?








1.Mo Yan, a chinese has been awarded by one of the Nobel Prize in 2012.The prize is in the field of:





2.The World Health Organisation has declared which disease as “Global Pandemic”

(a)Swine Flu




3.Under Bharat Nirman the target was setup to provide road connectivity to all villages by the year





4.India is not associated with which of the following organisations?



5.Who is Ms Meira Kumar?

(a)Chairperson of India

(b)Deputy Finance Minister

(c)India’s representative in Home Affairs

(d)speaker of Lok Sabha

6.Which of the following countries is maker of “Audi” cars?





7.Which of the following is not a member of IBSA?


(b)South Africa



8.The 6th economic census will be conducted in which of the following years?





9.What is the official national sports of Bulgaria?



(C)Throw ball


10.Deficiency of vitamin D gives rise to-





11.What does niacin deficiency cause?





12.Where the battlefield of Plassey situated?



(c)West Bengal


13.Java is an island of which country?





14.Which city is not the same time zone as New York city?





15.Which city is farthest south?


(b)St. Petersberg



16.Which is the dominant religion in Malaysia?





17.Tibetan writing is based on script from where?



(c)Ancient China


18.Which of these is not invented in China?




(d)Gun powder

19.Which of the following is not invented in India?

(a)Optical fibre

(b)Corrosion-resistant iron

(c)Plastic surgery


20.India’s satellite lauch-pad is located at-





21.The unit of energy in MKS system is-





22.How many space shuttles has NASA built with the intention to use in space?




(d) 7

23.The velocity of light was first measured by





24.Who discovered Uranus?




(d)none of these

25.The scientist who first discovered earth revolves around the sun.





26.The first Indian remote sensing satellite was launched into space in





27.SITE is nick name of

(a)Teacher in sky

(b)Literacy to villages

(c)Earth communication

(d)Indian TV

28.Space Application Centre(SAC) is located in




(d)none of these

29.The code name of first vehicle driven by man on moon’s surface.

(a) Luna 22




30.Demand for Labour is

(a)Derived demand

(b)Joint demand

(c)Composite demand

(d)competitive demand

31.Who is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya sabha



(c)Leader of Opposition


32.The first battle of Panipat took place in





33.Who is chosen by the members of Rajya sabha?


(b)Deputy Chairperson



34.What was the name of samaj formed by Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

(a)Brahmo samaj

(b)Prarthana samaj

(c)Arya samaj

(d)Satya samaj

35.Dodabetta Peak is located in the





36.The boundary line between India and China is called

(a)Radcliffe line

(b)Durand line

(c)McMohan line

(d)Red line

37.95% of world’s diamond reserves are found in





38.The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the

(a)Red Sea

(b)Black Sea

(c)Caspian Sea

(d)Persian Gulf

39.The most stable eco-system is





40.Genes are made up of

(a)DNA,RNA and protein

(b)DNA and RNa



41.Desalination of sea water is done by



(c)Reverse osmosis

(d)Fractional distillation

42.Alta Vista is an-




(d)Search engine

43.The material used for safety from nuclear radiation is





44.Which is the only host team of ICC Cricket World Cup?


(b)West Indies

(c)South Africa


45.The organism living at the bottom of water mass is called-





46.The neutral gas is-

(a)Nitrogen dioxide

(b) Sulphur Trioxide

(c)Hydrogen sulphide


47.Find the odd one-




(d)Slaked iron

48.Mother Teresa was awarded Nobel  peace prize in





49.The hormone insulin is a



(c)Fatty acid


50.Department of survey of India is situated in





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